Ten Great Cycling and Fundraising Tips for the LIVESTRONG Challenge


Over the last year or so I’ve started giving “Tips of the Day” on my Twitter account @livestrongcb and on Facebook pertaining to cycling and fundraising. So it seemed appropriate with two months to go to LIVESTRONG Challenge Davis to come up with some ideas that will hopefully help you raise the funds for the LIVESTRONG mission of providing direct services to anyone affected by cancer, and to provide a platform for advocacy in the fight against this disease. Hope these help, and thanks for all you do!

Five Tips for Fundraising:

  • Use the mileage you’re going to do as a fundraising target for donors, as in, “I’m going to do my first century (100 miles), would you sponsor me at X level per mile?” and then set a level per mile appropriate to the person your asking.
  • Explain to your donors WHY you are doing the Davis Challenge. It’s a chance to share your story, be an ambassador for LIVESTRONG, and garner interest in our mission from your donors. Need inspiration? Watch and share our Manifesto video
  • Don’t rely on generic “shotgun blasts” over Social Media as your primary fundraising means. We see these so often everyday we’ve often become immune to them. I prefer to have a concise message that is then customized for either an individual or a specific group. Not only is it more effective, it shows you care enough to tailor your request relevant to them.
  • Have a low cost / high net event, like a carwash, breakfast taco or bake sale, or raffle, and be sure to make it fun. While none of these events are exactly new, by adding in your personal flair you can make it unique and generate solid interest. And don’t forget to market your event. You can have the greatest thing in the world, and if no one knows about it, what do you have?
  • Say “THANK YOU” – a lot! Personally thank your donors at least twice, and if you are sponsored by a business, be sure to publicly thank them for their support as it reflects well on their company.

Five Tips for Cycling:

  • Davis is not a climbing course, so you should be focusing on enough quality time in the saddle to complete the course you’ve chosen. Think consistency.
  • If you are looking to get around the course quickly, be sure to incorporate intervals a couple of times a week into your workout. But not short powerful ones used for sprinting, rather think one minute intervals just above where you can only speak in short phrases, then recover and repeat several times.
  • If it’s been a while, get your bike checked out by a local bike shop. You don’t want a mechanical issue stopping you from completing your goal.
  • Along those lines, remember the three best things you can do for your bike: keep the tires fully aired up, keep the chain lubed (but not dripping), and wash your bike occasionally with soapy water using Dawn dishwashing soap.
  • Think about your nutrition and hydration plan, and practice it. You need to know what works for you.

*Bonus Cycling Tip: Other than tires or a jersey, don’t try ANYTHING new on your bike, eating, drinking, clothing on ride day. Use what you know works!

Good luck, and we’ll see you out on the roads soon!

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