TEDMED and Cancer


It’s been an amazing week at TEDMED, an event at which thought leaders in bioscience, health, and medicine convene to share ideas on how to approach the most pervasive problems in our field. Unique to this year is the launch of a Great Challenges program. TEDMED and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have teamed up to propose 50 of some of the most elusive issues in health and medicine, and they’ve invited us to decide those that are the most important. So, until tomorrow, stakeholders can vote on what they perceive are the top 20 great challenges. Many of those important to LIVESTRONG haven’t registered in the polls. Let’s change this to make sure innovative communities like TEDMED and its champions help identify solutions that advance the fight against cancer. Go online VOTE TODAY for your top picks.

What’s winning:
Lucky for us, survivorship is a popular topic. So, issues like “The Role of the Patient”, “Whole-patient Care” and “The Caregiver Crisis” are doing well. However, let’s not let them fall off the list.

What’s lagging:
Help us get the following key themes in the running! Vote now on issues that matter for cancer:

Patient-centered communication & Electronic health information:

#5 “Medical Privacy and Transparency” – promotes e-data safety alongside more widespread use

#11 “Making Informed Choice Work Better” – highlights better health literacy and communication

#41 “Accessing Medical Data” – What good is the data if no one can use it meaningfully? Exactly.

Healthcare access:

#14 “Reforming the Medical Ecosystem” – Promotes a multi-disciplinary, patient-centered approach

#37 “Multi-cultural Medicine” – How do we tailor health promotion to close the gap in outcomes?

#50 “Tomorrow’s Medical Leaders” – The “army” that will implement new ideas and best practices

Young Adults with Cancer:

#27: “The Overlooked Cancer Cohort” – Sole challenge focused on cancer and this critical population

For more info on the great challenges and TEDMED, check out their blog.


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