Tweeting Your Support for Prop 29


Tweeting Your Support for Prop 29

Here are some great posts across the internet in support of Prop 29 – the California State Ballot Initiative that will increase tobacco taxes by $1 and use funds to support cancer research, prevention and smoking cessation programs. Want a chance to have your tweet featured? Use hashtag #YESon29.

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Way to go! RT @EvSutton45: Just voted in the primary for the first time as a California citizen. #yeson29LIVESTRONG
@Prop29 why wouldn’t you #vote for 29? Oh yeah, if you’re a cig co. Can’t think of any other reason! Let’s fight cancer!!!!Cody Westheimer
My first US vote!?@LIVESTRONG: The companies behind efforts to kill @Prop29 on the record: Polls open at 7am. #Yeson29?Claus
Get out the vote CA: YES on @Prop29 Tues June 5! Tell your friends & retweet. @AmHeartAdvocacy Chamberlain
If CA passes Prop 29 today 104,000 lives will be saved & more than 228,000 kids will quit #YESon29 FPPC ID# 1326622John R. Seffrin, PhD
registered voters ! go out & vote #YESon29 #StandUpToCancer #SaveLives Ornelas
My Mission: Yes on 29 | Maria Shriver | The Open Field Network2 days ago … My Mission: Yes on 29. By Lance Armstrong. Photo caption: Lance Armstrong with pediatric cancer survivors, California Ch…
Election day visibility for @prop29, vote yes today! #yeson29 of Dimes CALIF
Eager to get to the polls today & vote Yes on @Prop29. Even if it saves one life, its worth it. Remember to head to the polls today CA!Alexander Valenzuela
#YESon29 #Beat #Cancer #livestrong Bartlett
Be Awesome Today poster & Vote Yes on California’s Prop 29! #yeson29
"Broken Record": Big Tobacco’s spokesdoctor back to kill Prop 29ca4acure
PLEASE, everyone…don’t be a sucker for the shamelessly misleading ads being run by the tobacco industry. They would have you believe that the American Cancer Society and all the other health organizations that are supporting this proposition are trying to put one over on you. The anti-prop29 ads are the ones trying to fool you by quoting a few lines from articles in major newpapers and suggesting that those newspapers have advised a "no" vote. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. Read the whole newspaper article and you’ll get a whole new appreciation for how deceptive an sleazy the "No on 29" campaign is. Please click this link and BE REALLY INFORMED. Jeep Suddeth
John R. Seffrin and Lance Armstrong: Give Big Tobacco a kick in the ash and …Yes on 29 is an opportunity to tell Big Tobacco that enough is enough. That we're tired of the industry's relentless assault on o…
In California, It?s Big Tobacco vs. @LanceArmstrong: #YesOn29 cc: @Prop29Mike Bloomberg
California! The polls are now open! Take time today to vote and take a stand! #Yeson29 @Prop29Stand Up To Cancer
California Supports Big Tobacco [PROP 29 OFFICIAL VIDEO]ca4acure
Just voted in the primary for the first time as a California citizen. #yeson29Evan Sutton
Top 8 Things You Should Know About California’s Proposed Tobacco TaxTomorrow, Californians will vote on a ballot measure that would raise the state’s cigarette tax by one dollar a pack. There has been a co…
Keep 228,700 kids from smoking, Help current smokers quit, Fund life saving cancer research. #YESon29LIVESTRONG
#Californians vote YES on #Prop29! JUNE 5th, 2012 #SaveLives
RT @Prop29: Top 8 Things You Should Know About California?s Proposed Tobacco Tax via @thinkprogressMarch of Dimes CALIF
YES ON 29! Don’t let another decade pass where we lose Californians to Cancer illnesses,we can find a cure! #Prop29 Garcia

Paid for by Yes on 29 ? Californians for a Cure, Sponsored by the American Cancer Society California Division, Inc., American Lung Association in California, American Heart Association and Cancer Research Doctors. Major funding by Yes on 29, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Inc. and American Cancer Society Inc. Ballot Committee and Lance Armstrong Foundation.

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