One Month Till Davis


We?re just one month away from the LIVESTRONG Challenge Davis, and so it?s time to kick in a few things before the Big Event! This is the perfect time to think about your last few weeks of training, as well as some logistical issues, too. Check out this checklist, and we?ll see you in California soon! Can?t make it to Davis? There?s still plenty of room at the Austin Challenge Oct 21.


  • With a month to go, you should now be able to ride comfortably and confidently at least half the distance you plan to ride at Davis. By mid month, the same for 3/4 the distance you?re riding.
  • Davis is a relatively flat course, and so I wouldn?t recommend you spend a lot of time doing hill repeats and long climbs. I do recommend you?re getting plenty of saddle time, and that you?re riding plenty up and around the speed you?re wanting to average at the Challenge.
  • Want to do some interval work? Once or twice a week, do some steady state intervals. Basically 15 minutes at a level where it?s difficult but not impossible to hold a conversation (i.e. just below your anaerobic threshold). Recover fully, and do it again.
  • If you?re not used to riding in groups or drafting, find some local rides and get some time in the pack.
  • It?s time to lock in what you?re going to use for nutrition and hydration. Remember, other than a jersey or maybe a set of tires, don?t add ANYTHING new on ride day you haven?t tried before.


  • If you haven?t had your bike checked out for any mechanical issues, now is a good time to do it at your local bike shop. Replacing things like tires, shifting and brake cables, and your chain are not bad ideas if it?s been a while, as is a general tune up of the bike.
  • If you?re flying in, consider all your options for getting your bike to the event. Know what your airline charges (maybe use some of your perks?) as well as the costs / timeline of shipping with the major carriers. Knowledge can save you big bucks, so ask around. If you do ship your bike, make sure you know the guaranteed arrival date and that you?ve checked to make sure the receiving location knows it?s coming and what to do. Also, know how you?re going to ship it back, as well.
  • If you don?t have a bike case, many bike shops will rent you one (or sell you one, too!).
  • Sounds obvious, but be sure to review the event timeline, locations, route, etc and make a schedule of where and when you need to be places, and know how you?re going to get there and back.
  • Everyone participating at the Davis Challenge raises at least $250 in addition to the registration fee, and if you?re working towards that and other fundraising incentives, remember you must complete your fundraising by Saturday, June 22 at 9 p.m. PT.

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