What Makes LIVESTRONG Challenge Philly So Great?


The LIVESTRONG Challenge Philly is just 12 days away. We asked our followers on Twitter and Facebook why they take part in this event year after year. Here’s what they had to say:

What Makes The Philly Challenge Great?

From Twitter:

Storified by LIVESTRONG · Mon, Aug 06 2012 12:20:55

Philly is just 12 days away. Someone just asked why they should sign up. Name awesome things about #Philly and the Challenge. Use #LSCPhillyLIVESTRONG
@LIVESTRONG awesome thing about philly…oh just read this: http://aerochick.com/2012/07/2012-livestrong-challenge-i-finally-signed-up/ #lscphillyAshley Hill
@LIVESTRONG #LSCPhilly is all about family! Celebrating, honoring and remembering! Looking forward to our 4th Year!Michele Jakoboski
It really is. Reminds me of: http://youtu.be/5XRziLXTt2s MT @sj214: #LSCPhilly is all about family! Celebrating, honoring, remembering!LIVESTRONG
Colleen Schaible’s Storylivestrongarmy
To all the Philly Challenge veterans: What would you say to someone considering the run/walk/ride? #LSCPhillyDoug Ulman
@LIVESTRONGCEO #LSCPhilly:Give it a try and be inspired/Phenomenal since ’06.http://t.co/ZEO4gjRG #Raising$35Kin2012 #walshbros #ihatecancerMichael Walsh
@LIVESTRONG Conquering the hills! #LSCPhillyAllison Koch

From Facebook:

Please join us August 18th and 19th in Philly. The LIVESTRONG Challenge is an inspiring, fun and supportive experience. Hope to see you there.


  1. Jack Gray says:

    Seeing everyone who is there for this common purpose, knowing that everyone of them is truly grateful for my efforts and knowing that my biggest supporter, my wife, will be there at the finish line for me. I have never regretted a second of being in the saddle for this ride on 7 times. Jack Gray, Shelby, Ohio. Stage IV Prostate Cancer Survivor

    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      Can’t wait to see you and your family again this year Jack. Thanks for all your support.

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