Note from CEO Doug Ulman on USADA Action


We learned today that the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has leveled charges against Lance Armstrong that he violated its rules throughout his career, based on the testimony of anonymous accusers.

Regardless of anything anyone says, Lance Armstrong has been one of the most tireless and effective cancer advocates in the world. His legacy as a cancer advocate and fundraiser is indisputable.

When other athletes might have kept a cancer diagnosis secret, Lance made a courageous choice to go public. That choice helped spark a revolution in how the world views cancer and its survivors.

Lance created the Foundation to serve cancer survivors before any of his Tour de France wins. Our foundation has raised nearly $500 million to serve people and families affected by cancer. We help cancer survivors struggling with the financial, emotional and practical challenges of cancer free of charge. And we advocate tirelessly for legislation, policies and funding to further the fight against cancer.

In our eyes, Lance will always remain a champion. Nothing can shake our faith in him as a leader and trailblazer on behalf of cancer survivors. Our thoughts are with Lance and his family as they face what can only be a very frustrating and difficult time as a result of USADA?s actions.


  1. Brendan Burns says:

    Give em hell.

  2. Paul Hurdlow says:

    You at LiveStrong are ALL champions for survivors, no one more than Lance. At the end of the day this crap with USADA is immaterial – we know who won those Tours, we know the sort of (enhanced) athletes Lance competed against, and we know what Lance has done for Brienne and millions of others struggling with f’ing cancer. That’s the stuff that matters.

  3. Lorenzo V. says:

    USADA – don’t be ridiculous. Go Lance!

  4. Scott Joy says:

    Lance Armstrong has my lifelong admiration and gratitude.

  5. I am in remission from stage three rectal cancer and would be amazed that a cancer survivor would put cancer promoting substances into their body to win cycle races. Thanks for the book, its been a great help

  6. Veloaddict65 says:

    You mean that those accusing Lance, won’t even give their names? Anything lower than an anonymous accuser? Go strong Lance, we are all behind you.

  7. All I can say is, “unbelievable”. I don’t feel that any charges should be able to be leveled against anyone without PHYSICAL proof, not word of mouth by a few individuals who are afraid to let their identities be known. Our U.S. legal and justice system is flawed, but even in court, there more times than not must be valid evidence to prove someone is guilty. It should not be where they have to prove their innocence.

  8. Andrejs Galenieks says:

    Ridiculous – USADA seems to be the only reoccurring cancer here…

  9. Cswimom210 says:

    Please have someone start a petition, (Credo Action. Change) There is a world of support for Lance and the good he has done for Cancer Research, triathletes, fitness just to name a few. He is an amazing human being who has worked hard to achieve his success. It seems this latest witch hunt is driven by jealousy or simply hatred for someone who can do the things through effort which eludes many lazy pencil pushers who feel entitled without lifting a finger to achieve their goals.

  10. Darrick Williams says:

    These allegations are ridiculous. Lance Armstrong is a hero, and if these weasels accusing him cant come out in public, I say there is no case.

  11. Still a Champion!

    Still Awesome!

    Still a Survivor!

  12. Rsgammon2 says:

    Livestrong Lance!! Your an inspiration…..regardless!

  13. Jim Evans says:

    Can anyone say double jeopardy? How many times will he have to prove it? It is to easy to “say” anything
    if you don’t have to show your face. Go Lance Go.

  14. Claire says:

    VIVA LANCE!! We have faith in you.

  15. Mel says:

    Well, I guess all the Lance fans need to know…. There is no Santa Claus. And Lance very well may have doped.

    FYI – I think all those claims that Lance uses Livestrong to shield himself, and that the comments on the blog are selectively edited to only show a pro Lance view are BS. No way Lance would ever do that! So please don’t delete this post.

  16. Doogielama says:

    I could not care less whether or not LA won 7 TdF’s by doing what other bicycle racers were doing at that time. What I do care about is the LIVESTRONG foundation he started and the work it has done and continues to do. I raise money each and every year for his FOUNDATION, not Lance Armstrong. It’s not about Lance…we’re not buddies and I’ve never met the guy. My biggest fear is that all of this USADA activity will affect the work of LIVESTRONG. Lance losing 7 trophies is the least of what is at stake here.

