Meet Your Team LIVESTRONG Mentor: Laurens


It?s easy, really-I can?t say ?Thank You? enough.

I?ve been participating in Team LIVESTRONG Challenges since 2008, but my most memorable one was in 2009.  I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. By the time I arrived in Austin, I had had surgery, completed one round of chemotherapy and I had lost my hair.

A very good friend pulled me aside at the finish line of the bike ride that ended at Dripping Springs Middle School.  He said, ? I have someone I want you to meet?.  It?s a moment that I will never forget.  He introduced me to another survivor with a similar diagnosis that was my age.  As we talked, I felt that I was looking in a mirror.  We shared similar experiences, fears and challenges.  She really did ?get it?.  It was truly a turning point for me.

That same year, a teenage girl approached me and asked me what type of cancer I had.  As we talked, I learned that her mother had stage 4 breast cancer.  The young girl and her friends were at the finish line with their pom-poms cheering for all the participants.  She told me that we were all an inspiration to her and she just wanted to make a difference for people with cancer.  Truth be told, she was the inspiration.

Every time I attend a Team LIVESTRONG event, the people I meet humble me.  I am grateful to LIVESTRONG for all it does to empower survivors.  I?ve said ?Thank You? more times than I can count, but I needed to do more to help others the same way I had been helped.

That?s why I?m honored to volunteer as a Team LIVESTRONG Mentor.  I love being a mentor.  Whether you?ve been a participant all 15 years or if you are a first time participant, I get to share ideas and tips for fundraising and opportunities not to miss. I get to introduce you to programs that are available to survivors and their families because of your fundraising efforts.  I get to share in your excitement when you achieve your goals.  I get to remind you that you don?t have to travel to participate in a Team LIVESTRONG Challenge.  You can register as a virtual participant and walk, run or ride your event where you live.  You can even have a mentor! What are you waiting for? Join Team LIVESTRONG today!


Laurens Flanagan


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