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At LIVESTRONG we believe that “Knowledge is Power”. We know that cancer can be a difficult experience and might even require you to learn a whole new “language”. You need to navigate the health care system, communicate your emotions in ways you never have before and learn quickly how to juggle paperwork, finances and insurance. This is why we offer several ways to learn about how to manage your cancer experience: online, over the phone (1-855-220-7777), in person at our LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center in Austin and through our monthly cancer education classes.

The LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center provides classes that are open to anyone affected by cancer, including survivors, caregivers, and family members. These classes are also made available to participate online or in person.

Here are the classes we have offered so far:

Cancer Survivorship 101: Speaker Genae Girard explored the mental and physical stages people go through while moving through cancer treatment. He shared that identifying these stages gives people a platform to take accountability and more forward more effectively after treatment.

Financial and Access to Care challenges for the Cancer Survivor: Speaker Brendan Bietry helped clients learn about governmental programs and avenues toward accessing care and their eligibility criteria. Class members were also given the tools to reduce and manage their outstanding medical costs. Finally, they were informed about the federal laws and provisions that protect their right to health coverage ensuring continuity of care.

Emotional Support 101: Speakers Genae Girard, Dale Milner, and Penny DeCou discussed and answered questions about the best ways to deal with the emotional stress of being a cancer survivor or caregiver.

Parenting with Cancer: Speaker Dr. Vaughn Mankey described a framework for considering the unique parenting needs of each child during a parent?s illness. He also discussed key principles that parents can use to encourage coping and resilience in children. Finally, clients learned how to determine when children may need additional support and professional services.

Cancer and Relationships: Speakers Dale Milner, Penny DeCou, Laura Perkins, and Kim Fryar spoke about their experiences and the strain that cancer can have on all of your relationships ? even your closest one.

Cancer and Nutrition: Instructor and Registered Dietician, Melissa Mouton, discussed the top cancer fighting foods and eight personal recommendations for cancer prevention and survival based on scientific research study reviews. Realistic applications of these recommendations to your real daily life, including meal planning, are included too.

Upcoming classes in English and Spanish:

Ejercicios y Cáncer
Thursday, Sept.13 en Espanol
Email or call 512-220-7777

Cancer Transitions for Men
September 20th-Oct. 25th

La Cocina Alegre en Espanol:
October 1-November 5
Email or call 512-220-7777

Adolescent & Young Adult Issues
Thursday, Oct. 25
Email to request more information.

If you have any questions regarding how we can help you through a diagnosis, through treatment, after cancer and throughout the balance of your life, please contact us. We are here for you, your family and friends.

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