Moving Forward: Body Changes


Cancer can change the way you feel about your body. Scars, weight gain, weight loss, fatigue, amputations and burns from radiation may stick around long after you are done with treatment. So, how do you manage the changes? Listen to survivors and cancer experts in the videos below talk about body changes after cancer treatment. How did your body change? What are pieces of advice that you would add?

Advice from Cancer Survivors:

Advice from Healthcare Professionals:

Have questions about how to deal with body image after cancer? Visit our website for more information or call us 1-855-220-7777 to talk. We can connect you with other survivors that have been through similar situations, an emotional navigator that can work with you on the impact body changes have had on your life and talk with you about ways to improve your body image.


  1. Sikorskig says:

    I am curious how Cyberknife treatment for my spinal cord tumor will continue to to its thing, especially when I now have mild/moderate dermatome pain in my right abdomen. Hoping MRI in June will show a little more positive results with no need for more surgery on remaining ependymoma. T6-8 area, surgery October 2011. Hoping to be bike riding by this fall again! Cheers, Gary

    My story on link:

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