Statements by Lance Armstrong, Foundation Vice Chairman Jeffery C. Garvey and Leaders in the Cancer Community


Today, Lance Armstrong issued the following statement regarding his decision not to seek arbitration in USADA?s proceeding against him:

?Today I turn the page. I will no longer address this issue, regardless of the circumstances. I will commit myself to the work I began before ever winning a single Tour de France title: serving people and families affected by cancer, especially those in underserved communities. This October, my Foundation will celebrate 15 years of service to cancer survivors and the milestone of raising nearly $500 million. We have a lot of work to do and I’m looking forward to an end to this pointless distraction. I have a responsibility to all those who have stepped forward to devote their time and energy to the cancer cause. I will not stop fighting for that mission.?

Vice Chairman and Founding Chairman of the Lance Armstrong Foundation Jeffery C. Garvey issued the following statement in support of Armstrong?s decision:

?Faced with a biased process whose outcome seems predetermined, Lance chose to put his family and his foundation first and we support his decision.

?Lance?s legacy in the cancer community is unparalleled. Lance could have left cancer behind him and never looked back. Instead, before ever winning the Tour de France, he established a foundation that today has served 2.5 million cancer survivors with its free patient navigation services. With his leadership, Texas created the largest fund for cancer research and prevention outside of the federal realm with Proposition 15 in 2007. Lance has personally contributed nearly $6.5 million to propel his foundation?s services to cancer survivors and their families. He served his nation for six years on the President?s Cancer Panel. With his help, the foundation has raised close to $500 million to further the fight against cancer and serve those affected by the disease. Lance?s devotion to cancer survivors shines through in the countless phone calls, emails and visits he makes throughout the year, something the rest of the world never hears about. Lance has unfailingly stood by the cancer community and we will always stand by him.

?The leadership of the Lance Armstrong Foundation remain incredibly proud of our founder?s achievements, both on and off the bike. Lance?s contributions to the fight against cancer are invaluable and we look forward to continuing the important work at hand: helping people affected by cancer overcome the financial, emotional and practical challenges related to the disease.?

Garvey was joined in his support of Armstrong by leaders in the cancer community, including John R. Seffrin, PhD, chief executive officer of the American Cancer Society and Matthew L. Myers, President, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

?The American Cancer Society and the Lance Armstrong Foundation share a mission to reduce global suffering and death from cancer, which causes one in eight deaths worldwide and is rapidly becoming a global pandemic,? said Seffrin. ?The American Cancer Society, along with so many others, has witnessed the Foundation?s powerful personal commitment to improving the quality of life of those with cancer, and fighting cancer globally. It is our hope that the Foundation will continue its important work. Reducing suffering and death from cancer is a moral imperative, and the Lance Armstrong Foundation?s contribution is sorely needed.?

?Lance Armstrong and LIVESTRONG have been invaluable leaders and partners in the fight against cancer and tobacco use,? said Myers. ?They have helped focus global attention on these urgent public health challenges and mobilized millions of cancer survivors and their families to take action. The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has worked closely with Lance Armstrong and LIVESTRONG in tobacco prevention campaigns across the country and the world. Those of us who have worked with Lance Armstrong, LIVESTRONG and its staff have been deeply impressed by their dedication to improving public health and serving those whose lives have been touched by cancer. We look forward to their continuing work to help cancer survivors and prevent cancer from happening in the first place.?


  1. Mary Ann Wasil Nilan says:

    Thank you, Lance Armstrong…as a fellow survivor and member of the cancer community, I believe your most important legacy is the work you have done and continue to do with LIVESTRONG.

  2. The USADA can go screw themselves. I’ll stand by Lance come hell or high water.

  3. Avid613 says:

    Amen! Time and money spent on this foolishness detracts from what it should be used for. I supported Livestrong before I got cancer, before all of this hype, and will continue to support the foundation. You go Lance! Don’t let this stop you. From one of the survivors

  4. Lavalake33 says:

    It was a witch hunt. I wish that there was something we could do. Livestrong will live long.

  5. Karri1800 says:

    Lance is a hero to me & my husband, who also beat testicular cancer. What Lance has done for cancer survivors is priceless & I am forever grateful to him & to the entire LiveStrong Foundation. We’ll always be behind you, Lance!!

  6. Sneffnie says:

    I’ll always support Livestrong and always have a special place in my heart for the man who inspired me to take up cycling.

  7. Qmstr1 says:

    You will always be a leader Lance. You continue to leave an indelible mark in this fight against cancer. Thank you for what you are continuing to do. Livestrong!

  8. Potionmaker says:

    What Lance does for cancer survivors, is what makes him a winner!

  9. Abuban007 says:

    At this point the 7 tour wins I watched have become irrelevant. I am now a cancer survivor and proudly wear my LIVESTRONG bracelet at all times. It saddens me that Lance has become a victim of what seems to be a “witch hunt”. Lance will always be a hero of mine and an inspiration.

  10. guest says:

    I just think that Lance has done so much to help those with Cancer that even if the accusations are true about doping, the good outweighs the bad and these attorneys should not get rich over this… Will these attorneys donate their winnings to help fight Cancer? I doubt it…

  11. Faith says:

    Viva Lance. I applaud your decision to be the bigger man, what you have done for cancer sufferers and survivors worldwide is greater than any yellow jersey. Let them do what they will, it does not diminish your achievements in the eyes of those who support you. The entire process has been biased from the start. Move forward with dignity.

  12. Peteyr47 says:

    I still believe in Lance’s innocence. The amount of passed tests show that. Usada is so full of crap its ridiculous. Just a power grab by a person thinking he has power. Lance’s statement shows that he actually has the power in this. He has chosen to put his family, LAF and the cancer community first. That removes any power rusty thought he had.

  13. Belinda says:

    Lance, you have had our backs for almost 15 years, don’t worry man, today we have your back! You are our champion!

  14. Ryanandkris says:

    I’m so sad over all of this, lance is and will always be my hero!

  15. JF1212 says:

    Ah… but I do wish he’s found a way to keep fighting the charges. Now those who don’t read the details will assume as the doping thugs wanted, that he’s guilty… and an amazing legacy will be obliterated in their minds. My wife, 1 year old son, and I watched Lance roll into Paris on his 7th win. And I ran in the Philly event last year, days after my father died from cancer. I read “It’s Not About the Bike” some years ago and also found that inspiring. Not sure what will happen now, but surely it will be tougher on the cause as well as on Lance himself.

  16. Jforgey12 says:

    Lance Armstrong is a hero to me and countless other people! We will stand beside him in force and behind him in support.

  17. John Deeley says:

    Such a sad day. One organisations campaign to bring down a sporting giant, against all the solid evidence, stands to adversely affect the reputation of the man, his team, his family and every organisation his is associated with. By continuing this unlawful attack, the USADA stand to harm the prospects of current and future cancer sufferers.

  18. Scott Peterson says:

    Still a hero

  19. Nicole says:

    There will always be someone wishing failure on those who have succeeded.
    Lance, continue to hold your head high. You know who you are, who you have been, and where you’re headed. No arbitrary words can change that. Live Strong.

  20. John Korvac says:

    Money and fame are superficial noises that distract ourselves from fulfilling total awareness of our being… the mere fact Lance is walking above soil rather than lying under it is a blessing we should all be appreciative of and not take for granted… hopefully Lance and family have long understood this grander truth… thank you for continuing effort with this foundation.

  21. Scott Horne67 says:

    Legend …. Need say no more !!!!

  22. AJ says:

    The only thing that Lance Armstrong has ever tested positive to is cancer. He rose above and conquered that fight, but ironiclly he has never tested positive to a banned sunbstance yet has to concede this battle for the good of his family and those who surround him in his work for cancer. When you read the statistics that have been spoken many times, it is without doubt that you can never take away the fact that Lance’s positive attitude and the manor in which he has faced all of his battles, has resulted in the L.A.F and LIVESTRONG being a saviour for millions of cancer patients and survivors worldwide.

    You cannot erase all of the sporting achievements just like you cannot take back the goodness that has come about from over $500 million dollars towards the fight against cancer and the work that those associations do!

    I am 43 years old and lost 2 lifetimes worth of work when I was forty years of age due to a bad business decision. I walked away from a legal battle that was in my favour for the sake of my family. I had regrets but soon overcame them. They came first when I had said “enough is enough”. I am glad I did because 2 years later I lost my mum to complications from cancer.

    Lance you dont know what is around the corner and you sure don’t need anyone telling you that. You have made a decision and all of your supporters are confident that you will now move forward to the next chapter. It took me a while to realise that once you are honest and confident in yourself and that you know the facts and live and breath them in every day life, what others believe and speak of is of no meaning.

    Here’s to the next Forty years. The decision that you have made today has only confirmed to me that you are more honourable than those who oppose you. Today you ralised that they are not worthy of 1 more minute of your time.


  23. Alireza says:

    You are Only one in the word .

  24. Denise M. Sanchez says:


  25. Peter Kelsey says:

    The playing field was level, to be sure, nearly everyone was doping and many still are. Lance was the best in his era and he is right, no one can take that away. Not to mention that there are very few individuals who have parlayed their fame into a foundation that helps millions of people suffering from affliction.
    This year I joined the Livestrong Team riding across Iowa and felt the camaraderie of people devoting considerable time and great effort not for themselves, but those who have been affected by cancer. As a survivor I understand the incredible need for support that Lance has provided through the foundation for all those who ask. Let’s join together and live for today and tomorrow in support of cancer patients, survivors and their families including Lance’s.

  26. Denise M. Sanchez says:



  27. Jonathanmarin says:

    You will always be a winner to us. Thank you for your courage and superlative example.

  28. Pierre says:

    thank you Mr Armstrong for all your achievements on and off the bike. On the bike, you proved that dedication and effort always prevail, and always remained a gentleman even when confronting detractors. Of the bike, I had the chance to listen to one of your conferences on life after having had a cancer at the American Association of Neurological Surgeons several years ago, and this remains one the the most inspiring talks I’ve ever heard. Your foundation has become one of the major resources against cancer, and fully deserves our admiration and support.

  29. Mxjxl says:

    All the best for the future Lance with all this behind you. Gutted you aren’t racing Kona but you’ll always be my hero.

  30. Tess25 says:

    I’m disappointed. I’m not a follower of cycling, but I read the book and became a fan many years ago, because I believed. I refused to believe someone who’d lived that journey would ever risk messing with their body. I will never understand the pressures, but if I’d fought that hard for my life, I would never ever give up my innocence.

  31. disq2u says:

    Lance is an inspiration to many people with and without cancer. Its time to move on from the past and focus on what he does so well: Stretching the boundaries of life itself. 🙂

  32. As you say,there comes a time when enough is enough.The pain and anxiety this must of caused you,your family and the foundation is beyond comprehension.What you and so many others in the foundation have achieved is remarkable.Let USADA carry on with their relentless process of undermining your sporting prowess,what is much more important is the work the foundation carries out.Without you none of this would have been possible.Your decision is a brave one and we all stand by you.Keep pushing.Beat cancer..!!

  33. Debbieboulter says:

    I am heartbroken for Lance Armstrong and still do not believe he did it! There is NO proof just 10 other drug cheats coherced into nailing him at all costs! He will always be a cancer survivor hero and 7 times Tour De France winner in my eyes!

  34. David Brown says:

    Lance Armstrong will always remain the greatest and most inspiring and influential Cyclist of my lifetime. Jealous spiteful individuals that cannot stomach his success that have clearly through manipulation and threat brought pressure to bear on others to give false and misleading statements against Lance are the villains here. These people can make names for themselves for the way they have brought this about, they cannot make names for themselves either in the fight against cancer, nor on the slopes of the Alp’Duez, Mont Ventous, the Tormalais, nor on the overwhelming majority that can see this crap for what it really is. Take heart Lance, this is another thing that will make you stronger. Always will be 7 times winner!!.

  35. Paul Maynard says:

    I believe in you Lance.

