Participant Tracker App and Photos from the Philly LIVESTRONG Challenge Run


If you are riding today make sure you affix your bike plate number to the front of your bike, ride over the pads on course to be tracked on the participant Tracker App. Friends and family can download the tracker app for Android, iPhone and iPad by searching for “Team LIVESTRONG Challenge” in iTunes or the Android Marketplace. Have a great ride today!

Here are photos from yesterday’s 5K and 10K at the LIVESTRONG Challenge Philly.

Created with flickr slideshow.


  1. Neshanicguy says:

    When can u start the tracking? Family members bib # comes up as entrant not found

  2. Jmcconn957 says:

    When does tracking start? Bib number doesn’t find participant in search yet?

  3. cw says:

    Had a great run yesterday. Lost my iPod red nano which was a special gift. If anyone found it PLEASE turn it into the lost and found! Thanks!

  4. Brenda Nau says:

    Where can we find participant times for the Philly LIVESTRONG Challenge 5K? I have not been able to locate them on the LIVESTRONG web site.

  5. Brenda Nau says:

    Are the official times for the Philly LIVESTRONG Challenge 5K (8/18/12) posted somewhere. I would like to verify my official time.

  6. JrFlyers79 says:

    First year participating. Ran 5K Saturday and biked 45 today. Course was amazingly hilly and KICKED my butt! Plan on returning next year and kicking its butt instead! Most importantly, raised over $1400 to fight cancer. Already planning for next year, as many donors indicated they want to join in on the action.

    Thanks to all who donated and participated on Team Change it to Can’tcer. Special props to my son, Ross, for running with me when he easily could have run at a much faster pace. Special props to my buddy Deborah Smead, who made the trip all the way from Mountain View, CA to run side by side with me. And extra special props to Chris McNally, a friend I hadn’t seen in almost 18 years who made the trip down from Upstate NY to cajole me through the bike ride. You all ROCK! Let’s make it even better in 2013!!

  7. vandmand says:

    Great ride yesterday first time I did the full 100. Where can we find participant times for the Philly LIVESTRONG Challenge 100 mile ride?
    Are they compiled like for the runs? I have not been able to locate them on the LIVESTRONG web site.

  8. vandmand says:

    Qustion regarding the Livestrong Challenge Philly – Rides.
    Any chance there is an overall finish list for the 100 mile ride similar to the 5K & 10K runing finish list?
    Would like to see my time I don’t have a device that can access the tracker. would also be nice to see how I finished compared to all the other participants.

  9. Mrlouella says:

    im sorry, but i cant seem to find the pictures of the 5k/10k. i can only see them of the bike race. can someone help me?

  10. LIVESTRONG says:

    They are on there. Visit I took almost 500 photos. They are near the end of the set. The newest ones are on top.

  11. Pat Dougan, Brian's dad says:

    Missing from team Dougan photo: Pat Dougan, Sue Dougan, Heather Dougan, Aaron Hewett, Annie,Kevin and Phin Turner who were also present wearing their team Dougan shirts.!!!

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