Launching a Healthy ATX


Do you live in Central Texas and have a serious illness like cancer? If not, you may be surprised to know that you would have to drive an hour and a half to San Antonio or over three hours to Houston to get access to comprehensive cancer care. If you do have a serious illness you are more than aware of the lack of comprehensive care close to you. In a town as unique and innovative as Austin, we feel you should have easier access to these important resources. Texas Senator Kirk Watson and other prominent business, community and health care leaders agree. Today they launched Healthy ATX, an education initiative to create a dialog with the people of Travis County and Central Texas about this region?s immediate and future health care needs and the dramatic impact that new resources ? such as a medical school, a 21st Century teaching hospital, comprehensive cancer care, additional behavioral health services, uniquely Austin health clinics, and other important resources ? could have on Central Texas.

Garnering these resources will require effort and support from local Central Texas residents. Healthy ATX needs you to share your health care story with those in charge. Did you get treatment for your cancer outside the city? Did you have to drive several hours to get to the hospital, get treated for 30 minutes and then have someone drive you all the way back? It’s draining, costly and just plain difficult for almost everyone. Share your story on Healthy ATX‘s website, follow them on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook and learn how sharing your story can help others get quality care in Central Texas.

Texas Senator Kirk Watson announces Healthy ATX

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