It’s Almost Time to Ride at RAGBRAI!


It?s the end of July and for the fifth straight year at LIVESTRONG that means one thing: it?s time to go ride at RAGBRAI! For those not familiar with the Register?s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (hence the acronym) this is the largest multi day bike ride in the world as between 10-20,000 riders a day trek across Iowa from west to east, stopping many times along the way to enjoy some of the best hospitality on two wheels you?ll ever experience.

For Team LIVESTRONG it?s a great opportunity to make some lifelong friends, share our stories and the mission of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and make a difference in supporting the 28M people around the world living with cancer.  I was honored to help lead the first two teams at RAGBRAI, and since then we?ve raised over $1.1M in the 5 years we?ve been coming to Iowa.  This year?s incredible group is comprised of 75 folks ? some veterans, some first timers (or ?virgins? in RAGBRAI speak) ? and collectively they have raised over $210,000, so cheers to them and thank you very much!

This will be the 40th edition of RAGBRAI and as you might expect quite the celebration since that lone reporter traveled across the state some four decades ago.  The week will be capped off with an outstanding concert in Cedar Rapids Thursday night featuring the Counting Crows, but for Team LIVESTRONG we?ll be out building many memories down the road and in camp.  There will be lots of laughs, plenty of emotion, and a guaranteed set of memories to last a lifetime.

?I?m really proud of the team and what they?ve accomplished,? said team leader Brian Myers. ?And I also want to recognize a couple of really important folks.  We?ll be thinking of our main little Jack Hoeger and the entire Hoeger family as he battles on, and we hope to see them along the way.  I also want to personally recognize and thank Laurey Masterton, our top fundraiser who came in at over $26,000 for our mission, but regrettably cannot ride with us this time due to a recurrence of her cancer.  THANK YOU, Laurey, we hope for a speedy recovery and wish you could be out on the road with us!?

We?re on the road to Iowa and couldn?t be happier? if you?re a cyclist RAGBRAI needs to be on your bucket list, and we?d love to have you be a part of our team in future editions.  Look for a recap once we?re back from the land of corn, pie, and pork chops, it?s almost time to ride!

Team LIVESTRONG is an unstoppable force of athletes of all levels leading the fight against cancer. Anyone affected by cancer or inspired to join the fight can take a place at the starting line. Learn more at!

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