Stronger by Seattle Childrens Hospital


LIVESTRONG Community Impact Grantees at Seattle Children’s Hospital got creative and posted this amazing video on YouTube this week. Seattle Children’s received a LIVESTRONG Community Impact grant from us to replicate The Creative Center’s Hospital Artist-In-Residence program at their hospital. Our artist there, John Blalock, decided to mix things up over the weekend and worked with the kids to make a music video.

As we close out the 2010 grants we’re thrilled to report that nearly 90% of the Arts programs from 2010 have secured funding to keep the programs going post LIVESTRONG funding, Seattle Children?s is now picking up the funding and increasing the program’s reach across the hospital. This video is hovering around 70,000 views, so share with your friends and show your support for these STRONG kids, Artist in Residence, John Blalock and the amazing staff of Seattle Children’s that helped on this project.

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