Moving Forward: Dating and Sex After Cancer


Both cancer and cancer treatment can cause problems with your sex life. Fatigue and physical changes can put a serious kibosh on your desires and your body image may have taken a serious beating through your cancer journey. What if you aren’t even dating someone at the time of your diagnosis? What happens when you finally do start dating again? When do you have “the talk” about cancer and your sexual concerns? Here are a few tips from cancer survivors and from health care professionals on dealing with dating and sex after cancer.

Tips from survivors:

Tips from health care professionals:

Need more info? Check out our topics online about physical effects of cancer like infertility and sexual dysfunction and check out emotional support topics like dating and communicating with your partner. Want to talk to someone that “gets it”? Call LIVESTRONG. We can set you up with an emotional support navigator, a survivor that has been there and give your more tips on how to deal with life after treatment. Call 1-855-220-7777 or request help online.


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