Moving Forward: Fertility


Cancer and its treatment may affect a person?s ability to conceive a child in the future. In these two ?Moving Forward? videos from American Society of Clinical Oncology and the LIVESTRONG, get perspectives on fertility and cancer from oncology experts and young adult survivors.

Cancer and cancer treatments can cause infertility in young adults. LIVESTRONG offers resources for people facing treatment in their childbearing years. These resources include:

  • Fertility Preservation Information
  • Assistance Understanding risks and options related to cancer treatment and fertility
  • Accessing discounted rates for fertility preservation through the Sharing Hope Program
  • Finding local fertility related resources

Have questions about fertility and cancer? Call LIVESTRONG at 1-855-220-7777 or go online to request assistance.

Below are two great videos produced by LIVESTRONG and ASCO about cancer and fertility. One is from the perspective of a cancer survivor and the other is from a healthcare professional.

Cancer survivors discuss their infertility risks and concerns:

Cancer experts discuss infertility risks and when to discuss fertility with your doctor:

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