  36. Allie Koch says:

    This changes nothing for me. I still continue to believe in and support Lance and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

  37. Djwicks says:

    Hear hear! Lance Armstrong’s inspirational achievement’s on the bike pale in light of the incredible contribution to help humanity’s cause to rid the world of cancer, a dreadful disease that is the blight of us all. Let us commend Lance and his work, let the pettiness of the USADA be forgotten in the past where it belongs.

  38. Jbhiker1 says:

    About a year ago I started following this case and have been shocked that Travis Tygart can be paid by the U.S. Justice department to pursue a case with NO physical HARD evidence, ONLY statements from CONVICTED athletes that tested positive and had their titles removed??? The justice departments total lack of life’s perceptions when MF Global has admitted to STEALING $2.4 Billion dollars of segregated client money (Hard Evidence) they do not have a single investigator working the case, only a storied athlete that has done more good to this Global Community than probably any other athlete in the World Travis Tygart with a team of lawyers continue to file brief after brief yet have NO HARD PHYSICAL EVIDENCE???? This is a Travesty because it shows how the U.S. Justice Department can bring charges over anyone by only convicted persons testimony and typically is done to get a reduced sentence? Travis Tygard, we should all pray, will one day come victim to his own corrupt system!

  39. Sue Thomas says:

    All honest people are behind you 100% Lance. Why would you want to risk drugs after beating cancer. You are the bravest man I know x x

  40. Tbarragan29 says:

    I know you’re still a champion and always will, on and off the bike

  41. Joandnoah says:

    I actually don’t care what Lance Armstrong did or didn’t do ..he is an amazing role model, he cares deeply and strongly about people….he will always be my legend!!!

  42. Ericsuro says:

    This is a great response from Lance and Jeff. Not only does it make me mad that they continue to pursue this unjust pressure, but on top of that they are using tax payer money to make it happen. I hope Lance is able to move on from this and drive towards his triathlon goals. As I reached out before, he is more than welcome to join along for a personal iron-distance triathlon in support of childhood cancer on October 6th (, if he want sto get back in the action while supporting a great cause.

    Best of luck Lance!

  43. Flanders Shop says:

    I still consider Lance one of the best sportsmen this country, even this world, has ever witnessed.

  44. Pete Bolam says:

    In a sport where drug taking has been so prevalent over the years it still amazes me that there are those who are ‘out to get’ an amazing athlete who has given so much of his time, personal finance and provided inspiration to millions (including myself) affected by cancer. Bad blood is a phrase familiar to those interested in cycling and it seems that there are still those out there who are determined to dig the dirt, if there is any. Whatever the outcome of this witchhunt, Lance’s place in the history of sporting achievements will remain unparalleled. But even more than these, he will be remembered for the inspiration he gives on a daily basis to the masses, to fight cancer and because of his personal input and commitment helps us all to LIVESTRONG.

  45. MicK Gulliver says:

    Lance Armstrong is inspirational and, having provided over 500 negative drug tests, innocent of the charges levelled against him by this kangaroo court. Seven times Tour de France winner – always.

  46. Carl Larson says:

    now Lance can get back in the bigger fight the fight in cancer when the livestrong ride was here in the Northwest it gave me something to work for ever year now I help the American Cancer Society in the fight of Cancer go Lance go

  47. Dmkcsaunders says:

    Way to go Lance. Hold your head high sir. You did the right thing.

  48. Mustangwarhorse says:

    What about passing over 500 drug test does the USADA not get….Lance you are the winner, a hero and inspiration to all. Thank you for all you have done for us. Surviving Breast Cancer on day at a time. MustangWarhorse

  49. james richardson says:

    Dear Lance,
    As an American living in Strasbourg, France and avid biker in Alsace; I am proud and grateful to have in common with you those two attributes and we pay tribute to what you gave France and the world with your efforts.

    After each stage in the early years our prayers were that you would not be sabotaged in the testing procedures because of the anti American attitude which prevailed at that time and you were offering a winning formula which was pure American, consistency, hard work and confidence. You are a champion of human endeavor.

    That the powers that be seek to destroy your accomplishments and name is only a reflection of what they see when looking in the mirror of the world today. I can only imagine your reasons for stepping back from this saga is steeped in acquired wisdom; you know you can win but some battles are not worth winning; and this lesson we value.

    Keep on with your life’s work, this can’t be tarnished by the acronym.

    All the best
    James R.

  50. Dinae says:

    Lance’s book, It’s Not About the Bike, was my saving read during my cancer treatment of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2005. I will ALWAYS be a supporter of Lance. I respect his decision to turn the page and continue to fight an even bigger challenge of defeating cancer in the world.
    He will always be the 7 time winner of the Tour, and I will wear the yellow with gratefulness.

  51. Kta6 says:

    I’m not sure what to make of this – I am and always will be a fan and supporter of Lance. It seems that there is more to this story than meets the eye and there may be machinations behind the scenes that are determined to undermine his legitimacy – for reasons that escapes me.
    For me, whatever happens next, Mr. Armstrong needs no medals, awards or jerseys to be a champion. When I had my cancer, I had to travel 18 miles each way via subway in NYC to get my radiation treatments. Then the transit strike hit. I rode my bike both ways and towards the end, I was so weak, that the slight bow of the Manhattan bridge was like climbing the Pyrenees and I had to stop several times. My friend’s daughter exclaimed “Who do you think you are – Lance Armstrong?!” … well no, but I’ll follow his lead …
    What kept me going was knowing the strength of will and fortitude Lance has shown the world and that inspired me.
    His determination and decision to focus on what is truly important in this world continues this inspiration for me.

  52. EBaird says:

    You’re still a hero and don’t let this slow you down. You have changed a lot of lives including mine (no longer smoke, lost 30lbs, & endurance athlete).

  53. Jesse says:

    Lance, you have my enduring admiration and respect.

    I find a ten-year doping investigation with no hard evidence to be completely unacceptable. The agencies responsible need to develop procedures that give definitive yes-or-no answers to drug use at the time of an event. If their procedures were flawed at the time, then they need to update those procedures and move on. Instead, they continue to cast doubt in every direction, dragging this sport and so many great athletes, through the mud.

  54. Sylviedd says:

    We believe in you! Turn the page and know that the fans you have gathered under your wheel, will forever trust and support you. Focus on what fuels your soul and fills your heart and know that you are forever loved by millions no matter what they try to strip! Winning 7 Tours is what you DID its not WHO you ARE!! LiveStrong Lance….we believe in you and will always love you!!

  55. Liz Waters says:

    I don’t think it matters if Lance Armstrong actually has the medals and his name in the record books or not, and I don’t care if he was medicated or not. Lance Armstrong did whatever was needed to overcome cancer and continue enjoying the sport he loves. I think he is brave and wise to set aside the litigation and arbitration and move ahead with his life. Those people who have harassed him for years would certainly have continued to do so no matter what. There are more important things in life, and Mr. Armstrong has worked very hard to promote good health and overcoming adversity. You can’t take that away from him.

  56. Ilanasch1 says:

    Lance, just keep on with your life mission, put all of this behind you and look forward to a great future. Envy and jealosy can cause people to lose their mind, which is what happened in this case. Just remember – what goes around comes around.
    You will ALWAYS be the TDF 7 time winner, no matter what a sick and pittiful person says .

  57. Pam5174 says:

    Lance will always be a winner.

  58. JDR says:

    Mr Armstrong is to be applauded for his longstanding involvement in the fight against cancer. He has inspired millions to beat the gruesome disease. However, equally the sport of cycling is damaged by drug cheats. A lot of people have been uplifted, but a lot have been let down. Nevertheless, all of us can find redemption, no matter what we have done. But we need to seek it and ask for forgiveness.

  59. Dvolkers says:

    I too respect your decision to turn the page. Your foundation and website provided the resources my kids need as they watched their dad successfully battle Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Thank you!

  60. Mitchell C says:

    Lance, you’re still the greatest and yes you did win those races. Was there any doping going on that wasn’t caught? I don’t know. I don’t care. The worst it could be is you did what all the racers did, so the playing field is still level and you’re still the winner. I happen to believe you but I also consider the racing as superficial. You get the thrill of winning and I get to enjoy watching, but that doesn’t compare to the cause of helping others who are sick. Thank you so very much for what you do. Keep up the good work.

  61. Laurey says:

    Lance is my hero. Always will be.
    Fair is fair and this is not fair.
    Oh, and Lance is my hero.

    Laurey Masterton

  62. Ljrabalais says:

    In my mind the number that professional cyclist will always have pinned on their bulletin boards is “7”; regardless of what the UCI or Tour de France decide to do. I support the decision to stop giving this farce merit. If the USADA has tangible evidence, bring it forward, otherwise please go away.

  63. Davidwales888 says:

    Lance, I’m and English cyclist who has followed you on every Tour de France.You will not be beaten by these people.DON’T ever give up and let them win.

  64. Constance says:

    I applaude Lance’s decision to turn the page. These bogus allegations have absolutely no merit and he’s proven that over and over again. There’s a saying that the witch hunt can only continue as long as the witch is there. The USADA is an embarrassment to the US. They just can’t admit that someone would have the strength of will and tenacity of spirit to create amazing results in their life despite the obstacles and challenges that are thrown in their path. You are an inspiration to us all. 8+ years cancer free — Constance

  65. Jknopf says:


    Since the day I moved to Texas, I turned on the T.V. and saw you riding down I-35 on the access road from Austin to San Antonio this was 1986, when asked by a reporter why you were riding so far you said something like, “It’s really not that far, and this is an easy training ride”. With that kind of attitude and devotion even at that age I knew I needed to keep watching you and keep track of your career. I have been seriously riding since then because of you, and since LiveStrong has been in existence. I don’t blame you for your decision I couldn’t try to defend my self continuously for so long either. LiveStrong Lance in life, with your family, and the LiveStrong organization this will not change people views of yours that really know the facts!


  66. Pasache says:

    Lance Armstrong has come back from the brink of death to stand atop the world with his hard earned achievements of Olympic Bronze and a Seven time TDF winner – Lance Armstrong dedicated his life and training to excel not just for himself but for others to inspire them to believe in their own abilities regardless of their setbacks in life – he serves as a role model for all generations. He has withstood numerous allegations and undergone testing ad nauseum none of which ever was ever substantiated or failed. Strip the man of all his accolades and earnings – he will always remain a ture Champion of human spirit and endeavor.

  67. Marcel says:


    Again this shows what a fantastic person you are by facing all the negative comments from the so called Sports fans. I respect you, as most of my fellow countrymen, no-one can take away the 7 deserved Tour-victories and all your other accomplishments.

    Marcel van Dijk , The Netherlands

  68. Beverly says:

    I understand his decision and respect him for making this decision. Enough is Enough. He won the races, he beat the odds and he will forever be a Champion to Millions for more reasons than what the public will ever know. God Bless and thank you Lance for the inspiration you have given.

  69. Vinícius Ciríaco Fonseca says:


    I was tried by a Court of Exception in 2005 and I see that there are others around the world. Unable to accept the success or happiness of those hidden forces tend to shape the world. Once told me that “love is contagious”, but seeing situations like this I’m sure the opposite: more than a decade after the 1st title. I wanted to see these suits who want to punish him anyway gain a climb that is the Tour! Surely there’s something very strange in this world. I’m sure that one day I would be competing at a high level in Ironman, Tour or swimming (which is what I do) people emerge from the dark side of the force saying it’s impossible but it’s impossible what I do and how I alive. I believe that they should make an anti-doping test on me today would already positive for them and for my sanguinia meatabolismo body chemistry is different: I have more red blood cells that elite athletes will say is EPO? Someone who takes medicine for schizophrenia, other account (lol) It would not surprise me if that happened to me, maybe one day actually happen-LIVESTRONG!!


