Dam That Cancer a Huge Success


We did it. Dam That Cancer presented by Tyler’s 2012 was a huge success. Through the efforts of our 75 amazing paddlers and sponsors, The Flatwater Foundation and LIVESTRONG have pulled together to raise over $125,000 for a cause that is so important. We must continue to spread the word about how crucial mental health is for those affected by a cancer diagnosis. It wasn’t an easy paddle journey by any means, and by sticking with our friends and encouraging one another to stay strong, every single paddler made it to the finish. Impressive. We are capable of so much more when our head is in the right place. It’s that simple. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us, and for the global family that always pulls together to help one another, reminding us we can all LIVESTRONG.

? Mark Garza, Founder/Executive Director Flatwater Foundation


  1. William Schroeder, LPC says:

    We are a partner with the Flatwater Foundation and love what they are doing for the community. I can’t tell you how many people they are helping that would otherwise be in a coverage gap. Social support systems like counseling are a key component in helping people to survive cancer and strive to succeed in life.

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