Moving Forward After Cancer: Family and Friends


Cancer often changes a person?s relationships with friends and family members. In these two ?Moving Forward? videos from ASCO and the LIVESTRONG Foundation, learn more from medical experts and young adult survivors about keeping the lines of communication open so you get the support you need. These videos are geared toward young adults with cancer, but all cancer survivors can benefit from the information.

Advice from patients:

Advice from healthcare providers:

The foundation offers support to all people affected by cancer facing difficulties with emotional support or those that need suggestions on how to manage the changing relationships in your life. We are also here to provide support and tips to caregivers and friends. You may read information we offer online, call us at 1-855-220-7777 or go online to request one-on-one support.


  1. Kenny Miller says:

    My name is Ken Miller and I was disagnosed with a mediastinal germ cell tumor at the age of 22. I went through about 2 years of chemo treatments, open chest surgery, and other procedures. After my diagnoses, my friends, family, and my then girlfriend stayed pretty much the same. As my treatments progressed, I wasnt able to be there as much for my girlfriend and other friends at the time, and that put a lot of stress on many of my relationships. While I think many understood I wasnt going to be able to be there as much for people, it mentally still takes its toll. Some people started to leave my life, and I ended up breaking up with my girlfriend while still going through treatments. I was lucky, and had some extremely supportive friends and family throughtout my process. For me, my treatment was all in-patient due to the severity of my diagnoses, and I spent many weeks in the hospital. I was lucky enough to have one particular friend Kris, who would make it a point to chat with me on the computer pretty much every morning, Monday thru Friday while his mornings started at work, and on the weekends he would make time to come visit me. My parents and brothers remained a huge part of my support also. Pretty much making sure I had someone with me whenever I needed it.

    Some advise I would give, is surround yourself with a base support system, people you can count on, and remeber that even as some of that support system may seem to disappear, and falter, that someone will always fill that void. That might even mean someone unexpected, or someone who is already part of your support system, picking up even more slack. I was fortunate enough to beat my cancer, I have been cancer free for a little over a year now. I also managed to find an amazing girl towards the end of my treatment who I am still with today. She was a big part in picking me back up. She met me at my worst, and has seen me bounce back from my fight against cancer.

    I would be more then happy to talk to anyone who is in need, email my personal email address, I can always make myself free to help!

    -Kenny Miller

  2. Kmegamom says:

    I had Cervical cancer a while back and even though it was caught at an early stage, I still hjad to go through quite a few procedures including a hysterectomy to rid my body of it. I was really upset about the whole thing beacause I considered myself to be a very healthy perso and in excellant health and my body was betraying me in this way!! I had some very mixed feelings, on one hand I had a lot of resentment that my body had done this but on the other had I was thankful that it wasn’t worse and I was still here to be with my kids! When I read Lance Armstrongs book, “its Not About the Bike” I was very inspired and it totally changed my way of looking at things! I thought if someone as physically fit as this could get cancer then why should I be surprised that my body did this?
    I try to encourage the women I meet to make sure and get their check ups (that is how mine was found) I was very saddened to hear how many women DON’T have this exam because they are embarrased! In this day and age no one should miss something so important that can save your life!

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