My Name is Ana and I’m a Caregiver


The number of caregivers in the US is growing rapidly. With the baby boomers aging and their adult children moving in to the new role of support person, it is safe to say that there are many of you facing tough decisions that can affect your whole household. In the following story, Ana shares her experience of being a caregiver to her father facing cancer treatment, being a mom and facing financial and emotional challenges. Are you a caregiver to a parent or a child or a spouse with cancer? Know that LIVESTRONG is here for you to help you face the stress, financial and emotional concerns, learn your employment rights and how to care for yourself as well as your loved one. Visit for information about how we can help you and your family.

Are you facing financial issues while taking care of a cancer patient? You may be interested in attending our upcoming class on Financial and Access to Care Challenges. The class is available online and in person. Click here for more information and register today. Do you need one-on-one support like Ana received? Contact LIVESTRONG‘s Cancer Navigation Center at 1-855-220-7777 or online.


  1. Erik Pearson says:

    Caregivers must take care of themselves. It’s counter-intuitive; we want to drop everything for our loved ones, and if we’re not careful, we end up neglecting our physical health and mental well-being, and sometimes we end up becoming patients.

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