The Gap is Narrowing: Commentary on Prop 29


With estimates that more than one million vote-by-mail and provisional ballots remain uncounted, and now only 53,000 votes separating the yes and no side, sponsors and supporters of Prop 29 are not conceding defeat. We are closely monitoring the counting of late absentee and provisional ballots over the next days and weeks. This race is still too close to call; and Prop 29 is and has always been about saving lives and fighting and beating cancer, a terrible and unrelenting disease. With less than 1% separating defeat from victory, we remain vigilant and ever hopeful, no matter how long the odds. Frankly, our campaign of cancer survivors and their family members are used to this kind of a fight.

We’d like to share with you the following clip from MSNBC?s Rachel Maddow. This piece summarizes very poignantly what we have been up against. The amount of money that Big Tobacco spent to defeat cancer research and smoking cessation in California surpassed that of major political campaigns nationwide. Although they used their deep pockets and outspent the coalition 5 to 1, we remain hopeful that the victory will ultimately be ours.


  1. Mmsstarnet says:

    Some things may SEEM right but with more scrutiny are NOT right. This is one of them: nobody has the authority to force anyone to pay for anything and debtors prison is illegal likewise here. These sorts of institutions and their endeavors must find willing supporters, not legislated supporters. PERIOD. The end does not justify wrong means, if you can’t figure that out, you do nobody any favors.

  2. LIVESTRONG says:

    As of 11:40 pm PST today, only 40,202 votes separate the two sides. Still more outstanding ballots to be counted. Stay tuned for updates.

  3. LIVESTRONG says:

    Only smokers are taxed under Prop 29 and no one is forcing people to smoke. Californians have one of the lowest tobacco taxes in the country and the tax has not been raised in 12 years.

  4. Scott Joy says:

    30,500 and closing!

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