Ski 4 Yellow Makes a Big Impact


We say it all the time, our supporters and the events that they participate in are defacto ambassadors for the LIVESTRONG mission.  Not sure how? Check out this great email we received talking about one of our great partner events, Ski 4 Yellow:

“I recently had the privilege of being a part of the second annual Ski 4 Yellow weekend. Thank you SO much for the support that allowed me to participate in such a fantastic event. It was a wonderful and exhausting experience, and it was truly an honor to be a part of making a difference. Our team went out for dinner Saturday evening after everything was over and sat around trying to figure out how to describe this event to others; we all agreed that there?s really no way to do it justice. Telling you that it was a scavenger hunt, a fundraiser, or a ski competition fail to capture the spirit of fun, camaraderie, and being a part of something so much bigger than yourself.

We had one team member who fundraised but then wasn?t able to participate in the event due to a knee injury, so we replaced him at the last minute with a friend from Denver. The replacement has already committed to officially participating in the challenge next year. The Ski 4 Yellow weekend started on Friday night with a banquet honoring cancer survivors and top fundraisers, educating everyone about LIVESTRONG?s mission, and handing out grants to local organizations. One of the most touching stories of the night came from a woman whose organization was helped with funds from the inaugural Ski 4 Yellow event and was shortly thereafter diagnosed with breast cancer. She learned firsthand the resources that are provided by LIVESTRONG for cancer patients.

On Saturday morning, we got to the mountain at 7:30am and headed up the gondola. Smaller teams were combined so that each consisted of about 10-12 people, and each team was paired with an expert guide to help us around the mountain and an Olympian or other famous athlete from Steamboat. Our Olympian was Brendan Doran, a two-time Olympic ski jumper, who also happened to be one of the nicest people ever. That seemed par for the course this weekend as everyone I met was warm, friendly, and so excited to be a part of Ski 4 Yellow.

We had a series of challenges to complete that included things like riding every lift, hiking up to (and skiing down) North St. Pats, a double-black diamond expert run, and visiting landmarks at the resort. I can honestly say that I have never skied so hard, nor have I ever had so much fun on skis. After attempting to complete as many challenges as possible, we all met for lunch at the top of the gondola. After lunch, everyone had the chance to race the Nastar course. My friend and teammate, Amanda, beat me by a little, but I?m already looking forward to a rematch next year. The top three teams in the challenge won prizes, and we missed third place by ONE point despite being one of the only teams to successfully ride every lift and almost every challenge. It was an awesome day on the mountain!

Our team of four people raised $5,005 dollars for the 4 Yellow Foundation and LIVESTRONG!! I personally raised over $1,500 thanks to you! Half of the money raised stays at the local level here in the Steamboat area, and half of it goes to support LIVESTRONG?s global mission. I honestly did not know a lot about LIVESTRONG prior to this weekend, but what I learned impressed me greatly. They provide support for people who are currently battling cancer and for cancer survivors. This can include things like assistance dealing with insurance companies, help getting a second and third medical opinion, preserving fertility before cancer treatments, and helping with finances. Thank you again, so very much, for your support. You can expect to hear from me again next year, as this is an event I plan to keep doing for a long time. If you?d like to join us in 2013, just let me know!

Thank you, thank you, thank you,” – Shannon O.

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