Affordable Care Act: Friends With Benefits


Finding out that you have cancer can be devastating enough, without the added worry about health insurance coverage and how to pay for it.  That?s why Young Invincibles launched the Friends with Benefits campaign.  We want to ensure that everyone, but particularly young people graduating high school and college – a time when the amount of people without insurance spikes – knows their options, especially those now available with the expanded coverage available under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Contrary to popular belief, young Americans are not invincible. One young person every 8 minutes gets diagnosed with cancer.  Young Invincibles is in the midst of a 20-state bus tour, listening to the health concerns of young people and their parents.  One woman, Delores from Irondale, AL discussed her worries about son?s health as an adult.

?My son is 23,? she said. ?When he was a child he was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse and it?s difficult for him to get coverage. He?s working in retail now but he doesn?t qualify for health insurance. We?re hopeful for him to come back on our plan at the next enrollment period. We?ve been uneasy with him not having coverage.”

Join us this week as Young Invincibles spreads the word on insurance options for young Americans through its ?Friends With Benefits” campaign via social media.  All week, YI will be sharing information through Twitter and Facebook about how to get covered and which new benefits are now available through health reform. Visit to get healthcare information like:

  • How to join your parent?s plan, a step that 2.5 million young adults under the age of 26 have taken in the past year;
  • Until 2014, when discrimination against people with cancer or other diseases is eliminated, those rejected from a traditional insurance plan can access a ?Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan.? The Toolkit gives you details.
  • New plans must provide free preventive care without co-pays or coinsurance, including many screenings and immunizations.
  • Plans must spend at least 80 percent of your premium dollars on your care.

Having friends with benefits is not just for college students.  To get state specific health care information, download a #FriendsWithBenefits Toolkit at

YI Bus Tour in Cleveland.

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