What’s Your LIVESTRONG Incentive?


It?s human nature to do things for incentives. We eat so that we have energy, we work so that we can provide for our families, and in the charitable world people who fundraise above and beyond the norm not only know that they are contributing in a large way to the cause they support, but there are meaningful incentives they can aspire to as well.  Team LIVESTRONG events are no exception, and we?d like to tell you about them!

Many people who have participated in LIVESTRONG cycling events over the years are familiar with the Ride for the Roses program. But the RftR weekend, held in conjunction with the Austin Team LIVESTRONG Challenge weekend in October 19-21, celebrates and thanks our most dedicated fundraisers from all of our fundraising aspects, including our Challenge, Partnered, and grassroots events.  These folks raise from $10,000 ? $30,000 and beyond, and for this amazing effort they can come to Austin experience our gala dinner, get one-of-a-kind gear, and even enjoy a private ride and autograph session with our Founder and Chairman, Lance Armstrong.

* It?s worth mentioning that while we have waived the fundraising requirement for people participating in the Austin 2012 Team LIVESTRONG Challenge (just $50 to come out and ride!) you still can raise funds and participate in the Ride for the Roses incentive program.

While the RftR weekend is the culmination of our incentives offered, all of our LIVESTRONG events have cool things offered that motivate people to go above and beyond the call to help fund our mission of providing direct services to anyone affected by cancer and providing a platform for advocacy in the fight against this disease. For instance, at the Team LIVESTRONG Challenges in Davis and Philadelphia, you can earn LIVESTRONG dry fit caps, gym bags, cycling jerseys, and seats at the appreciation dinner.  If triathlon is more your thing, we?ve got special LIVESTRONG triathlon gear you can earn to show your true team colors.  And you can even participate in multiple events with your cumulative fundraising counting towards the Ride for the Roses incentive program.

We hope you?ll want to come out and participate in the many events and creative aspects we have to offer, or support someone who is.  And for all that hard work we have some amazing incentives to aspire to. But at the end of the day, the most important reason for raising funds is to enable the LIVESTRONG staff and our partners to be able to help the 28M people around the world affected by cancer, and for that support we truly thank you! As always, you can learn much, much more about our  programs and incentives in the Take Action section of www.livestrong.org.


  1. Supremo-no1 says:

    My incentive today for doing London moonwalk is my 2 friends who died of breast cancer. My incentive for living each day to it’s fullest is my husband who I was only married to for 26hrs. who died if kidney cancer after a 3 year long battle which he fought with determination but sadly lost. He has taught me to live life to the fullest as you really don’t know when it will end. I’m living life for him and all those who unfortunately cannot live theirs. Sue Rees

  2. Livestrong is a wonderful movement in the fight against cancer.

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