LIVESTRONG Helps Make Fertility Preservation Possible


Sarah received her second diagnosis at 31 after she?d been cancer free for five years. She?d been thinking about having a baby, and the news that her treatment could complicate that was devastating. At the time, everything was a whirlwind. The last thing she wanted to worry about or research was fertility treatment. That’s when she came to LIVESTRONG for help.

Sarah’s story is just one example of how life changing our programs are for those affected by cancer. So far this year, LIVESTRONG as have approved close to 500 people just like Sarah for the Sharing Hope Program saving them approximately $2.5 million in costs. If you are like Sarah – a person of reproductive age facing treatment and interested in your fertility risks and preservation options after cancer – please call us at 1-855-220-7777 or go online to request information. The form to apply is very short and we will have an answer for you quickly.

“LIVESTRONG made it financially possible for my husband and me to freeze embryos. While I was going through treatment, my sister-in-law, Lisa, volunteered to be our surrogate. We were afraid having a baby was never going to happen. LIVESTRONG made the impossible possible.”

Sarah, 33
Two-Time Breast Cancer Survivor

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