    Eu fui julgado por um Tribunal de Exceção em 2005 e estou vendo que existem outros pelo mundo. Não conseguindo aceitar o sucesso ou a felicidade das pessoas forças ocultas tendem o moldar o mundo. Uma vez me disseram que o “amor é contagiante”, mas vendo situações como essa tenho certeza do contrário: mais de uma década depois do 1º título. eu queria ver esses engravatados que querem puni-lo de qualquer forma conquistar uma subida que seja do Tour! Com certeza tem algo muito estranho nesse mundo. Tenho certeza que se um dia eu fosse competir em alto nível seja no Ironman, Tour ou natação (que é o que eu sei fazer) surgiriam pessoas do lado negro da força dizendo que é impossível como já é impossível o que eu faço e como eu vivo. Acredito que se fizessem uma exame anti-dopping em mim hoje já daria positivo para eles por minha química sanguinia e meatabolismo corporal ser diferente: tenho mais hemacias que atletas de alto nível vão dizer que é EPO? Alguém que toma remédios para esquizofrenia, conta outra (rs) Não seria surpresa para mim se isso acontecesse comigo; quem sabe um dia aconteça de fato- LIVESTRONG!!!

  70. Loansigner says:

    Lance, don’t let them take our medals, don’t let tarnish our reputation, stop em Lance.

  71. Swampy73 says:


    I have been admire from afar (UK) and i have followed the TDF for several years and watching you win your 7 Tours has given me some of my greatest pleasure in watching that particular sport, your battles with all the main rivals, your battles with the terrain and your battles with the ever changing weather conditions.

    However what has given me the most pleasure is watching you battle in proving your innocence with so much dignity and grace, very much like when you where on your bike.

    Do I understand why you are giving up? yes and no, all i hope for is that this witch hunt is just that and if they are going to do what you say and they say then so be it, in my heart i believe your are innocence but my head tells me there is never no smoke without a fire, so please i trust you and i have believed you for many years.

    I have bought into your story because you shared your life with all of us and I have trusted you with the truth and hope it continues to be the same, if I had my way, you would continue to fight and allow the rest of your community that you have helped build pay you back and help you fight this battle together we can all stand tall by your side and help you to LIVESTRONG once again.

    Lance, believe, believe in yourself believe in your community that you have helped build, i hope that the truth comes out and that this jury do not get their way.

    USADA should be ashamed of themselves if what the statements you and others have put out there but I just want it to be over with the truth and the whole truth but it appears that you will never get justice or the recognition you actually deserve.

    I hope this makes sense, and that you are at peace with your decision.

    Your friend across the pond and always supporting your cause, good look with making LIVESTRONG – STRONGER and enjoy your family and friends, thats all that really matters….

  72. Bill Cass says:


  73. Bonnie says:

    I never once watched the Tour de France until Lance made it famous. I’m very proud of all he has done and will continue to do. Keep looking forward Lance, and remember, all your true fans do not believe a word of what the USADA says about you.

  74. Grandmajer says:

    there are many who still believe in Mr Armstrong…..a true hero…no matter what anyone says.

  75. Youngatart1 says:

    Lance is a HERO. His achievements are remarkable and deserve a Lot more Respect than he has been getting lately! The bureaucratic legalese of USADA is disgusting, and I am very ashamed to have Any of my tax dollars going to support those jealous jerks. Stay Strong Lance!! I have made another donation today to Livestrong from my limited income in support of him.

    1. BeeGee47 says:

      ditto. ditto. I doubled the amount I was planning to give this year and will do w/out something. Glad Lance is moving on to fight the real battle for cancer survivors. Really hope there is a way we can watch him again as Lance is inspiring. Now I am going to go buy some Nike shoes & gear!!

  76. Snowyco says:

    It’s always good to know which side of your bread has the butter, and who is buttering it.

    Armstrong’s 10 friends and coworkers internally-consistent testimony is difficult to ignore, and should not be discounted. When the people who were present during the time periods of doping all are saying that the freakish 7 Tour de France wins were due to doping, then what should the public be expected to believe.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 7 times. ….?

    Do you all really think the public is so gullible or naive?

    A dose of honesty, self-evaluation, and integrity could cure all that ails in this case.

  77. IronmanChief says:

    My family fully supports your decision Lance. You still are the ultimate fighter and inspiration to all of us. Bravo!

  78. Kh1044 says:

    I have scattered copies of “It’s Not About the Bike” in needed areas over the past five years, and taken note of how uplifting and inspiring it was to those whose lives and families were challenged by the terrible affliction of cancer. Win, lose or draw, it made a difference. Lance, your valiant efforts to beat the disease, and your subsequent Tour victories were an inspiration to all of us; thanks. No matter how hard they try, they cannot change the facts, cannot undo your performances, cannot beat down your courageous example. It seems to be fashionable these days to attack heroes, some with feet of clay, many who do not deserve to have their names and reputations sullied. As you shift focus to what is most important to you, remember that we believe – we will always believe, though your name be stricken from pylon after pylon. Go forward with head held high, buoyed by truth and with our thanks.

  79. Jessie says:

    it sad that most people now stand and accuse him of doing all these things. I feel in a way its a way to gain more attention for the tour. I hope that people can look past all this and remember all the good he has done not for the sport but for what really counts all the help and good he has done as a person. I ask you what do they have to gain by this to then give the award and recognition of another person that didn’t win it. I think the tour the sport should consentrate on doing some good instead of what they are doing now. I myself stand strong to suport lance in all his efforts in helping people as he has done for years. He is an insperation for all.

  80. Jeffrey Hauck says:

    I believe it would be correct to say that winning the Tour and all the effort expended would be motivated by self achievement. Being instrumental in the fight against cancer contrarily would be motivated by a genuine concern for others. Congratulations to you Lance for excelling in both areas. The momentary exhilaration and respect earned in Lance’s cycling career are great but should be overshadowed by the love from others and the life-extending benefit of this foundations work. Thanks to all of you.

  81. DC says:


  82. R Copenhaver says:

    This is a shame. I do not blame Lance at all in enough is enough. How many times does a guy have to prove himself. Who cares Lance!!!!!! My family and I will always support you!!!!!! Keep your head up and focused on what you do best and that is helping others.

  83. TIMBEACH66 says:


  84. Susie47 says:

    Good for you Lance, I know you are sick and tired of having your name drug through the mud. We love you and keep fighting against the BIG C. Enjoy your family.

  85. Jack Hon says:

    I find it extremely ironic that all the runner ups who will inherit Lance’s TdF titles are CONVICTED of doping at one point or another, and yet Lance never tested positive once. Then again, it really doesn’t matter anymore, this is right to move forward to devote your life to doing something positive… rather than something pointless as USADA have done.

  86. donna says:

    I still believe,and stand by Lance Armstrong, and in time the truth of his statements will surface and prove he is the remarkable man that we have all come to admire,and respect. In time the low life, disgusting people, national,and international, that have conspired together to dishonor this man,and his legend,will be found guilty in a higher court,and if there is a cold place in hell I pray that they do not find it.Peace..

  87. Dhoy says:

    Long live Lance and down with the USADA and others that seek to destroy a person’s success.

  88. Re_walls says:

    Lance is a true warrior against cancer and no amount of falsehoods spoken against him can change that or his ability on a cycle. I fully support Lance and wish him and his family a future filled with good health and positive energy.

  89. Emountin says:

    Lance, as the parent of a cancer survivor, you have been a continuing source of inspiration to us all, and the LiveStrong Foundation has been so wonderful in supporting our son and our family as we have fought the good fight. My son keeps as a treasured keepsake a card you sent him when he finished his cancer treatment in November, and we have a poster of your quote about ‘quitting,’ and while we had hoped that a procedure would be available for you to be given a fair hearing to settle these allegations once and for all, we also understand that under the current scenario it was not going to happen, and respect your decision. But rest assured, you will continue to be a source of inspiration to us. We will continue to tell everyone we can about LiveStrong and support the foundation to the extent we can financially.
    The Eric Mountin Family

  90. Bruceh Yourgiftcounts says:

    ?”Witch Hunt”. They could not make their case in an unbiased courtroom/ jurisdiction, so they forced the proceedings into a Kangaroo Court. No physical proof, none, zip, nada. And those “willing to testify” ??? Anyone care to guess what “leverage” was brought against, or offered to those individuals? Hmmm ??? Good for Lance! Thank you Mr. Lance Armstrong for all that you have done for cancer victims, survivors and their families. Thank you for all that you have done for the sport of professional cycling. You deserve the “Yellow Jersey” for LIFE! And as for the USADA ??? As we say in Texas & Colorado they can KMA!!!

  91. Jcpntpmom says:

    We will never stop believing in Lance & all the good he has done for cancer survivors & the research his wonderful organization accomplishes, as our family has directly benefitted from the support that Livestrong offers ….We are truly sorry to hear that the USADA has made this very poor choice, hopefully something can be done to reverse their decision.
    We will always be members of Lance’s Army / Team Livestrong !

  92. Niel Dilworth says:

    I believe that the USADA is a corrupt, self serving organization. Their investigative procedures are not intended to seek the truth, but to serve the political goals of the USADA. Lance is still the best cyclist that ever was. I am proud of the way that he represented America to the world. I will continue to proudly wear my Livestrong wrist band.

  93. Rovergrace says:


  94. Guillermo Anaya says:

    Since the begin many people doesn’t recognize the work of Lance, a modern source of inspiration for the rest of us, I was worked in former Trek representation in Mexico and we sure that Lance win Tour after Tour, like other great ciclists champions but Lance give the opportunity to take the risk and courage for thousands who have cancer, a daily real fight and they hearts become more strong cause Lance give us the inspiration to be better.

    The voice of hope, in the darkness of this terrible disease turns a brilliant light in the Lance vision to give and support for the millions who need an opportunity to live…to live strong.

    God know who you’re Lance…and the applause of all people who admire you will silence the voices of people who want to see you fall… have all my respect and bless you always

  95. Jon says:

    You’ll always be the champ

  96. Mikeferro says:

    Lance you are what made cycling be what it is today here in the United States. Nobody can take away what you have done for all of us survivors. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do, will do and have done.

  97. Aron says:

    Lance! Taking the higher road. We support you 100% and Love you for all you have done in the sport of bicycling and more importantly ~ in fighting Cancer. You are my Hero. Always will be.

  98. Jane Goodnut says:

    What about all the kids that he is encouraging to risk their lives by taking performance enhancing drugs? Who will help them?

  99. Christine says:

    I have always heard that “no good deed goes unpunished” and it was never truer than in this case. Lance Armstrong is a remarkable human being who has made philanthropy an integral part of his life. Whether it is donating his time, his money, or his name, he has worked tirelessly to support people and families dealing with cancer. He has been an inspiration for millions. I, for one, completely understand and support his decision to put and end to these witch hunts. They are not going to give up, there will always be those that are jealous who will do what they can to tear him down. I consider Lance Armstrong to be a hero who has helped many, including myself, to Livestrong!

  100. Janet says:

    I will always stand behind Lance and LIVESTRONG.

  101. Meiercraig1 says:

    with all the problems the world faces now days and the lack of heroes for kids and anyone to look up to it is a shame that we have to try so hard to knock people down. Livestrong and Lance have worked hard to help people in just about anything that can and will better their health. I used the livestrong quit smoking coach to quit smoking and read articles on running and diet. I love what Lance has done to make the lives of people better. Regardless what did or didn’t happen in the past it is irrelevant today. some times heroes are needed and Lance and his foundation are still heroes.

  102. Greg From Usa says:

    Hopefully they dismantle the USADA and replace it with an agency that operates within the bounds of the law and respects the right to due process when requested by the accused.

  103. Jon Homewood says:

    Lance Armstong will always be one of my heroes. No one can take away the fact that he won the tour seven times. The USDA appear to be a petty, vindictive bunch of beaurocrats who are obviously not particularly good at their jobs if it has taken them this long to ‘prove’ anything. Stay strong Lance, you will always have my support.

  104. Marc says:

    Official White House petition against USADA stripping Lance Armstrong of his titles. let’s fight back

    1. Fenderstrat says:

      Great idea Marc. I have signed and also posted a link on my FB. I encourage everyone to do the same.

  105. Catcher526 says:

    I just want you to know that I am praying that your foundation absolutely takes off and does even more good than ever before. That what looks like something negative will turn out to have incredibly positive repercussions. I pray that the “publicity” from this outrageous nonsense will provide you with even more money and focus to help those in need. God bless you. Jesus had everything stripped away from him and then he was crucified, but we can’t forget the resurrection! God bless you and your family.