  17. AJ says:

    I thought to be charged with something that there had to be evidence as would be in this instance a positive drug test. In fact there are over 500 NEGATIVE TESTS and a few spinless individuals who plead guilty and go uncharged. Where is the honesty and fairness in that.Why would someone with such a high profile as Lance Armstrong recklessly admit to others of having positive tests covered up? Please, it would appear that a which hunt without fact is underway. In Aust we call it the tall poppy syndrome! I challenge the USADA to look anyone in the face who has or has been effected with cancer in some way and inform them that their fight just got harder because of their spinless charges without credible evidence. Without individuals and heroes like Lance Armstrong and his faultless reputation to look up to those effected would indeed find it alot tougher. The ASADA has not only taken on the Armstrong family, but those sufferes and survivors of Cancer. Is that a fair fight? I know who my money is on!

  18. Abanta says:

    Is there a chance for Lance in this lifetime they might give up on these charges and allow he and his family to get on with his life? Exactly what is there to be gained by continuing to try to prove something that we all know isn’t true.
    What is the USADA’s agenda?Give it up, quit spending dollars on a useless untrue and certainly unprovable witch hunt..

    1. Tim says:

      It should be acknowledged that these charges include others who worked with LA in the past and continue to be active in pro cycling.
      To answer your question of what is to be gained? Finally casting out of pro cycling people in positions of influence who have in the past, and continue, to bring dishonor to the sport and harm to individuals who participate in their schemes. Bruyneel, Ferrari, et. al., and the people that enable them, such as LA who has continued to illegally work with Ferrari, need to be held accountable for their actions.

  19. Linda Cook says:

    JEEZ, Lance…..It seems that there is a faction out there that just wants to complicate your life! I am so sorry that your victories are still subjected to this scrutiny. I, also, agree that without the physical proof (of which “they” tested for and found nothing) there should not be any grounds for any formal charges. With “anonymous accusers” word against yours, it just becomes a “he said—she said” situation. Hang in there!! You have not only brought awareness to the planet of what cancer treatments can effectively accomplish, but, also, brought recognition to the cycling community!!
    As you would say—–LIVESTRONG…….AND STAND UP TO THE BAS___RDS!!

  20. K M Cavuoti says:

    “… testimony of anonymous accusers” says it all. Words from cowards. It’s beyond comprehension that their “word” should be taken seriously at all. Stay strong Lance, we’re with you.

  21. chelsea says:

    This is such a waste of time and money. Who cares if he did? He has done so much tireless work on behalf of cancer, sports, athleticism, and living with purpose … I honestly don’t care if he did or didn’t. He has more than made up for it. I admire him as an athlete, a man, a business man, a survivor, a marketer, a movement starter, and just generally a cool dude.

    1. John C says:

      Wow! Chelsea. Nothing else to be said. You said it all, girl!

  22. Michaelconley88 says:

    It is a shame that he cant even compete in a sport anymore without some one trying to smear his name. The man raced for over 25 years without a single problem. Makes me question the USADA and it motives for these wild accusations. Also i would love to see some actual evidence to support these claims made by so many hidden people.

  23. Ryan88 says:

    How about some yellow shirts with black block letters that say, “Let Lance Race” I’ll buy a couple!

  24. tor5b says:

    Yes, Lance has done some good things. But what a disappointing post from Livestrong. Of course it matters if he cheated. His foundation is what it is because of his victories. We’ll never know what another champion might have done. They may not have done as much good as Lance. But we’ll never know. Cheaters steal the lives of real champions. I don’t know if Lance cheated, but I do care. The truth matters.

  25. Lsteward2 says:

    they will prove him innocent on all accounts and then they will have pissed him off and given him more reason to kick ass!

  26. Dcruz547 says:

    This is the part where an agency such as this needs to have its funding pulled. No good seems to come from these accusations. What’s next ? Lance was the shooter in the grassy knoll in Dallas ? Please!! This is starting to get ridiculous. I’m seriously convinced that they’re trumping up this stuff as a vendetta. After all these years, what else could it be ?

