LIVESTRONG Leaders in Oncology Award 2012: Larry Shulman


There are a handful of people whose efforts have changed the way the world fights cancer. The Foundation is proud to work alongside one such individual. This weekend the Foundation honored Dr. Larry Shulman ? a pioneer for people with cancer ? with the first ever LIVESTRONG Leaders in Oncology Award.

Dr. Shulman?s work on global cancer control, through Partners in Health, has been exemplary in illustrating the possibility of affordable lifesaving measures in parts of the world considered “unservable.?

Larry served on the steering committee for and helped to shape the LIVESTRONG Survivorship Center of Excellence Network. Additionally, in his role on several committees with national organizations, he has helped LIVESTRONG to bring the voice of people affected by cancer to new audiences implementing cancer care.

We invite you to watch this short tribute to Dr. Shulman and join us in thanking him for his dedication, innovation and support for the global fight against cancer.


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