  106. Amsg4kay says:

    As great as Lance’s cycling achievements, his greatest legacy will be his work on behalf of cancer patients and the increasing awareness of survivorship issues. The cycling provided a forum from which his greatest works will follow. Kay Underwood, RN and cancer survivor

  107. Mindyb says:

    I STILL BELIEVE IN LANCE 100 PERCENT AND HE WILL ALWAYS BE A HERO TO ME.Inspires me every day on my rides and for all who went through CANCER.So they can all judge all they want but LANCE,YOU HAVE A GROUP OF BELIEVERS…..Hugs,Mindy Bruce(Cyclist)

  108. Abdiel L. Franco says:

    Just to say that I’m very proud of what Lance has achieved. No matter what the USADA could determine, for the World he’ll still be the best bike racer of history. Keep it Up man, Blesses! – Abdiel L. Franco.

  109. Bob says:

    I don’t understand why so many of these comments are in blind support of Lance. The evidence of his misconduct is overwhelming. There is no question as to his guilt. The number of athletes who have come forward with nothing too gain, albeit many have whom have or will suffer severe consequences for doing so is simply overwhelming. You, his most aredent supporters must realize that he let you down. He let all of us down.

    The only question now is what will be Lances’ legacy. As it stands, his legacy will be that of an amazing athelete who beat cancer, gave hope to millions, and lied and cheated along the way. The truth is, his legacy could be bigger than ever. He could do this by simply taking on the next fight of his life, by showing the courage and fortitude to tell the truth. Lance gave hope to millions of people fighting cancer. Now he has the opportunity to show millions of his fans, admirers, and the athletes of tomorrow incredibly important lessons about honesty.

    Lance could remind us all that no matter what the consequences, telling the truth is always the right thing to do.

    Lance has the opportunity to show the world that he can be the man we all want him to be. The legend that we came to know and respect and gave so many so much hope. Let him fight this fight and leave us with one great truth. That at the end of the day, all the money and accolades that you may gain by cheating in sports by using performance enhancing substances simply are not worth it. Life is short and there comes a day in all of our lives that we have to look at ourselves in the mirror and face the decisions we have made. Let that moment be one of pride, of honesty, of fortitude, of compassion, and of no regrets. Lance, be the legend, leave us the legacy that we all want and wish you to be.

    1. Akpink821 says:

      Did you beat cancer? Do you have any idea what it means to fight the good fight? To be beaten down, in pain and defeated? Well I have and Lance was with me every step of the way and I am forever greatful. His courage through his cancer survival spoke to millions of cancer survivors everywhere. The Lance Armstrong Foundation was created before Lance won any of his titles. His time, effort and support to fighting the cause that is cancer is unprecidented. They can strip him of all of his awards, they can try and slur his name, but they will never be able to take away what he has done for cancer research and support. I will continue to Live Strong, but you Bob need to gain some empathy for people who continue to fight the good fight. So many of you are only looking at Lance as being a cheat. You are missing the point of all he has achieved in the lives of millions. Keep up the good work Lance.

  110. Glamourcat57 says:

    I will always support Lance, he is an inspiration!I feel so bad that the usada is treating him this way! Livestrong Lance!

  111. Risingfeenix says:

    Stay strong Lance – we believe in you and know how much this witchhunt has cost you. Stay focused which is something you do best! God Bless – sheila savell

  112. Rob Norton says:

    Lance is a legend for the work he has done: nobody can take that away!

  113. Lance,

    The USADA is WEAK, you are the 7 time TDF Champion forever. Period. I met you on a USPS training ride in North County San Diego, before your first TDF win. I knew you were going to be an inspiration to all cyclist worldwide. You have been and always will be the best amigo.

    Patrick B

  114. Thenam68 says:

    Being a Cancer Servivor (1996), a cyclist,even having a 9 year old Yellow Lab named LANCE I feel such a deep hurt inside because of what a group of people can do to to a Man that has done so much good and brightened the lives of so many .

  115. Mark S MacKenzie says:

    You will always be the greatest cyclist of my lifetime. Screw the USADA. You know in your heart what the truth is and no one will ever take that away from you. Thank you for the greatest and most exciting races I have ever seen. You have done so much for this sport and for that the world should thank you .

    On another note , I am just back from the Dana Farber Center in Boston after a stem cell transplant. I am feeling great and looking forward to a healthy and long life. Thanks you for alll you did and will do for people like me . I can’t express how grateful I am to you for your commitment to Dana Farber and to finding a cure. You have touched my life and while we have never met I feel your strong hands and words of encourgement as I come back . “Livestrong” Lance as I will and all the people you have fought so hard for during your life.

    I look forward to your continued work with the foundations and for all the great things you have yet to do.

    Thanks again from the bottom of my heart .

    Mark MacKenzie (cancer survivor )

  116. SierraGoldenEagle says:

    I’m incredibly confused by this whole thing. It seems Mr. Armstrong has been attacked repeatedly over the years, which only serves to confirm my belief that he’s completely innocent of the charges brought against him. However, the question arises, “Why?” I had the tremendous opportunity, as a journalist, to interview him in Nevada City. I will always treasurer that opportunity. Strangely, I believe his decision to refuse to continue this battle is the right one. I believe he will be vindicated at some point in the future.

  117. Lance is amazing, news articles all say he gave up, by making that statement to the USADA. All he did was give them a big f-you, because whatever they decide doesn’t even matter. This foundation has always been what matters.

  118. Joan Menter says:

    I just want Mr. Armstrong to not loose heart. This is where his heart is and we believe in him. The lies floating around “out there” mean nothing in the greater scheme of things. God will reward him.

  119. Budmanr says:

    The only evidence provided is testimony by admitted dopers. This is definitely a witch hunt and every right thinking American should protest against it.

  120. Mictel says:

    lets move on you do great work with livestrong

  121. Susan Shinagawa says:

    I am sharing/sending my unequivocal support for Lance in his decision to end his challenge to (what has turned out to be) an unjust vendetta against a great athlete and compassionate humanitarian. I am especially sad that Lance’s family is being subjected to this unjust firestorm and scrutiny by some in the media and general public who fail to report/read the full story of this debacle. After facing the life-threatening challenge of stage 4 cancer and overcoming it with courage, grace and humility, I am confident that Lance will weather this storm (albeit of an all-together different nature) with equal courage, grace and humility, and — perhaps most importantly — with his integrity and the respect of those who know and love him unscathed and intact.

  122. Davidw6767 says:

    David Watkin, England

  123. Natallia Nesterenko says:

    Hero !!! even if all is truth – you are my personal hero!!!!

  124. Beriberi2012 says:

    USADA Dope: ?Lance, you didn?t win that. Something else made that happen.? | ?How much better a thing it is to be envied than to be pitied.?

  125. Mark Cuthbert says:

    Thank you Lance for the inspiration you given me and countless others. I was diagnosed 6 years ago and still am in the fight. Your story, your success, and your incredible generosity have been a constant inspiration to me. You are and always will be The Champion. Never Give Up!
    Thank you for everything,
    Mark Cuthbert

  126. Deapy1 says:

    Stay cool big man

  127. Bochslag says:

    As far ar I know, from 2000 onwards, Lance Armstrong has been tested on using doping 500 times; all showing no trace of illegal substances. That to me proofs that he didn?t win the Tour de France 7 but 500x and that I consider him innocent. Livestrong!

  128. Pjjcm says:

    Much as it pains me to say this Lance’s actions today are not consistent with innocence and cycling has , time and again , shown that , historically at least, success and illegal practices have gone hand in hand. I would have thought that the threat of removal of all of LA’s TDF titles would have been enough of a threat to him and his legacy to have meant that he would have fought to his last breath. Giving in is clearly not in his nature.Having said that there is so much to admire in the man , in his personal bravery and his creation of this foundation that I actually don’t care that he might have broken the rules. If he is guilty however he should be prepared to look any of us in the eye and admit it. Telling the truth and the honesty that comes with that are now far more important than what he actually did.

  129. Andy says:

    Despite the witch-hunt articles written by so-called journalists, my faith in Lance’s personal and professional journey is unshaken. Live long and live strong!

  130. momzilajn says:

    Lance Armstrong and all the hoopla over his so called drug use to win his races. Well I for one say to Lance, you should be proud, you won the biggest race of all, Life! (And he did use drugs to do it and I doubt anyone will say one thing about that!) So guilty or not about the other, I am glad he just let it go! Shows what a REAL man does! He has the bigggest award you can get, LIFE, and he cares more about having a good one than keeping stupid titles! GOOD FOR YOU LANCE, GOOD FOR YOU! LIVESTRONG!

  131. C_giudicelli says:

    Lets move on you do great work with your Fondation LIVESTRONG.
    Good luck,

  132. Audrey says:

    Lance is so much more than yellow jerseys! Live Strong!!

  133. Piotr says:

    I’m with You

  134. Edmarsh_motion says:

    The following is what I sent to my family and associates today.
    From Ed, My take on Lance:
    This is a fact: In seven consecutive Tour De France competitions Lance
    Armstrong defeated every doped and clean competitor, and he was drug tested
    a record amount of times as his titles accumulated, and never ever failed a
    drug test. “Lance Armstrong will always be my CHAMPION.

  135. Phil says:

    Look forward Lance you are the GOAT (Greatest of all time)

  136. Anak says:

    Lance, excelente decisión, te felicito por tu valentía. Tu vida, tu lucha, trabajo, tu esfuerzo y dedicación, no merece malgastar tiempo en absurdos. Que Dios te bendiga.

  137. Go Lance! This is obviously a witch hunt but you’ll always be a champion.

  138. Joel Onodera says:

    With or without an “official” Tour title, Lance will always be a champion to me! What he has done for cancer through Livestrong is so far beyond what those suits at USADA can even imagine, it is not even funny. Lance, you are the best!

  139. Jandtjunk says:

    Regardless of the USADA outcome…this foundation has impacted people in a positive way whether they live with cancer or have a loved one fighting the battle. Livingstrong is a positive light…keep up the great work!!!

  140. jess3a3 says:

    EMail USADA CEO Travis Tygart here :

  141. Tomarpollocu says:

    Lot of deluded people on here. Lance, you are a fraud and you have let the whole world down. Absolutely shameful

  142. Loughlincarmel says:

    Lost my sister to breast cancer. She had a saying which we adopt ‘impossible is nothing’. Fight the good fight Lance against cancer – no other fight matters to millions of people who are sick with cancer and their families. V sad today but onwards and upwards x

  143. Coreyarballo says:

    Thanks lance for the inspiration you have given to me as a cyclist. You actions help me through my everyday life and I will continue to support your fight against cancer.

  144. Patrick Gavin-Brynes says:

    I also will continue to give Lance and Livestrong my full support. Your foundation, books, life story and mentality were a cornerstone for me dealing with my fathers cancer (both times) when I was 7 and again at 14 when he passed. I still have my bracelet on from~10 years ago as I type this and don’t plan to remove it any time soon. Thank you!

  145. Brendan says:

    Go Lance! We believe you and believe in you.

    Honor, Integrity, Faith, Hope, Love.

  146. Gerard_callaghan says:

    Carry on with your mission…Lance will always be a hero in my eyes.

    Gerry , Adam and Sally Callaghan, Belfast

  147. Jamie H. says:

    I will continue to wear yellow and LIVESTRONG each day. This is a pitiful day to read all the ‘pile on’ where when #7 was won, they all were cheering. LIVESTRONG!

    1. Mindyb says:

      I TOO WILL SUPPORT YOU LANCE! WEAR MY BRACELET EVERY DAY….Don’t let people get you down.I wish someday i could meet you and give you a hug for all you do.

  148. Abc says:

    Hold you head up high Lance. It’s a common occurrence through history that people try to tear down those who are successful. This was common place in the sport and it should not take away from amazing achievements. We should have the opportunity to learn from our lessons without this type of meaningless witch hunt. The fools who spent years on this are lowly government workers who probably still use training wheels.

  149. Tnjwatts says:

    You are truly an inspiration to me as I am a cancer survivor. Thank you!