  27. says:

    Lance is awesome. he has done more for cancer research and cycling than anyone. my father survived cancer and I constantly reminded him about Lance as a cyclist myself. his ability is insane and brought an obscure sport in Europe to live T.V. in the U.S. every other pro cyclist,every sponser,every bike team, and the tour itself should understand and thank him for the financial gains and growth of the sport he provided to EVERYONE. Give him his due,let him compete in the Ironman,and leave him alone.The man helps everyone.He stopped to talk with a friend of mine in a hotel when he was on a very tight schedule. I have always said this after watching,coaching, and participating in sports for more than 40 years; “Lance wasn’t with the show, he was the show”

  28. Darlene says:

    Lance has been tested over 500 times, if he had anything to hide,
    he wouldn’t have come back to the Tour in 09 and 10 or pursued
    triathlon at the elite level. The people making the accusations are
    jealous cowards. I admire and appreciate Lance’s talent, accessability
    in spite of his fame and for giving people with cancer hope. Lance is
    indeed, one cool dude.

  29. J Vance81 says:

    Lance is the man. He did nothing that every other cyclist in the Tour has not done. (And a lot less than some). I don’t know why they have such a desire to “catch” him. He is the best, no question about it. He will always be the only 7 time winner.

  30. Dsfrey says:

    Small people. Please persevere Lance.

  31. Michael says:

    We live in a world where we celebrate greed and crave the mighty falling. Given the number of negative tests, the failed previous cases and the Triathlon comeback why does the US not embrace one of the greatest athletes of all time and support the continued fight against cancer.

  32. Maloneydb says:

    United States Anti-Doping Agency
    5555 Tech Center Drive, Suite 200
    Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919-2372 USA

    Dear Mr. Tygart:

    My name is Daniel Maloney and I am writing to express my outrage over the latest doping allegations being charged against Lance Armstrong. I have no personal ties to Mr. Armstrong. However, I believe the allegations are based purely bias and a direct violation of Mr. Armstrong?s constitutional rights.

    On behalf of concerned Americans and taxpayers everywhere, I am calling for your immediate an unbinding resignation and immediate end to this worthless investigation. Your sheer incompetence is boundless, and it is time for this charade against Mr. Armstrong to end. As an American I am sick and tired of hearing of this stupidity, and my tax money being wasted.

    If you would like to speak to me directly, you can kindly feel free to contact me via email. I look forward to your resignation.


    Daniel B. Maloney

    Cc: President Barack Obama
    Congressman Chris Gibson
    Senator Charles Schumer

  33. Jody Schoger says:

    Fourteen years ago I read a book about a guy on a bike. I got on a bike myself, and I’m still here. Nothing will ever take away from the sense of empowerment I have gained from that book and all the incredible people at Livestrong. You all are heroes.

  34. says:

    No matter how much good Lance has done, he shouldn’t get a free pass. At the same time, the government and the various agencies have had plenty of time and access to resources to make a case. At some point Lance has a right to move on with his life. What I simply cannot comprehend is why an athlete under investigation can’t compete? You can take away his placing in IM France, IM Kona etc. if indeed the case is proven. However, if he’s innocent he can never get a do-over. They are robbing him of his Ironman future without having presented any solid evidence. If Lance had failed drug tests that would be one thing but suspension based on alleged evidence that has not been presented seems grossly unfair.

  35. KarenScotsAustin says:

    Lance was an inspiration and gave so much hope to myself and my family as my husband fought and beat testicular cancer. I think its a disgrace that people continue to throw rubbish at him hoping some will stick. Sometimes people should just take a thought, there are truly bad people in the world who deserve attention to help them fix their behavior. Lance is not one of them

  36. Hugh winkler says:

    As a result of USADA’s actions? USADA’s?

  37. Chrisvoeller says:

    The money wasted on this investigation could do much more good in the fight.

  38. Medway says:

    Doug Ullman’s statement is disappointing – he appears to be unconvinced of Lance’s innocence. I would expect him to issue a really supportive press release

  39. Ron Lisney says:

    Who is to say icons like Fausto Coppi, Bartali and other great icons of the cycling world did not use drugs, Simpson of GB died on a mountain from drug use. It seems it was ok then. Should the Tour de France strip all of these greats of their wins? After all it was probably a level playing field at the time, no drug testing. Let a great cyclist alone for goodness sake, it is so easy to bad mouth someone else. Let us see these people emulate the people that they so love to hit out at, probably through jealousy.

  40. Vedran Agovic says:

    Thank you Lance for doing what you did so others can benefit, have a better chance at life.

  41. Mike Kennedy says:

    Lance – this is absurd. You are still one my heroes and there are millions of us who stand by you and support you. Thanks for all the inspiration and screw these idiots.

  42. Stuart Bizzarri says:

    I will never forget any of his tour victories, every one was inspiring as is his tireless fight against cancer.

