LIVESTRONG Joins the Pinterest Project


We?re into social media here at the LIVESTRONG Foundation. These amazing tools let us connect with millions of people on a daily basis, telling them about our mission to serve people affected by cancer and empower them to take action against the world’s leading cause of death. We have a significant presence on Facebook and Twitter, and have delved into many other aspects like iPad apps and campaigns built around social media. And now we?re into a new visual application, Pinterest.

What started out at as a way for people to share photographs about things – ideas about weddings, interior decoration, and parties – has quickly evolved into the #1 site for driving traffic to other websites. Think tacking interesting photos onto a cork board = Pinterest.

Essentially anyone can come up with an idea for a Board (ex: fast cars, places I?d like to go, or fashion I like) and then surf around the web and ?pin? photos they find relevant to that subject from anywhere on the internet in that board area.

Our decision to get into Pinterest wasn?t a difficult one. Figuring out how to make it unique to our cause and culture took a little more thought. We started off with a local Austin friend and institution, the organic grocery store Whole Foods. They have seen resounding success with their application of this site, and fortunately for us their creative talent in this area is Michael Bepko, a personal friend and LIVESTRONG supporter. He gave us this simple advice. “Look at your organization and culture and then think, how would you describe those aspects visually?” He also suggested we look for some unique things we could do that would set us apart from the norm, but we had to decide what that could be.

We started off with our mission and a few boards that showed how to get help, be an advocate, and to provide some inspiration.  Folks like to know about our Founder, Lance Armstrong, and what life is like here at LIVESTRONG HQ,so we made that happen, too. And then one day I was reading our seven Core Values of the foundation that we have displayed prominently here in our HQ, and realized this was the key to our Pinterest presence. These seven ideas provide so many cool ways we can share what we ? and you ? are doing for the LIVESTRONG mission, it essentially writes itself!

From there we moved on to helping promote our events and gear, as well as share some fun things we?re doing around here like our Gratitude Project, books our staffers enjoy, yellow fashion, and all things about our hometown Austin that we love. We drew inspiration from the Tribute Wall he have here at LIVESTRONG HQ and at many of our events. We want to have a way for you to recognize those who inspire you in the fight against cancer, and encourage you to honor them on our virtual tribute wall. We’ll be looking for many other cool ways to use this great site, and if you have any ideas please let us know what you think in the comments below.

We?re always looking for great new ways to share our message. We hope you?ll check us out and follow us on Pinterest, and we look forward to seeing what you can do with this as well. Thanks ? for ALL you do.



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