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A recent tally of Prop 29 campaign spending shows Big Tobacco outspending the proponents of Prop 29 more than 4 to 1. They have money- lots of money, but one key thing that Big Tobacco does not have is an honest and trustworthy voice. They don’t have YOUR voice. If you are dedicated to the fight against cancer and you support proven smoking cessation methods then you can help overcome Big Tobacco’s lies and make The California Cancer Research Act a reality.

On Facebook? Do you have a Twitter account? Find yourself on Pinterest or Flickr? Share your support for Prop 29. Don’t live in California? I bet you have at least one relative or friend in the state. We’re all affected by cancer, so take a look at the following videos, articles and graphics and ask your friends and followers to vote “YES on Prop 29” June 5th. Here are a few interesting things for you to pass along on your social networks.

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From the Centers for Disease Control:

Increasing the price of cigarettes reduces the demand for cigarettes, thereby reducing youth smoking initiation and cigarette consumption and decreasing the prevalence of cigarette use in the United States overall, particularly among youths and young adults..

Mercury News editorial:
Vote yes on Prop. 29 to raise cigarette tax by $1…

Proposition 29: Cigarette tax curbs habit, aids research
The harm done by cigarettes is costly, and it is time for smokers to start carrying the burden of research into smoking-related diseases such as cancer and heart disease…

L.A. Times column: Prop 29 tobacco tax is a user fee
Let’s begin with the basics: Tobacco companies are inherently evil…

Paid for by Yes on 29 ? Californians for a Cure, Sponsored by the American Cancer Society California Division, Inc., American Lung Association in California, American Heart Association and Cancer Research Doctors. Major funding by Yes on 29, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Inc. and American Cancer Society Inc. Ballot Committee and Lance Armstrong Foundation.


  1. Anthony Estrada says:

    Drinking is the #1 reason kids start smoking. Let’s face it, kids are drinking underage…..alcohol is everywhere!!!! Including, places adolescents hangout… sport events, high school party’s, coffee shops, driving down the road….ect. There’s nothing like a cigarette when your 18 and buzzed……    Kinda a high feeling, amplifies the effects of that one beer you happen to get ahold of. Young adults want to acheive that feeling again…, and to be in a public place, where adults don’t point and don’t call authorities when they see a young looking person smoking a cigarette, is the reward to there risk! Responsible adult just look and,  think “there parents must have failed along the way….”.
          Young people hangout with, ” older crowds” to gain experience, just how all humans learn from the elder human, how to speak, walk, read, ect…
        I feel that the thought that goes through a young smokers head is,  “Healthy looking people seem to be doing it”…. “It’s obviously not a debilitating habit”. ( at the time it’s witnessed, young person smoking….., doesn’t look like there any closer to death then the next person, or them) It seems like an enjoyable social action……. Then they think, “And they seem to be having a good time too.”……. And it usually appears that way! People are laughing, very connected, just a loud crowd of close people talking there own thoughts of the surrounding events! It seems harder for a young adult to relate smoking with death then, a good time!
         That said, I have an idea! Let’s have smokers register as “smokers”. Maybe some kind of marking on there id’s or driving license? That way only “smokers” can purchase and consume tabacco….. Then we tax them accordingly. They pay an environmental tax, a personal hazard tax, medical treatment tax, potential fire hazard tax, higher home insurance, more when they lease a car maybe? You get creative!
        I believe it’s just like having a license to purchase other regulated products like , chemicals, ammunition, wholesale goods…. ect.
          Thanks for your consideration!

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