  43. WES says:

    The man has gone through over 12 years of this and hundreds of tests…get a life and do some good which is your mandate..nothing better too do??? QUIT. This is nonsense…He diserves to live his life and he is the champion. Retire as such with our blessing…a great roll model and champion athlete!!!!

  44. Gonza says:

    Be STRONG Lance, we are on your side now more than ever. As a triathlete I want to see you in Nice. What a waste of time. That sort of people should realize that build up that sort sport history takes more than a huge efford. Unfortunately takes silly maniac acts to destroy it.


  45. Sallanmenard says:

    At the end of the day, who cares?! You survived cancer and you inspired me to survive as well. Your legacy has nothing to do with cycling! Scott Menard, survivor 6-14-05

  46. Carrie Sweatman says:

    Sick of this business. Lance passed the many drugs tests in and out of competition. He is a good and brave human being. That’s good enough for me. If the USADA think that bitchy rumours are evidence, they are even more spiteful than I thought. Screw them. LANCE IS A TRUE SURVIVOR AND SPORTS HERO.

  47. AC says:

    If they have proof then they should produce it, as far as I am aware heresay is not proof!

  48. ryanc25 says:

    I swear these Armstrong supports live in a bubble. Yeah the whole world is after Lance. The whole world hates Lance. Newsflash people- just because you do charity work for cancer does not mean that you’re a saint, nor does it absolve you of past wrong doing.

    Let me pose a question. Say Lance was in fact clean. They say it was common knowledge in the peleton that some riders were doped. Do you think for a minute that if Lance thought or suspected that his rivals like Ullrich were doping, he would just blow it off? No, he’d scream his head off to anyone that would listen.

  49. Thorne Stockton says:

    Well, that is such a ringing endorsement, no mention if Armstrong was clean etc.

    I’m sure he was of course, I mean, just because all those guys he beat were doing drugs, and his domestiques, but of course Armstrong would never do that.

  50. Do says:

    Thanks Doug! Together you and Lancece have made all of this world of cancer so much easier to cope with just by inspiring us all to be honest about the challenges and gifts of life we earn everyday!

  51. Bryan_thornton1 says:

    Right or wrong, did or did not, let it go…

  52. V1tex says:

    Eventually he will have to get all theses lies off his chest just like Pete Rose had to.

  53. Rebecca Patterson says:

    For a man who has done so much for so many it’s extraordinarily disappointing.
    Thank you Lance & let us find a way to support you the way you have so many of us.

  54. supporter2000 says:

    There are always those in life that make it their mission to knock people down who they know are much better people and citizens of the world than they are. These peoples are bullies. They grow up getting a high from making someone else suffer. We have many more bullies in this world than heros, however if you keep the faith good will triumph over evil. Lance is one of those heros.

  55. Triagain3 says:

    Lance is a true American Hero, He should be celebrated rather than bashed.

  56. Forrester666 says:

    Lance continues to inspire me, so much so I joined Team LIVESTRONG to race my very first Ironman in France. I will stand up on June 24 and wear those team colours with pride. My father died of cancer when I was 11, my ex father in law died of prostate cancer some years ago. He was a former semi pro cyclist and spotted Lance as an up and coming star just before he died. I’m doing this in their honour, and to strive that if they had succumbed in this day and age, they just might have been survivors

  57. Mflamos says:

    Why do people want to tear down Lance? I don’t get it. And to say that they might strip him of his Tour de France wins is insane. If the Tour wants more Americans involved in cycling strripping Lance isn’t the way to go. His a retried athlete how has been open about his battle with cancer….let him be.

  58. Elsie Tretheway Blanton says:

    Enough is enough USADA ! Will Lance be dogged and harassed forever and ever? If this is the case, then I say to the USADA – really be fair; test “EVERY” rider who holds a racing license once a month. And heaven forbid if one of them “passes” his drug test, but people still say they ‘know’ he uses, then ignore the test results and test them again and again and again. At this point in his life, after hundreds and hundreds of passed drug tests, let him live his life and ride his bike in peace! The point of testing is supposed to be… you take the test and you pass or fail , not ” other racers say you use drugs”. This repeated harassment by the various anti-drug testing agencies is what is giving bike racing and cycling a bad name, not Lance ! Give us back our love of the sport and let cycling be the headline, not gossip and hearsay ! Lance, live your life and keep on riding…. Your true fans support you and wish for you peace and sunny days of riding. Thank you for all you do for cycling and for cancer victims and survivors everywhere ! You are even more of an inspiration now than ever before by staying strong ! Livestrong forever !

