A Message from Lance Armstrong


I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all the support that we’ve received around the world.

We’re doubling down on our commitment to support cancer survivors worldwide. I’m actually at the World Cancer Congress in Montreal and just announced a new partnership

Check out this video I just recorded about the road ahead. I hope we can count on your support. Visit www.livestrong.org/now for info.


  1. Deina Duval says:


    People make decisions about what to “believe” based on their old tribal beliefs….Well, I have never for a moment believed the charges against you. My belief is that when someone fights as hard as you did just to stay alive there is a well of determination of purpose that is far deeper than that of your competitors – it’s that little bit more that wins races, and that helped you make a very wise decision to put your fight where it can actually do some good. You are and will remain the most exciting Tour de France racer that I’ve ever watched. (Saw you 2x in France) I have and will continue to raise money for your foundation and I wish you continued good health, strength, love and happiness.

    Deina Duval – Seattle, Wa.

  2. Thank you Lance,

    Thank you for Livestrong, Thank you for the tours and thank you for continuing to be an inspiration.

  3. Tom Drawdy says:


    I would like to thank you for the unwavering dedication to betterment of the human body. You always have been an inspiration with both your dedication to sport as well as your dedication to those suffering with cancer.

    I firmly believe that your refusal to contest USADA’s accusations was the result of being beaten down for so long. Giving up the fight is not an admission of guilt; it?s trying to move forward.

    Good luck and my god reward you for your strong will and good deeds.


    Tom Drawdy

  4. Janel Hastings says:

    Well done, Mr. Armstrong. You’ve taken to heart the very real opportunity to move forward and look toward creating real change and a real impact on an even greater cause. Bravo, sir!

  5. Clare Wiley says:

    Thank you Lance. Thank you Livestrong. Thank you FertileHope. Thank you Emily. Thank you PAF. Now can we get HealthNet and other insurance companies to be something to be thankful for?


  6. Vesdajan says:

    You are a inspiration. Thank you for all that you do!

  7. Brian Kelly says:

    I have always believed in you Lance, and always will. No matter what, you are an inspiration

  8. Ken says:

    You are an inspiration and role model for us all. Most people would have been devastated by the injustice you have experienced, but your greatness as a man and athlete have shown through once again. Rather than looking back, you are looking forward and rather than focusing on yourself, you have focused on others. Thank you for all you do and for giving us someone to believe in.

  9. Tuhlan says:

    Lance saved my life! If not for his book and story I would not have went in for the tests and found I had stage 3 throat cancer.
    I will continue to LiveStrong

  10. Valter says:

    WELL done lANCE

  11. Andras Faludy says:

    Lance you will be my inspiration and ideal forever. I don’t care what said the USADA!

  12. Crashcrandall says:

    Thank you for all you have done and still doing for the fight against cancer. Support you 100%! (5-time cancer survivor).

  13. Lovespinning58 says:

    All you have done for mankind and the fight against cancer is so much more than anyone can ever take away or even diminish! You saved my best friends life and probably mine too when we became cycling fiends in our 50’s!!!

  14. Tracy says:

    We support you Lance, don’t stop what you are doing, you are a great athlete and your work against cancer is inspirational. Take care and ignore the noise, Tracy Australia

  15. Aureliano Pinheiro says:

    Many congratulations and keep fighting for a better world being a reference for all of us!
    Kind regards and LiveStrong
    Aureliano Pinheiro – from Portugal

  16. Mark Hunt says:

    I really don’t care what the USADA saying about you. You are my hero and will always be my inspiration.

  17. Tazzcatk says:

    Lance you will always be my hero!!!

  18. Susan says:

    Lance, I’m so impressed with everything you continue to do. I read about Duel in the Pool
    in my USAT magazine. http://www.teenslivingwithcancer.org/duel-in-the-pool/

  19. April says:

    I watched my 25 year old brother die an agonizing death from cancer, so thank you for what you are doing, you are changing lives, you are changing the world. Keep fighting the good fight! & if you aren’t perfect & have made mistakes then good that makes you even more likeable! Life isn’t fair. Don’t let it get you down & don’t be too hard on yourself!

  20. Gil says:

    Lance, you should start running bandit in all races & triathalons! you could then donate the entry fee or more directly to the organization sponsoring the race.

  21. redsusanco says:

    Lance- You are a survivor and inspiration to millions not to mention fabulous to watch on two wheels for many years. You did the right thing- it was a distraction and a battle not worth fighting. Now perhaps it will be put to rest by these D-bags. I would say your image is strongly intact- to survive Stage IV cancer and give so much through your foundation is your lasting legacy.

  22. Jbrierton1 says:


    Thank you for all you have done for cycling and the foundation. Let the bureaucrats make their accusations. We know it’s crap and lies and good for telling them to go to hell. I started cycling 15 years ago because of you. As a high school Principal, the poster of you climbing in the Alps in one of your early tour victories has hung in my office for 15 years and now hangs in my son’s room. You inspired me then and continue to inspire me now. I wear your bracelet and always will. Lung cancer took my Dad and I am committed to cycling and finding the cure. Stay strong man, and don’t let the bastards wear you down. Courage….res ipsa loquitur (the thing speaks for itself.)


  23. Workined says:

    I am proud of you and your courage. Do not let the media or anyone else stop you from helping others. Hold your head high and forge forward. You are a fighter. I am proud of your accomplishments.

  24. Eyeman4 says:

    Until they test the rest of the field to the same level they have tested you…………..
    You are the Winner!!!
    Thanks for all you’ve done

  25. Webizco says:

    Lance – Trust us, we know what they are up to. Please don’t ever give up the fight even when “they” try to shut you down. We believe in you and what you stand for. They are the cowards, you are the true champion. Livestrong brother!

  26. Asdajhjj says:

    Why would be stop defending himself now? Im really disapointed… its almost as bad as an admission of guilt. Its not like Lance doesnt have the resources to fight this to the bitter end…Unless this IS the bitter end because of the evidence they had against him. I want to beleive but he needs to fight this.

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