Living in Austin but Treated Elsewhere


The Lance Armstrong Foundation is taking part in an initiative called Healthy ATX to provide the people of Central Texas with information about basic health care needs. This initiative is advocating for a medical school, new teaching hospital, comprehensive cancer care, additional behavioral health services, uniquely Austin health clinics and bringing other important resources to Central Texas. Many people are traveling outside the city to go to Houston, San Antonio, Dallas or out of state all together for care like organ transplants, clinical trials and specialized care for chronic illness. The addition of a medical school could change all that and keep residents in Austin where they belong.

Listen to a few of local Austin residents sharing their stories about what staying in Austin to receive their vital care would mean to their families.

Carrisa and Max
Fragile X Syndrome
Receiving specialized care outside of the state

Pat’s Story
Liver Transplant Recipient
City where he received care: Dallas, TX

The Gordon Family
Extended medical care facility needs due to spinal cord damage
City where he receives care: Denver, CO

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