  59. Tava Foret says:

    Ride on Lance!! Why is it that we as a nation always want to tear down anything good? Is it because it makes good news? Do we as a nation really thirst for someone else’s blood? This is a sad commentary on the way we view people of character.

  60. Myfitsport92 says:

    I think it digusting…I honestly feel like tthe USADA is Pro Cancer for bringing this up years later and take away Triathlons from him.

  61. I am French and I am shocked to see so hard on a man! why even a federal investigation after the investigation? I hope Lance will wash away all mensognes. And I hope that an investigation will lead on the functioning of USADA! and Lance will compensate for all losses!

  62. Jonny says:

    Lance, it is because of you that i now ride bikes, not just ride but race. what you have achieved is purely out of grit and determination. You have been and will continue to be a great inspiration to me and the sport. Keep your head up and know that there is a very large community supporting you. Keep up the good work matey. Jonny in the UK

  63. Josieberkshire says:

    Lance Armstrong will go down in history as a hero and a legend the idiots who continue to persecute him will just curl up and die.

  64. BFloydPres says:

    In his book, Every Second Counts, Lance stated that the drug officials for the TOUR would show up at his front door at 6:00a.m. in the morning to take test samples. He cooperated every time, and as he has stated, passed every single one of them over 500 times, without one failing mark. Personally, I googled this situation and went to the third source on many of the articles, and not once did I ever see Lance’s name raised, yet, those who turned on him in the past several months were all mentioned as possible and suspects in drug use. Yet, Lance’s name was never mentioned.
    I believe Lance Armstrong is innocent.

  65. Pelotondan says:


  66. Bobby Gladd says:

    This is the sports world equivalent of Birtherism. USADA should hire Orly Taitz and The Donald to run the probe.

  67. Emountin says:

    Lance, and all that Livestrong represents (as well as all of the support that LiveStrong and Lance himself have offered us), have been an inspiration to our son, who has battled and defeated Rhabdomyosarcoma, and unfounded, unsubstantiated innuendo will never change or shake our faith in Lance. We belive in you Lance–don’t give in and keep up the fight. We will win, just as we have defeated an even greater foe-Cancer.

  68. Jay says:

    Thanks Doug for separating the wheat from the chaff

  69. Swebendorfer says:

    Why are we as a nation so compelled to destroy our National Treasurers?

  70. M bosarge says:

    Standing with you Lance. Keep doing what you’re doing friend!

  71. Ray Saliba says:

    The USADA should hang its collective head in shame. Witch hunting is alive and well in the US. He must be guilty. They say so . That’s good enough for me.. What are they waiting for ? Another 500 tests to further proove his guilt? No .Let’s get him now .They are lawyers after all. They know about racing bikes.They know about drugs. Whoops ,that’s a bit close.

    Live strong and live Long Lance. You are and always will be a GREAT man. Thankyou..

  72. Ray Saliba says:

    Witch hunting is alive and well in the US.over 500 negative tests, not good enough for them.
    Obviously he must be guilty. Lawyers who know what Bike racing is all about. They must know, they’ve seen it on TV. Drugs too. They are the full bottle on drug taking . The USADA should hang it’s collective head in SHAME!

    I couldn’t care less as to what the eventual outcome of this might be. Lance is and always will be a GREAT man in my estimations.

  73. Choose2LIVE says:

    I think his statement in response says much but what it does NOT say is that as a cancer survivor you have an inner strength and drive that is MORE powerful than any drugs or enhancements. I have been given a second life and so has he. We each use it to make part of the world better. His athleticism is PART of the man and his foundation. As a taxpayer, PLEASE use these “witch hunt” funds for a cause that helps. Use the funds to educate coaches and teachers NOT to dope as they follow their dreams and do it with that inner strength! There has been enough tests and proof given for innocence! And…when did the USADA supersede “innocent until proven guilty” and prevent Lance from participating without a COMPLETION of investigation and decision. I THOUGHT this was the USA.
    LiveSTRONG Lance and remember those of us that HAVE walked in your shoes in one version or another DO understand your strength and frustration but are with you and support you!