  151. Linda McCaskill says:

    LiveSTRONG Lance! Proud to stand with you! Always great to see you, ride with you, and join you in raising money for those fighting cancer.

  152. Rose Elley says:

    We support you Lance!! We still believe in you – you are a HERO in our house and we wear your jersey. Thank you for ALL you do with your life, for cycling and for the support of cancer (of which we also benefited from Fertile Hope). WE LOVE YOU LANCE!!!!!

  153. R123 says:

    Let me guess that my comment won’t be posted. Lance Armstrong doped, just like 90% of the riders.

  154. Gayle262 says:

    You are a hero Lance no matter what they say or do. We in the cancer community know that and will always believe in you. Thank you for this act of courage.

  155. David says:

    The world Need´s more Lance then he need the cycling Titles!
    Lance we love YOU!
    Climb your life!!!

  156. Laurie11 says:

    You’re a hero…support you in all you do!

  157. Kate Slevin says:

    What Lance Armstrong and the LAF have done to support people facing cancer is an example of humanity working at it’s best. I have no doubt that this is a difficult day for Lance, his family and friends and you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    So, simply thank you. You have made a difference and will go down in history for your work.

    Kate Slevin

  158. Marco says:

    I will always respect you Lance, you are a great inspiration
    Marco Galinha

  159. Alyoung34 says:

    Fuck Em, Lance. We know the truth.

  160. A believer says:

    Lance, you are an irreplaceable human being and your accomplishments will live on forever. Don’t let the haters get you down. We believe in you and are inspired by all that you’ve done. Thank you for making a difference in the world. You’ll always be my hero!!!

  161. mk says:

    Your accomplishments on the bike are amazing…but your work in fighting cancer saves lives!!!

  162. Guest says:

    Lance, I don’t give one damn what this Anti Doping Agency says. I watched you win all those Tours de France. You won them because you worked harder than anybody else in the field. You were climbing the mountains in the off season when your competitors were drinking beer and partying. You deserved all of your victories. Keep up the great work at the Foundation. Be happy.

  163. Thekidsnan says:


    Count me as one of your many supporters who
    stand behind you.

    May you” livestrong” to fight another day

  164. Mookidave says:

    GREAT DECISION LANCE. Ignore the politics and focus on what is important. LIVESTRONG.

  165. AndyAS says:

    On 12th July 2000 I was in hospital in Belfast, Northern Ireland, being treated for seriously-advanced testicular cancer, my variety of this disease was Choriocarsinoma, the same variety Lance Armstrong had four years previously. My cancer was so far advanced that the oncologists reckoned I had less than six weeks to live when first presented for treatment in mid-May. Anyway on that Wednesday evening I shuffled painfully up the ward to the Day Room to watch that day?s Tour de France highlights. That was a Rest Day on the Tour and UK?s Channel 4 simply repeated their programme of two days previously. At the bottom of the Hautacam mountain in the Pyrenees Lance was in a group of all the main leaders/contenders. Suddenly he broke away, created a gap and kept going, gradually increasing that gap with pain and effort so visably etched on his face. On he went, ever increasing that lead, and at the mountain-top finish took some six minutes out of all his main rivals, took the Yellow Jersey which he maintained all the way to Paris a week later for his second victory. I knew his cancer story, his book ?It?s Not About The Bike? was under my pillow back down the hospital ward. To sit there with the highly toxic chemotherapy drugs dripping into my bloodstream and realise that just four years previously this man on the television was in exactly the same position I was then in was, quite simply, medicine of the very highest quality. While the chemo drugs were medicine for my sick body, watching that ride was medicine for my sick soul ? something medical care providers don?t usually administer but just as important and just as potent as the chemical medicines they do administer.
    I certainly didn?t ?shuffle painfully? back to bed ? I positively floated!!!

    What?s perhaps of more importance to America is the use of a private corporation to be its anti-doping agency, an agency which uses tax-payers’ money to carry out highly questionable procedures, which at almost every turn denies the accused a fair trial under the most basic of proper judicial procedures. It has not gone unnoticed that some months ago The US Congress, with all the power and resources of the US Government at its disposal, abandoned a two-year investigation of Lance Armstrong because NO evidence of doping could be found. USADA on the other hand, relying on the heresay of ex-riders like Landis and Hamilton, both PROVEN doping cheats, launch a witch-hunt. If justice is to be served, then let?s look closely at the modus operandi on USADA, examine all credible evidence under proper judicial procedures and then, and only then, when guilt is proved get around to attributing blame. Let?s have clean sport ? but let?s also have a clean policing system.

  166. Speelen73 says:

    Maakt niet uit wat ze over je schrijven, je blijft een held, een inspiratie voor velen en natuurlijk voor mij. Hero!

  167. Chuck113 says:

    Lance Armstrong is a WINNER!!

  168. Jewel says:

    I wore my yellow band with pride today, I am cancer survivor and your dedication has made me a stronger person. Keep up the good work and I support you all the way.

  169. JL says:

    Dear Lance,
    We’ve never been introduced, but maybe you’ve seen me a few times, cheering you all through the Tour in 2005 and on the Giro in 2009. I just wanted you to know that you inspired me …. to go to France and go to Italy. To walk up the Col du Galibier and cycle up a few Italian Alps. You inspired me to read your books and buy them for my aunt when she was diagnosed with cancer. (Five years ago!! ) You inspired my friend and his buddies to ride their bikes through the Rockies from Vancouver to Calgary to raise money and awareness for cancer research. You inspired me to buy a little yellow bracelet for $1 (on a trip to Havana I saw them on Cubans everywhere!) You inspire me every time I go on my bike.
    No one can take your accomplishments away from you. You’re a 7-time Tour de France winner, I saw it with my own eyes! You’re a cancer survivor, fundraiser and hope giver. You’ve done so much good and inspired millions of people and you’ve inspired me! I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll do next!

  170. Brad Talbot says:

    Lance please say it ain’t so! You are my hero but not fighting now allows them to win, Back in the saddle to prove your innocence or is there something we should know Lance?

  171. Marylou says:


  172. Cgulledge2 says:

    Nothing but a witch hunt. No tangible evidence and a endless investigation years after the 7 titles. Anyone with any sense can see that this BS. How can a US authority strip someone of international titles? Not particpating is smart, since it is clear that those who are spearheading this investigation are bent on finding Lance guilty no matter what. Not participating is in no way an admission of guilt, it is simply taking the high road I the face of an obvious witch hunt. I would have done the same! They can’t take our memories away Lance, you will always be a hero and champion to many around the nation and world!

  173. Marcia Sena says:

    Obrigado Lance por ser uma inspiração para minha vida. Você é uma LENDA viva, e ninguem vai tirar de você o seu brilho próprio…….BRILHE MUITO, pois você é uma ESTRELAAAAAAAAAAAAA


    Márcia Sena

  174. Proberts08 says:

    Lance will always be the Tour de France winner in my eyes!!! I will continue to try every year to raise money on behave of Team Livestrong and ride in the Philly Challenge every year. This is my pledge.

  175. Stupot. says:

    Sounds like the biggest witch hunt ever. They can’t take anything from you. All the best.

  176. We tell our students at our Martial Art School that just because you’re not wearing your Black Belt doesn’t mean your not a Black Belt. Same here. Just because you’re not wearing a yellow Jersey doesn’t mean your not a Champion! LiveStrong Sir!

  177. Patrick says:

    No excuse, sorry for you Lance but it’s time to tell the truth, you cheated as many of you. We, the true cyclists, struggling with our 20-30 km/h on our 100 km weekend rides, do not want to see you guys doing for three weeks in a row hundreds of km at 45 km/h climbing at 30 km/h the most difficult roads under that killer summer sun. Only people who never tried it can still watch the Tour de France ! Lance, once you were one of us, remember it, this was the Lance we cheered for !!!

  178. Robertharris says:

    Guy walks into a Doctor’s office with only one testicle. Doctor told him he was half nuts!!

  179. Mmang12 says:

    All we want to know is if Lance is still planning on racing Kona? Don’t give up.

  180. Jersey Shore John says:

    USADA – NFW. In the American system of justice, one is innocent until proven guilty. Did Lance Armstrong do anything different from his comprtitors to enhance performance? I seriously doubt it. Why single him out? He is the greatest cyclist ever, no matter how you persecute him.

  181. Rbmndc says:

    I have defended Lance to anyone and everyone who dared to doubt him over almost a decade now. Twelve years ago, as a grown man fighting my own cancer battle, I made Lance Armstrong into my hero. And ever since, I have described him as a hero to anyone who would listen. But now, my heart is broken.

    Lance is and will always be one of the greatest athletes of all time. He fought a brave battle against a vicious cancer, and he committed to helping others who would suffer like him. That is all admirable.

    But he cheated. And he lied about it. He allowed people to believe that he was capable of what virtually no one else before had been. But it wasn’t all true. His greatest fault is that he made people believe in him, but it wasn’t all true.

    How do I know all this? If Lance had the truth on his side, I do NOT believe for ONE SECOND that he would ever, ever sacrifice his honor by basically pleading no contest to these charges. But when a man’s one-time friends and teammates start lining up against him — first one, then two, then four, then seven, now 10 — and it becomes increasingly clear that continuing the fight is only going to lead to more embarrassment because IT WASN’T ALL TRUE, then even someone who’s been lying to himself all these years probably decides to throw in the towel.

    Today, Lance, you broke my heart. And I wonder if there really are any heroes left.

  182. Prolog says:

    We still love you lance and all that you stand for. The vendetta against you is amazingly ugly. LIVE STRONG Lance… DRIVE ON!

  183. We still believe in you, Lance!

  184. Stultz55 says:

    I feel as millions do, you are a hero for the sport and for the cause. The USADA can not take that way.

  185. Girlsdadx3 says:

    You will always be the only 7 time TDF champ in my books! Best wishes to you and your family now that this witch hunt is over. Get on with the important work of cancer treatment and cancer awareness. LIVESTRONG LANCE. We are still with you brother.

  186. CanadaDAD says:

    We believe in you Lance regardless of these times. You are a hero to me and my 11 year old son.

  187. Tracylcoburn says:

    All of this nonsense simply makes me want to donate more to the LiveStrong Foundation. I have been an advid follower of cycling and this is complete nonsense. I am not a cancer survivor but I absolutely respect Lance’s accomplishments and the work the foundation has completed. You are an inspiration to so many. Sometimes people cannot stand to see others succeed. There’s always someone trying to bring those on top down. You will always be one of my favourites.

  188. Tien says:

    EVERYONE knows who won those 7 Tour de France races. EVERYONE.

    Tien Dao,

  189. Mikemccague says:

    You are important to many people, Lance- we believe and value you.

  190. Linos says:

    Leadership and courage cannot be taken away and at the end of the day that is all that matters.

  191. Keknudsen says:

    Lance’s story was the reason my husband sought treatment for cancer, not once but twice. He is an amazing athlete and humanitarian. I cannot thank him enough for his role in saving my husband’s life.

  192. Sam01 says:

    Mr Amstrong “make every obstacle an opportunity”

  193. Mike M. says:

    They may take your titles, but they can’t take your commitment, dedication, and drive to help those who have cancer. Live strong always.

  194. Watersprite3 says:

    I will do the Eric Shanteau Swim For Life in your honor. As a cancer survivor and an athlete, I support you and Live Strong. Don’t let the b*stards grind you down. I have the poster of you training in the rain when no one else was training. Live strong, Lance.

  195. Tbsarick says:

    Tour de what? It’s not Tour de America so who cares.

  196. Fnkyfngrs says:

    Lance is a hero to me.

  197. Melmac101565 says:

    If I hadn’t read your books I wouldn’t be here today. You courage and strength showed me I could do it too! Thank you for being my inspiration – LIVESTRONG my friend and as you have said before “It’s Not About The Bike”!!!!!

  198. Jpblock1 says:

    Lance you won the day you beat cancer, as a cancer survivor you have been and inspiration for me and my friends and family who did not make it. Keep up the fight and we will make sure your foundation is supported even more than it was yesterday.

