Results from LIVESTRONG Mexico Anti Cancer Stigma Campaign


The Lance Armstrong Foundation with implementing partner John Snow, Inc. (JSI)  announced the results of the successful Comparte tu Historia campaign in Mexico.  This campaign raised awareness about cancer, changed misperceptions about the disease and challenged the stigma and silence that surrounds the world?s leading cause of death. Read the full press release and check out the infographic of the results below.

The Foundation and JSI?s primary focus was on four cities in Mexico including Alvaro Obregon, Nezahualcóyotl, Guadalajara, and Mérida. Over a period of 18 months beginning in December 2010, their efforts included:

  • Airing more than 5,000 television spots reaching more than 104 million people
  • Reaching more than 857,000 people on Facebook monthly
  • Training 244 people through a community Trainer of Trainers program
  • Airing more than 1,000 radio spots reaching 93 million people
  • Holding 10 special events, including an event on World Cancer Day which gathered more than 7,000 people in Mexico City?s Zócalo

These efforts produced significant results, including:

  • 76% of people exposed to the campaign learned something new about cancer
  • 70% of people exposed to the campaign said it influenced them to talk more openly about cancer
  • 42% of people exposed to the campaign did something differently because of what they learned

In addition to the numbers, the success of the initiative was also revealed through words.  Specific comments on what people learned or did differently included:

  • ?I learned that a person with cancer is a person and must be helped?
  • ?That cancer patients are also human beings?
  • ?Do not hurt people with cancer. Before (I) thought it was incurable.?

The Foundation has plans to expand on the efforts achieved in South Africa and Mexico and will announce those later this month. Ultimately, the Foundation plans to create an adaptable model to reduce cancer stigma that can be replicated in countries around the world.


  1. Jhon Mcrod says:

    Cancer death more than Heart Attack!

  2. Debbie says:

    Sarcoma survivor since 2006-4 surgeries and 2 types of high tech radiation all with success-2 different chemo combos with zero response-A smile on my face and positive attitude I’m winning the fight!!!!!

  3. marklevis22 says:

    Hey!!!Are you know about The American Diabetes Association is leading the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes and fighting for those affected by diabetes.

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