  74. saundra says:

    my twitter account:
    if anyone has any ideas of how we can help Lance with these sick charges from the usada
    thank you!

  75. saundra says:

    Thank you so much! Now I too know where to write the usada & express my same feelings against this horrid charge against Lance. I will write my first letter right now!

  76. Smadine says:

    Lance is an absolute massive inspiration to me,he’s put up with these accusations for all of his career, first by the french because they couldn’t stand it that someone not french was one of the best cyclists ever.He’s past every dope test,and for his own country to turn on him must be very hard to take,lance is innocent end of!

  77. Pam Davenport says:

    Enough is enough USADA-I’d rather see you lose your funding than Lance lose his chance to race. He’s an inspiration and fans are being robbed of seeing IRONMAN redefined. This move is bad for the sport of cycling and triathlon. Why don’t all of those passed tests end the discussion. Now we’ll never know what he could have done in France Ironman and Hawaii and where’s the proof? His detractors are like a cancer and he will survive and so will his legacy.

  78. mindy bruce says:

    I support Lance 100%

  79. Hearn1 says:

    Mediocrity always seeks to destroy the highly gifted. High profile achievers like Armstrong and many others brilliant in their respective fields triumph by living their lives through example, philanthropy and focus while ignoring the ignorant.

    It is sad that gifted individuals must deal with this but you and I can rise above the loosers of the world by our own comittment to excellence.

  80. Paracielo says:

    His best defense is just to say “To hell with it, I know what I achieved, and they can’t take that away from me. Here are all your damned ribbons and trophies, throw them away. I am on with my life trying
    to be constructive and helpful to others.”

  81. christian from germany says:

    some words from germany: Lance will “survive” those USADA action, because all of us believe in his personality and his outstanding “performance” against CANCER. LIVESTRONG, Lance.

  82. mindy bruce says:


  83. andy says:

    110% behind you lance

  84. alan simard says:

    we are 1000 per cent beind Lance

  85. Ajfisher55 says:

    The fight now to clear his name is only just begun – you have inspired millions of people throughout the world – LANCE ARMSTRONG – GOOD LUCK – let us all show our support for him

  86. Bsbbm2005 from France says:

    100% with Lance !

  87. Candyciro says:

    Whether they find him guilty our not he’s still a champion. If he was doping then it was fair play, if not he is a mutant hero.

  88. Roconnel says:

    New York stands beside Lance as he endures another test on the long road of life’s test

  89. DPotter says:

    Support Lance by signing a petition to get the WTC to change its ‘guilty until proven innocent’ policy and get Lance racing again:

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  91. Istvan Meszaros says:

    I understand his decision and agree with Lance. I would have done the same. USADA made up their mind. He needs to move on and focus his time on better things than spending it in courtrooms. I really don’t think the decision made by USADA will change people’s mind about Lance in any way or that it will impact the LIVESTRONG Foundation the least bit.

  92. David Dixon says:


  93. Gpetta7 says:

      Brought your situation up to a client (been employed in healthcare all my life), yesterday, Mr. Armstrong. In fact, gnawing @ my mind every time these doping charges come up.
    A previous client (in my care for 12+, w/Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Disease) & had a daughter who went through breast cancer, the 5 year checkups & had been in remission w/no further problems. So one day she came to see her mom in skilled nursing, w/all this blotchy red skin on her face, necks & hands. Asking what was wrong, told me it was from gardening outdoors & her doctor suspected previous chemo treatments, the culprit. Those chemicals were still in her body & so could that be what the committee is picking up in your blood tests? Not your fault & there but for the grace: 
    I went in to have a 40 lb. mass removed from my abdomen, 2002(might have the year wrong, but I too was admitted to UC Davis Cancer Center, via Dr. Tu my primary & Dr. Smith, surgeon). Yours truly suffered from a low grade malignancy & was given clean bill of health 3 years into my 5 year remission window. So don’t give up the fight, Mr. Armstrong. We are survivors, u & I.  After experiencing such life altering uncertainty, is the probable, chemo/blood connection so difficult in comparison? Still won those titles, Mr. Armstrong. Just remember, u won the most important title of all: Life.

    Good luck,

  94. Jolynh says:

    USADA shouldn’t be so cocky, Lance Armstrong put cycling on the map!!! if it wasn’t for the commitment to this sport they wouldn’t have made such a big deal, he is and always be a champion!!! USADA GO FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO PICK ON !!

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