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In 2009, LIVESTRONG established the Young Leaders Cancer Council (YLCC). The goal of the YLCC is to broaden the foundation?s reach, impact, and success in the fight against cancer. YLCC members represent a new generation of leaders throughout the professional community who encompass a diverse set of skills and experience, and have a deep passion for our cause. The YLCC recently visited LIVESTRONG HQ in Austin, TX for its spring meeting along with an authentic ATX SUP team building experience, hosted by YLCC member and founder of The [/caption]

The YLCC members volunteer their time, energy and expertise to support the foundation?s top priorities. We are tremendously grateful for their contributions and commitment to our mission. Below is a post from YLCC member, Lynda Thibodaux about why she is part of this amazing group.

Doug addresses YLCC at the Spring Meeting

By Lynda Thibodaux RN, BSN, OCN

My husband and I were introduced to LIVESTRONG in 2005. Following Katrina, he rode his rusty bike in the Austin Ride for the Roses Challenge as a participant, not really a fundraiser. That year, we were so raw with emotions from what happened to our house and city, that I think we felt more inspired than ever that there was from a group with such positive energy doing amazing things to change people’s lives.
I have been an Oncology nurse my whole nursing career (’96 to present). It was a cause that I identify with because of the passion I feel for what I do every day. For me, it?s always been about the people that I have been so blessed to know and to be a part of at such an intimate time in their lives. The connection was instant, I was hooked.

My husband, Ryan, is the brains behind fundraising and I am the passionate helper as well as advocate for the cause. Now we have a core group of friends who we have exposed to LIVESTRONG who believe in it for their own reasons. We participate in LIVESTRONG events together all over the states as well as other events that benefit The Lance Armstrong Foundation or cancer survivors in some way. My kids have become advocates too: from helping with our LIVESTRONG fundraisers to bringing mom to school to talk about the work of the foundation. They recently participated in Lemonade Day and to raise money for LIVESTRONG. It?s awesome.

I was asked to join the YLCC last year. I found out that I was nominated by my husband (which, by the way, is the biggest compliment ever). There was no question that I wouldn’t accept the amazing opportunity to collaborate and help in any way I could towards the mission of LIVESTRONG. I immediately looked at it as learning opportunity and an obligation to bring back as much as I could about the mission and programming to New Orleans. I see it as MY GOAL to figure out a way to make sure New Orleans and people that know me learn about this amazing organization. I also feel very strongly that I can contribute practical feedback about what I learn from people with cancer every day.

I am learning that I can be like an ambassador to the organization in many ways as a YLCC member; In my community, in my workplace and in my professional organizations. LIVESTRONG has given me great information on initiatives and programs that I find meaningful personally and that I want in my community. Now I can set goals to work to participate in them or help bring them to New Orleans. It is amazing to hear first hand from the leaders of LIVESTRONG where they are as an organization, what?s new and exciting in the future and how we can help in terms of feedback on programming, advocacy issues, and fundraising. I think it?s a brilliant use of great minds who graciously want to give their professional talents to help the success of the organization.

The Thibodaux Family

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