Thank You Philly


Another fantastic weekend in Philly has come to a close. I cannot express how much fun it is to work on an event with so many fantastic participants with mind-blowing stories and great attitudes. Thank each and every one of you for your hard work fundraising and for coming out. Thanks to all those that brought your kids too. It really struck me this year the number of families that showed up with strollers and walked the 5k or cheered at the finish line. As a staff member, I always feel like this Challenge is one giant family reunion. Let’s keep it up!

We’ve received a lot of questions regarding the 5K and 10K results. Those are now posted on

The photos of you crossing the finish line will be made available for purchase in a few weeks at The other photos taken around the event or of the crowd are in this really long slideshow below or you can find most of them posted to our Facebook page and on Flickr. Feel free to share them. We love that!

Thank you again for coming out, volunteering, running, walking, riding, cheering and sharing your story with others. We are following up with more stories from participants later on. If you are interested in writing up your experience and why you enjoyed the event put a comment below and I will contact you. Thanks so much!

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  1. Team Walter had a great time. We did the 5k and rode this year.

    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      Thanks so much for coming out. Your support helps us help the people affected by cancer and for that we thank you!

  2. Amy says:

    I would be happy to share my story and what LIVESTRONG means to me. I am a 13 year survivor.
    Regardless, thank you for a WONDERFUL event. What a celebration of LIFE!

    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      Awesome! Email me with your story. I’d love to share it.

  3. Scott Joy says:

    Always awesome, but Mother Nature’s cooperation made it even more awesome than ever this year!

    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      Couldn’t have been nicer. What a fun weekend.

  4. Chris Jackson says:

    A small group of us made the trip out from Columbus, OH for the 45 miler on Sunday. Had a blast and would love to see the riding results, any chance those are going to be published?

    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      The info is available on the Tracker app available for Android, iPhone and iPad. Search for ?Team LIVESTRONG Challenge? in iTunes or the Android Marketplace.

      1. Chris Jackson says:

        I was hoping to see some results like the run/walk, over all finish type of thing. Is that info in the app too?

        1. LIVESTRONG says:

          That info is available on our site here: Thanks for spending the weekend with us!

  5. Bruce C. says:

    My first century and I don’t think I could have had a better experience – maybe next year you can flatten some of those hills though :). Truly amazing to be a part of something that much bigger than myself, and a great way to honor my father.

    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      I told a lady on twitter earlier that said her legs were sore after the 100 that “it’s a GOOD sore”. Thanks so much for honoring your father in this special way. We had a blast. See you next year!

  6. George Bruck says:

    did my first ever century…only 2 people came in behind me but no way I was giving up……met so many great people and did those hills, something if I’d seen and realized ahead of time I may not have attempted but I kicked their butts and I am so glad I was able to push through leg cramps to do it. At the last 20-30 miles so many of us were pushing each other on to finish. My ride was 103 miles due to a missed turn, met another guy who had missed the turn, we both found our way back on track together but missed last rest top and still made it. ah…..see if I try those hills again next time!

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