Last Day to Register to Vote for Prop 29 in California


Today is the last day you can register to vote for the June 5th elections in California. Not sure if you are registered to vote? Visit the California Secretary of State’s website to look up your status.

Registering is only half the battle. It is important to get out to the polls on June 5th and vote YES on Proposition 29 – a ballot initiative that will add $1 tax per pack of cigarettes to fund cancer research and prevention efforts in the state. The fight against Big Tobacco has been frustrating. They have deep pockets and have been running ads spreading lies about Prop 29 funding. Why do they want to defeat Prop 29? Because they know when you raise the taxes on cigarettes it is a surefire way to cut smoking rates- especially in children. 90% of all smokers started before their 18th birthday. So, with 1200 people dying each day from smoking they need their “replacement customers”. How do you fight a multi-billion dollar industry with access to massive amounts of cash on hand? With your vote. Vote YES on Prop 29.

The chart below shows the organizations funding the Yes on 29 efforts and the No on 29 efforts. Who do you trust?

Paid for by Yes on 29 ? Californians for a Cure, Sponsored by the American Cancer Society California Division, Inc., American Lung Association in California, American Heart Association and Cancer Research Doctors. Major funding by Lance Armstrong Foundation and American Cancer Society California Division, Inc. Contributions to Californians for a Cure (FPPC ID# 1322759) are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.


  1. Donna Cook says:

    My husband Glen started smoking in grade school back before we had all the info we have today. We found a spot on his lung one May and we lost him that November. I’m a registered Republican and I don’t like big government, but I tell ya, we better do something about our kids because American parents are strapped for time and money and kids have no supervision. If they start smoking now, it’s due to lack of communication, not lack of information. I’m voting yes on this one to save a life.

    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. Cancer is a bipartisan killer. Raising taxes on tobacco has been proven to lower smoking rates in teens and young adults. Here’s some info from our friends at Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids: Wishing your family peace and strength during this tough time. We are here for you all if you need bereavement support for yourself or anyone in your family: 1-855-220-7777.

  2. So sad we attack a legal item with Tax money. Calif is already one of if not the highest taxed state. How can this organization go this route? Work on getting people to quit it a GREAT thing to do. But add another tax is CRAZY. Cigarettes are taxed to the hilt now. Has not worked to get people to quit. What is next a tax on everything YOU think is wrong? NO to this initiative. And No to the others that promote a smoke free state wide initiative as people dont understand that will affect all indoor businesses. Including those that are bars etc. NO!! Sorry.

    1. Actually, Richard, California has one of the lowest tobacco taxes in the US. Adding an additional dollar will only put it at 16th in the country in tobacco taxes. It has been proven that smoking rates for young people drop significantly after an increase in tobacco taxes. As far as smoke-free initiatives- we support the right for everyone to breath clean indoor air. We support Smoke-Free Texas.

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