  199. Michael says:

    Top man lance

  200. Mrqracer says:

    Thanks Lance for all you’ve done & will continue to do. You’re achievements will always be remembered. Keep up the good work.

  201. Mel says:

    Mr. Armstrong – continue to Live Strong. You are an inspiration and a winner every single day of your life!

  202. Leia444 says:

    You are and will always be a hero!

  203. Mr65057 says:

    you will always be a winner because you care about people. may g-d bless you and your family with a life of good health and love. that is all you need in life. from one survivor to another love, hugs and kisses.stay strong

  204. Pharmrider says:

    Great decision Lance Armstrong, I support you 100% in understanding the priorities in life. No one group can erase your accomplishments. We all who ride and who have lost loved ones to cancer after brave , brave fights truly appreciate you and what you have done. My voice is as important or more so than those who waste frivolous time and money on personal pursuits which amount to nonsense.
    Michael Wilkerson, D.Pharm, RPh

  205. GoLance says:

    In the end, only the results matter. Lance, how many countless you have inspired, benefited and saved ? To the haters out there, what’s your result ?

  206. Turbodog140 says:


  207. P Tracy Stewart says:

    I would stand by Lance and the LAF every time if given the choice between them and the bureaucracy of the USADA. They set out on a mission whose outcome was predetermined. It is a shame that the most tested athlete in history of cycling never once had a positive drug test, yet some organization can change the course of history with speculations and innuendos. If the Tour Titles can be taken back so easily, they aren’t worth having. Lance, you are still the greatest cyclist of all time and an inspiration to cancer survivors worldwide. Livestrong!

    Tracy Stewart
    Cancer Survivor 2001 and 2003.
    LAF Rider 2004 & 2005.

  208. jess3a3 says:

    EMail USADA CEO Travis Tygart here :

  209. Gerry says:

    Keep your head held high Lance, you have done more for the sporting world and the cancer issue than a million of the handful of people who are trying to strip you of your honestly won Tour’ De france winnings. Forever will I respect your efforts. Don’t let them wear you down with these worthless claims and anyone of your fellow competitors who say you did use those drugs, remember competitors will go to very low levels to say things to make you look bad, in order to make themselves look good. Keep strong forever

  210. Neil Carrington says:

    I will be going to Dick’s Sporting Goods tomorrow (Sat Aug 25, 2012) to buy every Livestrong product I can possibly afford. Then I’m going to print my own t-shirt that says ‘The USADA is on drugs. Lance is not.”

  211. Mary Peters says:

    I support Livestrong and especially Lance Armstrong in his endeavors to help and heal.

  212. On 12th July 2000 I was in hospital in Belfast, Northern Ireland, being treated for seriously-advanced testicular cancer, my variety of this disease was Choriocarsinoma, the same variety Lance Armstrong had four years previously. My cancer was so far advanced that the oncologists reckoned I had less than six weeks to live when first presented for treatment in mid-May. Anyway on that Wednesday evening I shuffled painfully up the ward to the Day Room to watch that day’s Tour de France highlights. That was a Rest Day on the Tour and UK’s Channel 4 simply repeated their programme of two days previously. At the bottom of the Hautacam mountain in the Pyrenees Lance was in a group of all the main leaders/contenders. Suddenly he broke away, created a gap and kept going, gradually increasing that gap with pain and effort so visably etched on his face. On he went, ever increasing that lead, and at the mountain-top finish took some six minutes out of all his main rivals, took the Yellow Jersey which he maintained all the way to Paris a week later for his second victory. I knew his cancer story, his book “It’s Not About The Bike” was under my pillow back down the hospital ward. To sit there with the highly toxic chemotherapy drugs dripping into my bloodstream and realise that just four years previously this man on the television was in exactly the same position I was then in was, quite simply, medicine of the very highest quality. While the chemo drugs were medicine for my sick body, watching that ride was medicine for my sick soul – something medical care providers don’t usually administer but just as important and just as potent as the chemical medicines they do administer. I certainly didn’t ‘shuffle painfully’ back to bed – I positively floated!!!

    What’s perhaps of more importance to America is the use of a private corporation to be its anti-doping agency, an agency which uses tax-payers money to carry out highly questionable procedures, which at almost every turn denies the accused a fair trial under the most basic of proper judicial procedures. It has not gone unnoticed that some months ago The US Congress, with all the power and resources of the US Government at its disposal, abandoned a two-year investigation of Lance Armstrong because NO evidence of doping could be found. USADA on the other hand, relying on the heresay of riders like Landis and Hamilton launch a witch-hunt. If justice is to be served, then let’s look closely at the modus operandi on USADA, examine all credible evidence under proper judicial procedures and then, and only when guilt is proved get around to attributing blame. Let’s have clean sport … but let’s also have a clean policing system.

  213. OldRider says:

    There was a Shakespeare, and he wrote his plays. There was a Jim Thorpe, and he won his medals. There was a Steve Jobs and an Edison and they saw possibilities no one else could see. And the jealous and the petty and the stupid have always tried to deny their triumphs. The Agency of Dopes can say what it likes, but Lance, I’m on your side. And every time I swing my creaky old body on my road bike, I’m still going to pretend I’m you.

  214. JR says:


  215. Mike says:

    Lance will always be an inspiration to me. He stood up and did something about this terrible disease and the 28 million people who suffer from it. LIVESTRONG!!

  216. Paul Maclean says:

    These allegations, even if true, in no way detract from Lance’s phenomenal sporting achievements or, more importantly, his incredible support for cancer sufferers. I speak as a cycling fan and as a recent cancer survivor (so far!).

  217. Nicolanb says:

    In my eyes Lance is a modern hero…………. reminds me of Red Rum who beat all odds to race…. He inspired me in many ways. I am so sick of the whole stinking issue! You go Lance !

  218. Villanuevesvm says:

    Aún y si las acusaciones de USADA son ciertas (y no digo que lo sean) y prueban que Lance Armstrong hizo trampa, son para mi y millones más irrelevantes si ello ayudó a crear la grandiosa fundación Livestrong que ha apoyado y ayudado a millones de personas en su lucha contra el terrible mal que es el cáncer alrededor del mundo. Gracias Lance, porque con tu esfuerzo haz hecho de éste mundo mucho mejor. Siempre tendrás mi apoyo y lo seguiré haciendo mostrando con orgullo la pulsera que créaste para ayudar a la fundación (por cierto la primera en el mundo, algunos la copiaron para fines igualmente loables, otros tan sólo para lucrar). Nada ni nadie te quitará tu lugar y nuestro agradecimiento de nuestros corazones. ¡LIVESTRONG!

  219. Boc says:

    I could not belive it! that our on usada’s are against LANCE ARMSTRONG. if they did not find anything from the first time they did the tests why they waited so long to try to humiliate him this way….. I follow some of the news and my thinking was that he need it to drop this case and LANCE did! I have been to a divorce and the time that you spend in court fighting for somenthing that belongs to you is depressing and time consuming……… I can relate to Lance what he went all this years trying to prove them wrong! But the fight is over and I think LANCE did the right thing and is pointless to continue arguing with brainless people that all they did was spend His money and tax payers money! this is absurd and in my mind LANCE will be the ALL TIME 7 TOURS THE FRANCE WINNER!! Ithink the french don’t like us any ways even thoug we save their buts a long time ago…………….to close this I would like to add that the sponsors need to contnue the support not only for LANCE but for the Lance Cancer Foundation that needs more that this burocrats that I hope none of them will end up need in this like LANCE did! this would be ironic don’t you think………………! STRNONG WILL PREVAIL!

  220. Blokeo says:

    With mis-appropriated tax money, there will never be an end to the funding of these investigations; and “immunity offers” will always allow for personal opinions to be submitted as “evidence”; thus there is no option for Armstrong – or for that matter, any of us. Against the mammoth machine (government-sponsored boards), we can only turn our backs, regardless of our innocence or transgressions.

  221. Jurgen Smessaert says:

    It’s à shame a great athleet has to be pestered this way . Lance has done more for the sports community than Many other sportsman before him. His relentles fight against cancer has shown That he cares for everyone!
    Livestrong Lance

  222. Sandra Groosman says:

    The french cannot resist, that foreignors win the tour, especially 7 times an American. For my family Lance Armstrong is the greatest winner of the tour. We keep believing in him, and after his history of being so sick, he will take better care of his body, than someone else. My son is dealing with it for the second time, it came back after 8 years and i know he treats his body well. The tour is very corrupt, i cannot understand the foreign runners still want to run in this tour. Why in the vuelta you dont hear about using and so on. Not even the tour of Italy. The french have to win andnobody else, if they do they make their lives miserable. Keep your head up Lance. Your the winner, with me all the Dutch think the same.

  223. Mcguire Barry says:

    To Mr Tygart and every other member of the screaming mob: ( remember the Salem With Trials????)
    How many lives have YOU changed? How many years have YOU spent competing and winning at the highest level of sport while jumping through every hoop, complying with every rule, and passing EVERY one of 500 drug tests while your competitors failed them? Oh and how many times have YOU stood on the brink of death and stared your own mortality in the face???
    Hmmm… I thought so….

    It’s quite fitting that a ‘Process’ that had the stated aim of ‘exposing and bringing to justice’ a corrupt cheating sportsman has actually exposed a corrupt cheating Government ‘Authority’ instead.

  224. Dave says:

    What a pity that the cycling authorities are allowing people with petty jealousies to try to cast a shadow on a great achievement. You will always be a great inspiration to millions. Keep up the good work.
    Dave Street
    Lydney, UK

  225. Janine and Melissa kiwis says:

    Lance, You have been an inspiration to my sister and myself, as my sister fought cancer. When the going got tough and we felt daunted by the process of navigating our way through medical system, one saying that kept us focused and not intimidated was “what would Lance do”. This made us feel strong and powerful. You made a big difference in our lives. We wear the Livestrong yellow wristband proudly and gratefully down here in New Zealand. Thank you.

  226. Bregs says:

    Lance and Livestrong have been instrumental in my recovery both physically and mentally. This is undeniable and indisputable to me! Go Lance and Livestrong forever!

  227. Tromso2 says:

    Lance has become a hero for millions as far the fight against the cancer and unhealthy life are concerned. He inspired me to start cycling, do sporting. No matter these accusations are true or not (personally I believe these come from jealousy due to the popularity and success of the magnificent life of Lance) he stood an example for mankind in endurance and hope.
    So hold on Lance! We are proud of you!

  228. Gerry, Northern Ireland says:

    I saw you in Le Tour de France in 2005 and I was on Mont Ventoux in 2009 to see your return to the sport.
    I live in Northern Ireland and if you can inspire me to go to France to see you in person, you possess something that the USADA, WADA or the UCI can never take from you.
    You have the ability to motivate people beyond their wildest dreams.
    We just have to realize that there are people out there, with no talent, whose purpose in life is to destroy anyone, like yourself, who stands out from the crowd. In this way they can puff themselves up to look like someone of importance, when in fact they are just shadows that need organizations such as USADA etc. to give them even a miniscule of substance.
    The shame is on them, you can always stand strong and you will still be a winner in mine and any other right-thinking person’s eyes.
    It is the easiest thing in the world to do nothing yourself but still feel that you are in a position to sit in judgement on the people that the prepared to go out and try to make a difference.
    Sorry for going on at length, but this whole episode just makes me so angry.
    You will always be a winner Lance.

  229. Jnburton says:

    Lance, you have, and continue to inspire me. Many thanks for your work and example.

  230. I sincerely hope that the people at USADA will never test positive for cancer. Although I feel inclined to make an exception for mr. Tygart at this stage, the truth is you would be there for him and for all of them too…

  231. Kathi says:

    StaySTRONG Lance!!!!! <3

  232. Lisa says:

    I will wear the Livestrong bracelet proudly to support the work of the foundation. Face it Lance you are a victim of bullying – the worse kind of bullying. Lots of talk, lots of people creating a frenetic rush to conclusion with no real purpose other than to say…He couldn’t possibly have won those titles on his own..I say..yes he could and he did.

