5 Ways LIVESTRONG Helps You Get Emotional Support


Cancer doesn’t live in a bubble and it isn’t delivered to you neatly packaged in a box with a bow. When you go to treatment, you don’t just drop off the bad cells and go about your business, your whole body gets treated. Your external relationships like your friendships, marriage, daily dealings with coworkers and your interactions with your kids can all be affected by your cancer diagnosis. LIVESTRONG understands this and we help you prepare for changes and manage life’s tough times.

Below is a video from a real survivor, Iram, that took advantage of our LIVESTRONG educational classes and emotional support services. Listen to Iram’s story and share it with anyone that you know could benefit from LIVESTRONG services.

Here are 5 ways LIVESTRONG can help you get the emotional support you need:

We listen:
Our Emotional Support Navigators answer calls, emails and meet with people in person to talk about managing emotions. This one-on-one support is imperative for many folks. Sometimes you just want someone to listen and not offer suggestions and sometimes you need both. We understand those needs.

We connect you to others:
Cancer can be a lonely experience. You may be the only person that you know with cancer. You may be the only one in the infusion room with your diagnosis. You may feel like talking to a friend or family members is burdening them with your issues. You are not alone. LIVESTRONG navigators will hook you up with out partner organization Imerman Angels. They will match you with someone that has faced a similar cancer experience. Someone that understands what you’ve been through because they’ve been in your shoes.

We educate:

You went online and Googled your diagnosis, went to every website on the planet and may hold an honorary doctorate in your cancer type, but very few know how to manage the emotional roller coaster that goes along with and after treatment. LIVESTRONG is here to help educate you on ways to manage those emotions, just as you have managed your treatment. We do this through a series of cancer education classes. Coming up on May 24th we will have a class called “Emotional Support 101”. You can attend the class online or in person. View the information and register for the class today.

We offer solid resources:

LIVESTRONG has award winning health information available for free online and in the LIVESTRONG Guidebook. Topics range from “Body Image” and “Fear of Recurrence” to “How to Find a Counselor” and “Communicating with your Partner“.

We listen some more:

At any point in your cancer experience you can face difficult emotional times. We are here from the point of diagnosis through the balance of your life. We are here for your friends, spouses, kids, loved ones, coworkers and anyone else that is affected by cancer. Keep our number handy and stay in touch. 1-855-220-7777 or onlineĀ www.livestrong.org/gethelp.

Iram and daughter Kiana

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