Wahl Shaving Supports LIVESTRONG


With our great partnership with our friends at Movember, men’s facial hair has become a significant part of the landscape in the LIVESTRONGmovement. Recently our friends at Wahl came to us and offered up a cool way to not only look better with one’s facial foliage, but to do it for free AND make a contribution to us in the process.

?Guys today are using their facial hair to express themselves, but many want and need guidance on where to start,? said Steve Yde, marketing director for Wahl. ?That?s where we come in. From our annual mobile barbershop grooming tour, to WahlNation.com, our robust website for all things facial hair, our mission is to help guys find the look that is best for them while sending a message that with a little effort, education and the right tools, all men are capable of showing off their facial hair prowess ? and possibly holding the title of Wahl Man of the Year.?

For every free trim they provide, they’ll donate a dollar to LIVESTRONG and you can enter into their contest for some cool and valuable prizes (and cash)… here’s a video from their visit to us here in Austin, and thanks to Wahl for their support

Learn specifically where the the mobile barbershop will be – and lots more – at www.wahlnation.com – here’s the city list:

Atlanta, GA – May 11 – 13

Memphis, TN – May 17 – 19

Little Rock, AR – May 25 – 27

Wichita, KS – June 1 – 3

Charlotte, NC – June 8 – 10

Minneapolis, MN – September 1 – 3

Salt Lake City, UT – September 7 – 9

Oklahoma City, OK – September 14 – 16

Cincinnati, OH – September 22 – 23

St. Louis, MO – September 28 – 30

Kansas City, MO – October 4 – 7

Denver, CO – October 11 – 13

Tulsa, OK – October 18 – 21

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