  233. TaraMtl says:

    The bottom line is: what anyone “thinks” is irrelevant. Accusations, “thinking” that someone is guilty and hearsay are meaningless. The man has been tested more than any athlete in history without a single positive test result. Maybe his teammates were dirty, and couldn’t believe he wasn’t. Either way, after you’ve been through a life-threatening illness, you realize there’s only so much of your life you can waste defending yourself against people for whom the only possible verdict is guilty. Maybe at long last, he has decided that as long as his friends and family know that he made these great achievements, then that’s good enough for him. I wouldn’t spend another minute on it either. Quoting Dr. Seuss: “Never explain yourself. Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.”
    Good for you, Lance. May you continue your good work in peace and health.

  234. Nick Dawson says:

    Still wearing my live strong wrist band and Lance is still 7 times winner of the tour

  235. Talia says:

    As hard as this decision was, I truly feel you made the right decision for you and your family. The USADA is on a witch hunt and they would not have stopped until they found a way to strip you of your medals. The thing is, what they can’t do is strip you of your dignity, your integrity, your devotion to others. You know and we know you won those races fairly. You know and we know that they are biased and no matter what you did or how long you fought, they had already predetermined the outcome. You are doing the wise thing by turning your energy and your focus back to what is truly important; saving the lives of those who have cancer and being the pillar of strength that you have always been. You are taking the high road in this situation. I applaud you.

  236. Victor M says:

    I cannot blame Lance. The man has been fighting for his innocence for 10+ years. During his career, he was tested more than anyone else and never failed a test. How many different governing bodies does he need to prove his innocence especially one that may be partially funded with taxpayers money. If Lance can see life without cycling then I will also. I will never follow cycling again.

  237. jean w says:

    No one has walked – or ridden – in Lance’s shoes. It has to be horrible, the way everyone jumps to conclusions. I SUPPORT LANCE ARMSTRONG and LIVESTRONG!!!!! The media and others like to build our heroes up, just to tear them down. GO LANCE!!!! You made the right decision. We are behind you 100%.

    1. flootz says:

      Couldn’t have said it better, jean. 🙂

  238. Richard says:

    Lance you competed in an era where doping in cycling was rampant. The history of the Tour de France is littered with cyclists using blood boosters and testosterone to achieve the super human strength and miraculous powers of recovery to be a Tour competitor.

    In that era you reigned supreme beating all the others who we now know were doped.

    The allegations of you also being involved in doping are egregious and I am disappointed that you choose not to challenge your accusers before the Court of Arbitration in Sport in Switzerland.

    Your stand against cancer is to be commended and your fund raising to assist others laudable. But if all that good will was built on the back of sporting fraud, then you have defrauded us all.

    So either stand up and fight the charges or admit fault and let us forgive your mistakes.

  239. Roseanne says:

    It is true – USADA is running a witch hunt. I wish I knew why.
    I have followed the TdF for years and Lance’s 7 wins followed brilliant and exciting rides in the Tour that were a joy to watch. No one can take away the memories I have of those years. Stay strong Lance and stand tall above the pygmies of USADA.

    I too still have my yellow band and will still wear it with pride for Lance’s TdF wins and his work for cancer survivors like me.

    Thank you Lance.
    Roseanne, London

  240. Majid says:

    Totally respect Lance’s decision. This decision he made in itself takes great courage because he knew what the outcome would be. But as I said to him via twitter, no man or governing body can take away the good work he and his foundation have done over the years for cancer patients and their families.

    Lance is a special man. He has stepped forward along with his foundation to fight one of the biggest killers this world will ever see, in cancer. The support provided by Livestrong is priceless, and it is time for all around the world to show Lance support. Through the decision he made this week, he has highlighted a injustice. All over the world people are fighting for justice against a backbone of lies, and deceipt, and malicious intent. This is how the world has become. Until we as people step forward and say NO MORE, IT MUST STOP!! It will continue

    I see it everyday myself in the UK. Cancer sufferers being treated like dog muck by the UK government. Many receiving highly toxic treatment and in need of help and the UK government forcing them to work when they cannot. The same for people with disabilities and other serious illnesses. They are being forced to take part in a biased process!

    Let this be a lesson to us all. If a hero and icon like Lance can be treated the way he has, anybody can be like I gave a example of above!!

    Keep smiling Lance 🙂 Don’t let them grind you down.

  241. Serena Zindler says:

    Forever a champion and a hero.

  242. FredChristian says:

    Lance Armstrong is amazing. Lance, if you by chance read this comment, I would like to let you know I am impressed at your service and all you do to want to help people. You have experienced first hand how corrupt people in power don’t want us to make a difference in the world without giving them money and letting them control things. I pray for your strength to continue this new more difficult race and finish it a champion like you have in the past. Jesus Love you brother. Reach out to me anytime. You are on a new chapter in life and I know it will be as good as the previous one.

  243. Gene Sparks says:

    All of your fans know who WON those races. That they will never be able to take away from you. It is unfortunate that there will always be people who try to tear down the greatness that truely keeps us striving to better our selves, you are an inspiration and it is sad that some waste soooo much time and effort to defame our heros. Lance, you are a true hero in every sence of the word, aside from all of the folks your Livestrong organization has helped and is helping your are an inspiration to everyone young and old.

    In my mind by your recent decsion to not persue the arbitration… you won!!!


  244. Wisconsin Rider says:

    Lance, you have more courage and heart in your pinkie than the witch hunters. Nobody can take away what you have achieved. You have accomplished more than any ten of them can dream of. I was happy to make a donation to Livestrong this morning to support the cause.

  245. Rick M says:

    Lance, you will always be a champion-“offical” TDFvictories or not.
    We marvel at all that you have accomplished,on the bike and off.
    Go Lance!

  246. Dougwatters says:

    I believe in Lance’s innocence and today I still don’t understand the witch hunt. I am ashamed of the bicycling community that has brought this on. However, LanceArmstrong will always be a hero and the greatest bike rider ever to grace Le Tour. Shame on the cowards that continued to harass an innocent man.

  247. Steph says:

    Only support from coming from this home of cyclists (and current cancer-battling warrior). Gotta keep your eye on the ball.

  248. Rich says:

    There are millions of cancer patients and survivors that see Lance Armstrong as an inspirations and see hope based on what he has done and what he continues to do. I ask anyone if you were in his position would you do something that could take all that away from those people and leave them empty. I know I would not. When all is said and done cycling will be hurt but not from what Lance has done but from the heartless thugs that had to stroke there ego at the cost of what,time will tell but cycling is being hurt by there decisions. I vow to never watch another cycling event again unless it is sponsored or promoted by Lance Armstrong.

  249. Eyalso says:

    one rule in marketing is the most important one: it doesn’t matter what YOU think of your product but what the COSTUMER does!!!! maybe lance thinks it is enough but it is widely accepted he had given up and thus admitted the allegations raised against him. you must build a strategy and not let the UCI or any other strip you off the lifetime works of yours.
    F_ _k the USAD

  250. Lance Armstrong is some one to look up to. By stepping away from the witch hunt that has been going on he has shown more class and honesty. He and the foundation will always be held in the highest regard by myself and millions.

  251. Nmbonfire says:

    I know who rode and won 7 tours, it was you Lance, you will always be a 7 time tour champion to me…

  252. Tiger7 says:

    Lance Armstrong will always be the greatest cyclist who ever lived and is a hero to millions. Stay strong Lance!

  253. Wiltonssa says:

    There is no question, Lance is a hero. One of the best athlets ever. He has choosen the right decision. It comes a time that what matters is the present and what you can do to turn this place a better world. No one will ever take off his pride, almost nobody in this world is so strong as he is to survive from cancer and be a legend with so much energy and love for living. Lance you rock!

  254. Oren says:

    For us you will always be the greatest.
    Keep on livestrong

    Your fans from israel.

  255. Andrew says:

    I followed lance long before cancer and long before his tdf titles. he is one of the most recognizable names in the world today. you start thinking, if you were another rider and had failed a drug test and you had a chance to keep racing if you said you seen lance armstrong take ped’s whether you did or not, would you do it? as sad as it is the answer to that amongst cyclists today is usually going to be yes. this man did not have a chance from the very beginning. ask yourself this in 2009 when he came out of retirement and STILL finished 3rd and and still climbed with the best and got tested numerous times during that race and could have probably even won had he not done what he thought was right by his then teammate alberto contador. i mean open up your eyes this man is just simply the best of his sport that there has ever been. a legend an icon even. every sport has them the alis the jordans the foyts the ruths they DO exist. lance is simply the best of the best and he did not need drugs to get him there. i have had the honor of riding with and talking to this man briefly and it is a moment i will never forget. he is so blunt and straight forward and above all honest and i dot think people are use to that especially in cycling. he is a perfect athlete and an exceptional role model for people of all ages. whomever the cyclists are that say they have witnessed him doing ped’s should be ashamed and i hope they know the burning road that lies ahead of them. as for lance well history has already been written and for me and i believe many others as well that can’t be changed.
    .his work off the bike i don’t think will ever be matched by another athlete or another person even. he takes cancer advocacy to a whole new level and that to me means more than seven yellow jersey s anyways. my hat is off to lance and his family and i hope he continues to get the support he deserves because he has truly earned it both on and off the bike.

  256. Rkddj79 says:

    Lance: Maybe you did; maybe you didn’t. But way more important is what you did through your notoriety. You gave my son the hope he needed to become a cancer survivor and you have created LiveSTRONG that has done so much to support those fighting cancer as well as cancer research. You have done so much good I cannot support the witch hunt USADA has conducted when there are so many sleazy, bling-covered athletes out there that have squandered and wasted the results of their drug bought success.

  257. lade says:

    I know the truth – Lance is a cancer survivor, his foundation helps other cancer patients and survivors and he is a great humanatarian. I will continue to support Lance and his LIVESTRONG Foundation. I wear my yellow wrist band with pride and share my cancer experiences with my other classmates in the LIVESTRONG program at the “Y”.

  258. Ghenton says:

    Lance – I can’t help but wonder why you’re being abused with such vehemence by a group of idiots. If this isn’t double jeopardy – something our constitution is supposed to protect us from – I don’t know what is. I can’t believe that if one court finds you innocent that another one can continue to pursue the same allegations. I’m ashamed that our Senators have not stepped up in your support to stop the nonsense. Where are those who would uphold your constitutional rights as a citizen?

    You’re the better man for calling an end to the harrassment. We all watched and know who won those races. We all know that any evidence the USADA would bring forth would be hearsay evidence; nothing factual – no videos, no DNA, no photos. Have they lost sight of the good work your winning those seven Tours has allowed you and the Livestrong Foundation to realize? Keep fighting the good fight to support Livestrong and cancer.

    I continue to wear the bracelet to support you and will never deny your winning triumphs!

  259. Bob S says:

    I wore my yellow wristband yesterday, I’m wearing it today and I’ll be wearing it tomorrow. I hope this will make LIVESTRONG stronger.

  260. Joannems says:

    I wanted to make sure that I was able to express my gratitude and support to Lance Armstrong in the way that I feel he has supporedt me since I first put my LIVESTRONG bracelet on almost 7 years ago. He will always be my hero for not only encouraging me to fight my cancer but to also fight to make lifestyle changes so I can be as healthy and strong as possible. I will continue to wear my LIVESTRONG bracelet proudly!

  261. Jhart says:

    I have spoken to many people about this. We all support you Lance and admire you and your decision to let God be your judge. Blessing to you and this wonderful mission of love for those who need you the most.
    There are many of us standing with and for you!
    God Bless you
    Jerri Hart

  262. Lebherza says:

    No matter what Lance is accused of his foundation has raised over 500 million dollars for cancer patients. Lance has not only beaten cancer but has dedicated his life to helping others. I personally support Lance and will say he is still one of my heroes when my mother was diagnosed with cancer i took great support and recieved valuable information to help our family my mum is a survivor and Lance Armstrong is a LEGEND. Keep you head up mate.

  263. Jerry Ann Chambers says:

    Go Lance – I hope they retest the blood of anyone who will inherit your TdeF wins. Still wearing 2 yellow bracelets I got from the 1st batch you sold. So sorry this had to happen

  264. Borrettchris says:

    I don’t believe it,Lance cheating!!! Hundreds of times tested not positive once. Lance the legend.

