Parenting with Cancer Class Recap


Thank you to all that attended last week’s Parenting with Cancer class. Dr. Vaughn Mankey did a fantastic job as the facilitator. He described a framework for considering the unique parenting needs of each child during a parent’s illness. He also discussed key principles that parents can use to encourage coping and resilience in children. We learned that in a 2 year period, 18% of people diagnosed with cancer have minor children at home and 14% of all cancer survivors are parenting minor children. We encourage you to watch and share the archived video from the class with those you know currently parenting with cancer.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to one of our emotional support navigators directly, please call us 1-855-220-7777. We are open 9-5 CST Monday-Friday. If you would rather email you may do so through our online contact form. Next month?s Cancer Education Class will be on Thursday, July 26th from 6:30-8pm CST. The topic is ?Cancer and Relationships?. Read more about the class and RSVP today! See you then.

Key links to information discussed in the video:

Wonders and Worries:
Wonders & Worries was launched in 2001 with the first community assistance grant offered by Livestrong, our Founding Partner. Today, Wonders & Worries works with families in all stages of survivorship, who are affected by any serious or chronic physical illness. Wonders & Worries provides individual and group support services for children ages 2-18 and parenting support for parents and caregivers. Services are offered free of charge in a variety of school and community-based settings, with program services provided by professional child life staff in both English and Spanish.

Camp Kesem:
Camp Kesem is a university-based summer camp program. College students fundraise and host the camps, free of charge for children with a parent who has, or has had cancer. The program began in 2001 with Stanford University hosting a camp for 37 children affected by cancer. Camp Kesem has since grown through replication to 23 additional universities hosting camps from Los Angeles to Boston and serving over 1,000 children a year.LIVESTRONG provided seed funding for 12 new sites in 2011. Those sites are now hosting camps this Summer.

Parenting at a Challenging Time:
The Marjorie E. Korff PACT Program offers guidance to parents with cancer who receive treatment at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and are concerned about the impact their cancer diagnosis and treatment may have on their children. PACT staff clinicians work together with parents, drawing on their combined knowledge and experience to develop a plan that each parent can follow to support their child?s continued healthy development.

Use these award-winning lessons, worksheets, and more to generate classroom discussions about cancer, cancer treatment, and how to support those living with cancer. This program offers informative health and language arts lessons, worksheets, and more for your students. Use these materials to help your students cope with and learn about cancer, as well as get involved in the fight against cancer in your community.

Arthur DVD: When Someone You Love Has Cancer:
“Cancer touches the lives of so many of our children. Talking together helps children learn about cancer, express their feelings, and share their worries. It is your loving support and guidance that will help your child cope best. This Arthur episode and family booklet are a wonderful way to start this important conversation.” Paula K. Rauch, MD. Order your free copy of The Great MacGrady, a resource DVD that includes supplemental lesson plans and an activity booklet.


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