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At 7 a.m. tomorrow, polls will open across California and millions of voters will decide whether or not to take a historic step forward in the fight against cancer. The vote is expected to be extremely close, so make sure to find your polling place, plan out how you?ll get there and make sure you cast your ballot. Right now, there are two simple actions you can take to help make sure everyone you know joins you in voting YES on Prop 29:

Change your profile photo on Facebook and other social sites to our ?YES on 29? image to raise awareness and show how important this critical vote is to you. Just right click to save this image to your desktop, then set it as your online profile photo.

Tweet why the #YesOn29 vote is important to you. @LIVESTRONG will be tweeting and retweeting supporters.

Prop 29, the California Cancer Research Act, will save hundreds of thousands of lives, fund cutting-edge cancer research and keep kids across the state from smoking. The more people who learn those facts, the more people will vote to turn this game-changing proposal into law. There have been many lies spread by Big Tobacco about Prop 29, so here are some good facts to add to your tweets and Facebook posts:

  • I’ve been told that Prop 29 revenue will be spent in other states. Can it?
    Answer: No. Prop 29 clearly states that revenue is to be used in California.
  • I’ve been told that Prop 29 will increase everyone’s taxes. Is this true?
    Answer: NO. It?s paid for only by those who choose to smoke.
  • I’ve been told that Prop 29 takes money away from California?s public schools. What’s the truth?
    Answer: NO. Prop 29 does not reduce school funding one nickel! The California Superintendent of Schools, The California State PTA and School Boards statewide support Prop 29.

A few things that Prop 29 WILL do.

On Tuesday, let?s send a clear message based on facts that California stands with cancer survivors, not tobacco companies! Vote YES on Prop 29!

Paid for by Yes on 29 ? Californians for a Cure, Sponsored by the American Cancer Society California Division, Inc., American Lung Association in California, American Heart Association and Cancer Research Doctors.
Major funding by Yes on 29, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Inc. and American Cancer Society Inc. Ballot Committee and Lance Armstrong Foundation.


  1. Smoking is the one of most bad thing and habit from youngsters. We should avoid them.

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