  265. Fvuscmom says:

    Go Lance Armstrong; bullies need a victim. Don’t be USADA’S victim.
    You are an American Icon who put cycling on the map. Thirteen years without evidence makes
    this a witch hunt.

    You are still a seven time Tour de France winner, regardless of
    those USADA clowns. They harm cycling as a sport by tearing down
    its own Con.

  266. Michael Metzger says:

    We support you Lance. You are a winner on your bike, and you are a winner in life. LIVESTRONG!

  267. robert felner says:

    Bob Felner This is such a tragedy! What has Roger Clemmons done or Lance Armstrong? Can you really take away so many “marks” of Greatness, dozens of Cy Young Awards, gold medals, and on and on. Is mark McGuire a man to hate. These are the men who made assholes like “Pud” Selig $Billions! They should take away every penny their teams or sponsors “made off” their “arms, backs,legs, hands, spirit, the joys they gave us, the kids they inspired, the parents who joined their kids with at least 1 thing to “have together.” Who did they kill, maim, cripple, send to premature graves????????? What should we do to men like Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Assad, Saddam, Nixon, “W,” Opsec.SOS. Birther Morons, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, “Jim Crow,” Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, ok then jane Fonda, “Swift-Boaters,” Strom (Oops, I got sump’un in ma closet) Thurmond, Wayne LaPierre. and on and on. These other men like Lance are real heroes, why should we EVER buy the goods their sponsors sold again?

  268. Courtney says:

    What a beautiful and powerful statement. Lance, we’ve got your back. I have the utmost admiration for your many, many accomplishments in cycling and in the cancer community. Stay strong.

  269. SPinSacTown says:

    I’m voicing my opinion with my wallet. Just donated. I’m not even going to mention the accusatory organization, as they don’t deserve the mention.

  270. dee says:

    I stand with Lance Armstrong. As he has repeately said, he has been checked and checked again during his professional racing life. No sign of doping. There comes a time when you know the cards have been stacked heavily against Lance and he made a wise choice to not continue to be embroiled in the never ending attacks on his achievements.

    There are many causes which Lance can use his celebrity to help. One such bike event is the Waves to Wine ride for MS in September. There are many other rides for multiple causes.

    I’ve misse seeing Lance Armstrong on the Tour. He brought good attention to the sport. Without him the field is so boring. VIva L.A.

  271. Jean-Louis (French) says:

    Nobody will never take out from us our admiration and the tremendous exemple you gave us when we were fighting against this disease.
    You are a great man.
    Lot of respect to you for ever.

  272. Maahenson says:

    LIVESTRONG, nothing else needs to said.

  273. Davidaharden says:

    Lance: i support you 100 percent. I am anxious to see who the USADA, Cycling governing body and Tour De France officials decide is worth to receive his medals for those 7 years. Several of those years Marco Pantini, Ivan Basso and Jan Ullrich were runner up (2nd and 3rd) to Lance and all three of those riders tested positive for PED’s during their careers and Pantini died of a drug overdose. If they want to give his titles to someone who didn’t dope during Lance’s title years then they should pick a cyclist outside of the top 20 finalist. This act by the USADA is the ultimate act in Hypocracy!

  274. David says:

    Why didn’t they go after other cyclists with the same determination? Why did the ASADA announce that they had new condemning evidence on the eve of this year’s TDF? These guys must tell the world what they have rather than just penalyse Lance, otherwise they appear to be simply vexatious and trying to have a little bit of the limelight that Armstrong has earned.

  275. Dward9 says:

    Lance is and will always be an inspiration to myself and thousands of others. He is one of the all time greats, 7 times tour de France winner and cancer survivor.
    The USADA should be ashamed as it is they who are a disgrace to the cycling world and those cyclists who have been paid off by them.

    Keep cycling Lance and never stop!

  276. Simon Friend says:

    I believe

  277. Dondobie1 says:

    An inspirational man. I too have experienced issues around justice and making decisions based on a new and higher set o values (in a much less public situation) following and during treatment for cancer. It makes you focus on the important things. Regrettably) at times to your detriment. Just makes the decision more brave and balanced. Onya Lance. Don Adelaide

  278. Guy Richards says:

    Thanks for your service Lance.

    I think that you are totally smart to pick your battles so well. These USADA proceedings are only as legitimate as the process that they operate under. It seems we are at a point in a cycle, where gross incompetence of authority can only go so far until it will naturally correct itself. Trying to fight the cycle would not be productive at all. Also likely not very fun.

    Have a good one.

  279. Sharyn says:

    You are an inspiration and I applaud you for the choice you have made. You know what you have achieved and will always be my hero.

  280. Tom01 says:

    Lance make ever obstacle into an opportunity

  281. Rhyanbaraquia says:

    It has always been hard to please MEN…. Doing what is good and right is the eyes of God is what matters most, LIVESTRONG while doing what is Right !!! Even if the whole world turn its back on you, it doesnt really matter, If God is with you, who can stand against you?! Choose to do what is wrong, and you will end suffering for it…. ****** P.S.- Is the foundation open for alternative medicine? I think ” Agaricus Blazei Murill ” would be a very big help Fight against cancer ***** God bless…
    -RHYAN BARAQUIA- Phillipines

  282. G51065 says:

    Lance Armstrong, Seven times Tour De France Winner, Allways will be.

    1. Pamelamartien says:

      I couldn’t agree more! And a personal inspiration!!!!!!

  283. Tomkallman says:

    Keep up the great work, Lance, and ALL of you. History is wrought with insignificant men who have tried to gain notoriety through petty actions. YOUR legacy (and your titles) will live on long after the USADA “leadership” has gone.

  284. Ironmanrun says:

    Lance you will always be the champ. Unlike the press and the USDA I will always remember the rider that stopped on the mountain to wait for his competitor Juan Ullrich to make sure he was ok and get back on his bike so he could continue to compete. The man who did that did not look like a cheater to me, I’d call that a hero! Nori Carcieri Denton,Texas avid cyclist and a 12 marathon competitor.

  285. Fam Vadonis says:

    Dogs are barking BUT the caravan goes on

    Let them – they need some enemy othervise they ‘ve got no reason for existing.

  286. THOMAS OLCESE says:

    I ride, walk, run, compete and stand right next to you! -LiveSTRONG

  287. Lindy Gligorijevic says:

    When Lance got off the Discovery bus in the very first Tour of California, the crowd shouted the same thing over and over, “thank you, Lance.” That will stay with me forever. Also, I watched every pedal turn in every televised TdF. They cannot take that away from me, or from Lance. Please accept my donation to Livestrong. Fight the good fight.
    Thank you Lance.

  288. Lindy Gligorijevic says:

    And I voted with my wallet. Please except my donation to Livestrong. It’s the very least I could do for the inspiration, entertainment, and pleasure watching you race has given me. Someday you will scream down that Alpine descent at 75 mph and we will be with you.

  289. Shen says:

    We are with yo Lance. What you have done to encourage other goes a long way. It is not about the whether you win or lose but how you weather the race. Thanks for helping people get through difficult times.

  290. Gerry Connor says:

    Lance you are a good man. You’ve done so much good for cycling, so much good for cancer survivors and cancer awareness. You’re my hero. Thank you. Gerry Connor

  291. Pamelamartien says:

    Always a true inspiration!!!!

  292. LastoftheZucchiniFlowers says:

    Type your comment here.

    I am a board certified family nurse practitioner and have treated many patients who are diagnosed with cancer. Their agonies, both physical and psychic must never be trivialized and the imbeciles who have dogged Mr. Armstrong all these years over EPO, saline, plasma, etc., fail to realize the legitimate role of ALL these components in the treatment of cancer patients. That no evidence has been produced against Lance, that he has NEVER TESTED POSITIVE for any banned substance, and that he was ‘convicted’ on hearsay is a gross violation of the principles of the American justice system. I wonder about the ‘judge’ who could not stand on the side of reason and instead, chose to cave on the weak defense of ‘jurisdiction’? Nonetheless I agree with Armstrong’s position. He will always be a winner and a symbol of defeat over the ’emperor of all maladies’. Those of us who are clinicians, active in the trenches every day, enthusiastically applaud him as we have always done in the face of his relentless tormentors. They gain nothing from their assaults other than to paint themselves with the dark brush strokes of envy and meagerness of spirit. In moving on in his role as survivor, athlete, promoter of health and wellness, Lance Armstrong climbs over the heads of those diminished former ‘teammates’ and remains on the high ground; well above these warped and fearful antagonists and their despicable jealousies.

    They would do well to take a page from Lance’s book and make efforts to IMPROVE their own lives rather than attempt to erode the positive efforts Lance has put forth.

  293. J. Cozine says:

    As a nurse, a fan who learned about cycling from watching Lance, and a mother-in-law of a cycling coach, I am thankful for all Lance has done and continues to do. I agree with other comments: we all know who won 7 times. It was a most amazing feat and hopefully, history will recognize it always! In the meantime, the Livestrong foundation will be a winner in public health and inspiration for all those that cancer touches. Jeanne

  294. Ultratsa says:

    I cannot help but compare the fantastic work of the Lance Amstrong Foundation to that of USADA. Yes they both do good work but one is particularly negative whereas the other does life saving and cancer help every day!
    In Australia for example Lance has donated money and his significent assistance to the Flinders Medical Foundation. Thank you Lance Armstrong!
    Oh and is anyone has any doubt as to the public attitude to Lance and his cause I saw several people on the weekend walking proudly wearing the Livestrong Tshirt in defience of the publicity!

  295. Bob B says:

    It’s funny how now Lance is doing well in triathlon the heat seems to have been turned up on him. I have wore the Livestrong band for years now and do not plan to stop as well as the many clothes I have with the logo on it. I ran thr Boston Marathon for team Livestrong this year and if I run it again Livestrong is the only team I want to run for. It does not matter how good you do the media and some people will try to destroy it. Lance will always have my continued support as well as always displaying the Livestrong logo.

  296. Pekatq says:

    Thank you for all your efforts!

  297. MarkB says:

    As a two time lymphoma survivor I have been greatly influenced by the efforts of Lance for many years. Those who have not experienced the challenges of cancer don’t understand how it changes a person. Personally I have become more driven and motivated to be the best I can be in everything I do. Regardless of what the world thinks of Lance Armstrong, he is still the 7-time Tour champ. I will proudly continue to wear the same yellow Livestrong band that has not been off my wrist since 2002. Thank you Lance, for all you have done, are doing and will be doing in the future to be an encourager for those affected by cancer. Livestrong!

  298. FnBobby says:

    What I heard said about Lance several months back is most signifigant to me. If Lance took PID’s he has for more than the last 12 years proven that not only is he a world champion athlete of great accompliahments, but that he is also the smartest athlete and maybe the smartest person in the world. He has been tested, tested and retested and after over 500 individual tests only one showed a possible positive for a banned substance. All that can be said about him is that a group of his former team mates, that themselves admit to doping accuse him.

    He’s still the greatest athlete to enter the Arc de Triomphe.

  299. Maldux says:

    I would just point out to you, USADA is not a cycling body. It’s the US arm of the WADA.

  300. Gpetta7 says:

    Correction: I’m sorry-was so intent on encouraging/supporting Mr. Armstrong the other day, messed up my blog contribution-2002 abdominal mass I had removed was 14 lbs., not 40 lbs. Blame my faux pas on 55 year old brain.


  301. Taras says:

    my respect , Lance!

  302. Njanerice says:

    Lance was strong and fought his cancer. He will overcome and be strong and overcome all of this so called bad press. If he did take andy drugs during the tour, he is not the first however, so do football players , baseball players. We put all of these people up on peditals, they are just like everyone else. I personally do not think he would jeprodise his health to achieve that.

  303. Balvany20 says:

    I still believe!

  304. Charo Cuevas Aparicio says:

    QUE TIO!!!

  305. jpat says:

    How many people really care that Armstrong possibly took peformance enhancing drugs. Every cyclist in the world takes them. Should that take away from charity work for cure of cancer?

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