Affordable Care Act Upheld


The following is an official statement just released from our CEO Doug Ulman regarding the Supreme Court of the United States? ruling on the Affordable Care Act.

“Today, cancer survivors throughout the U.S. are celebrating. The Supreme Court ruling means they will retain protection from insurance discrimination for pre-existing conditions. Parents of young cancer survivors will continue covering their kids on their insurance until they are 26. Life-saving preventive services, like breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings, will be covered with no co-pays or deductibles. The Affordable Care Act?s life-saving measures, so critical to cancer survivors and their families, will be preserved and we are enormously relieved that justice has prevailed.?

The LIVESTRONG Foundation, which provides free, bilingual patient navigation services to people and families affected by cancer, supports legislation, policies and funding that further the fight against cancer and support its survivors. The Affordable Care Act contains several provisions critical to cancer survivors and their families. They include:

  • Access to health insurance for 32 million Americans who would otherwise be uninsured
  • Ending discrimination by insurers against those with preexisting conditions
  • Ending arbitrary annual and lifetime caps on health insurance benefits
  • Routine costs for clinical trials must be covered by insurance
  • Covering young adults under their parents? insurance policy until their 26th birthday
  • Covering preventive services like breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening with no co-pays and no deductibles


  1. Think I should get a screening!!!

  2. Junk says:

    Guess I won’t be patronizing your website anymore. Ya’ll are a cop out just like chief justice Roberts.

    1. …says the person too afraid to use a real name. You’ll change your tune if you ever get diagnosed.

    2. Adelphichic says:

      Why? Because they support the fact that cancer patients won’t be left to die by their insurance companies when they meet whatever random lifetime limit has been set? Or because insurance companies can’t turn you down because you have medical issues?

  3. Thanks for this statement. I am a proud supporter of LIVESTRONG and the LAF. I thank you for all the services you offer in assisting those affected by cancer. I’m very happy to see the Affordable Care Act upheld, ensuring continued coverage for those that need it and protecting against discrimination for preexisting conditions.

  4. Mopar931 says:

    I have stage 4 colon cancer and health insurance and work in the medical device industry. I would just like to thank the supreme court for goin against the constitution and allowing me to not only pay for my own health insurance but now I get to pay for the slugs who have no inititave to provide for them selves. again thank you.

  5. Ramieackley says:

    I am so able for cancer survivors and their families today! This is a life changing decision!

  6. Louisa Peluso says:

    The Supreme Court did the right and moral thing.

  7. Adafairy7 says:

    What happens to those who cannot afford to buy insurance? They will be penalized & taxed. Taxed which our president kept assuring was not a tax inducing vehicle. What happens then? I am a stage 4 cancer patient, I am pro cancer & other terminal illness full coverage, but what happens with the thousands of unemployed, and those over 26 yr old college students & grads without jobs & drowning in student loans debt…..what if they can’t afford to buy health insurance? Pls don’t bother mentioning Medicaid….the only ppl able to get governmental help are those who lie & cheat the system. Those whom are so poor yet they manage to get drugs, drunk & have the latest designer stuff.

    1. If you have/had cancer and are unable to purchase insurance, please contact LIVESTRONG for guidance. 1-855-220-7777 or go online:

    2. Byexley says:

      If you are a young adult check out as its a great young adult resource as is doing great things. They also have links for people to get some financial help with bills.

  8. This is all wonderful in theory. I am a Stage 4 colorectal w/mets in lungs diagnosed in 2007..and also a bladder cancer patient diagnosed 2011. The 1st doctor in 2007 said I had 6-12 months WITH chemo and radiation after surgery. I’ve had neither because of 7 other surgeries to fix a “blown” ileostomy reversal. I also was told my bladder had to be removed immediately…that was over a year ago as well.
    Now..under the new Obamatopia Plan……would the “panels of expert doctors” looking at case history allowed me to continue treatment my way, or based on “medical expert opinion” about me , would I be bladderless & dead by now? People FORGET this component….you won’t be denied care that’s correct and wonderful. BUT…what care will you get based on diagnosis and what the acceptable “risk + $$$ curve” says?
    Careful what you wish for…especially with people implementin & passing this who have their “hands in the cookie jar” already! Cost will be higher in the end…Govt always screws things up budget wise. You get nothing for free so someone will pay for the mass coverage clauses… I just hope it’s not us as cancer patients by there adhering to “probable outcome tables of diagnoses’ of disease” .. meaning maybe YOU will may be the one they decide deserves “less” treatment. I’m living proof they can take their tables and place them elsewhere if you know what I mean… Annoyed in NH

  9. SSO says:

    I am unfriending you, cutting off my livestrong band and will not only cease support for livestrong I will actively work against it. If the USA is not able to stay strong we can not be much help to cancer patients or survivors. Too bad you had to become a Socialist Political organization. I will hopefully find another organization that does similar work and also supports freedom. Goodbye.

  10. Woo Woo says:

    Insurance is to transfer risk that one cannot afford to take. A cancer patient cannot transfer risk, the event already occured. Government has a role in supporting those who cannot pay for health care costs, but lets not confuse it with insurance.

  11. Where is my comment/post….. Ican’t believe I’ve been censored for telling the truth. So much for Livestrong…you people are disingenuous if you tossed my comment aside…..

    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      Your comment is below. All comments have to be approved by hand to keep spam at bay. We don’t censor comments unless they contain unnecessary profanity or hate speech.

      1. Seriously? says:

        It appears that “Teddy LeBlanc” is correct – I see no post by him/her below.

  12. LIVESTRONG says:

    Sorry you feel that way. LIVESTRONG is a 501c3 organization, not a political one. Our mission is to serves people affected by cancer and empower them to take action against the world’s leading cause of death. 1/3 of all cancer deaths could be prevented if individuals all had access to care. The ACA closes that gap. It aligns with our mission and core values. All of our platforms and policies can be found here:

    1. Seriously? says:

      It’s been demonstrably proven that the ACA is not the consumer’s friend, and not a help to anyone – especially those with a life-altering condition like cancer. So far, the net increase in people with insurance is standing at about NEGATIVE 2 million. Premiums, copays and deductibles are sky-rocketing. The law has been altered 19 times without congressional approval. The bill began in the Senate, even though it’s been deemed a tax bill which is required to begin in the House. Anyone STILL supporting this bill has to be doing so for idealogical purposes – there is no other logical reason. It doesn’t close any gap. LIVESTRONG’s continued support of the ACA is disappointing to say the least, and I look forward to a modified stance that cares for and protects the people you claim to be here for.

  13. Joshua Schwiesow says:

    As a cancer survivor – today terrifies me. OK, yeah, now you have coverage. You may not actually be treated, but you have coverage. Good enough, right?

    We’ve now allowed for basically infinite demand for health care resources. Do we have infinite supply of health care resources? What happens when those two collide? Is rationing possible or as absurd as politicians suggest. Why are we already having drug shortages? When I have a secondary malignancy from all my treatment – I’m good to go, right?


    We do need Health Care reform. No one doubts that, and I think few expect Mitt Romney to have the answers. Livestrong, you can brush-off the “we’re not a political organization” -but you jumped in the fray to support this. It feels intellectually lazy to not push for a better solution.

  14. MauryCotter says:

    It took courage to cross the political line and do the right thing. Those who are so angry, make sure you listen to something more than Fox.

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