Turn the Tide. Vote Yes on Prop 29.


The tobacco industry is still recruiting our kids. They?re getting even better at it. Smoking rates are about to rise in California for the first time this century. The Californians in this short video can tell you how your vote in June will turn the tide:

90% of smokers begin their journey to addiction before their 18th birthday. Each time California fights back, the tobacco industry spends millions to stop us.

This year can be different.

We can beat Big Tobacco. It all starts with raising awareness and spreading the word. You can help right now by sharing this video with your friends:

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Three minutes to turn the tide. That?s all.

Paid for by Yes on 29 ? Californians for a Cure, Sponsored by the American Cancer Society California Division, Inc., American Lung Association in California, American Heart Association and Cancer Research Doctors. Major funding by Lance Armstrong Foundation and American Cancer Society California Division, Inc.


  1. Nik White says:

    For all of my friends who know of someone who is entiteled to Vote for Prop 29, Please give a little nudge for a “Yes” Vote. Both Lance and Doug pointed out at the convention, that you have to asseume you are already 30% down on the polls. That as this is an isolated vote, the turnout is NOT going to be as great as in November. Please remember, each Vote is Powerful, it sends a clear message to “Big Tobacco” This will Truely Save Lives and Set a Trend. Urge the Californians to put $1 on each pack of cigarette’s that goes towards Cancer research. God willing this could go Global !!!

  2. How about voting NO on 29.

    29 is about making choices for other people and trying to limit personal freedom. I enjoy Premium Hand Rolled Cigars, this product is not marketed to children and does harm to no one. 29 will close down small Tobacco Shops that sell products like Cigars and Pipe Tobacco to ADULTS. When you help destroy a market like California your also putting hard working people from the Dominican,Nicaragua,Honduras and Costa Rica out of work, these are fantastic jobs for these people they are not exploited as I’m sure many people believe. Taxing Cigarettes is akin to Taxing Big Oil, you don’t hurt Big Oil they just pass on the expense to the consumer and just like Big Oil cigarette smokers will keep using the product at any cost. Cigar smokers are not addicts but we enjoy the fine taste of Tobacco and happen to get lumped in with Cigarettes by California Law. Do you enjoy something that someone else might not? Do you do anything that other people might not like? (extreme sports, wine tasting, hiking, organic fruits and vegetables, video games, BBQ) Anything that some people might think you don’t need but you enjoy or might be bad for you? Would you like it if someone made that thing, whatever it may be completely cost prohibitive for you to partake in? Thats whats being done with Prop 29. I’ll thank everyone to take that into consideration before they vote and really ask themselves should I take something away from someone else just because I don’t like it.

    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      The impact of cancer on California’s healthcare system is enormous. Tobacco is the leading cause of cancer and cancer is an enormous drain on California?s economy. Only 12 percent of Californians smoke but all of the state?s taxpayers foot the bill for the cost of cancer. Currently, California is 33rd in the nation on the tobacco tax scale. We believe that Prop 29 is a life-saving measure that will advance the fight against cancer on a large scale and bring new jobs and investment to the state. It?s simply the right thing to do and that?s why we support it.

    2. Guest says:

      With regard to your comment about such things as enjoying organic fruit and vegetables. Eating well, along with some of the other activities you mention, Jeff, does not involve blowing foul smelling smoke in the direction of other people who have no desire to fill their lungs with it. That is one fundamental difference. Smoking affects OTHERS as well as the smoker. Good for LIVESTRONG in supporting Prop 29.

  3. Tpeselev says:

    vote no on proposition 29, a 73 percent tax increase on cigars and pipe tobacco is just ridiculous, and who’s to prove that the taxes were paying on this stuff is really going to california cancer research, and kids don’t smoke cigars or pipe tobacco for that matter so if you wanna tax something tax the cigarettes

  4. LIVESTRONG says:

    Cigars and pipe tobacco are tobacco products and cause cancer as well. Therefore, they should be and are included in the tax. There is oversight on the tax funds. You have been misinformed.

    Unlike other initiatives, Prop 29 limits and controls administration expenses. No more than 2% will be spent on costs to administer Prop 29, including the costs associated with collecting and distributing Prop 29 tax revenue. Voters will know exactly how the money is spent. Prop 29 has tough accountability measures – including annual audits and criminal penalties for misuse of funds – to ensure that every dollar is spent properly.

    Prop 29 requires annual independent audits, which are reviewed by the California State Controller. The State Controller will report publicly on those audits and set the allowable costs for administration of the Prop 29.

    Get the facts: http://californiansforacure.org/

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