A Philly Challenge Story: Anna and Team Wild Bill


The following is a Team LIVESTRONG story from LIVESTRONG Challenge Philly participant, Anna Fox. Join Anna at the 2012 LIVESTRONG Challenge in Philly this August. Can?t make it to Philly? There are many events you can take part in with Team LIVESTRONG. Go to www.teamlivestrong.org to learn more about our run, walk, ride and tri events.

Anna Fox and Family

My name is Anna Fox and I’m from Lansdale, Pennsylvania. I’m the captain for Team “Wild Bill”. We first participated in the Philly LIVESTRONG Challenge in 2009 in memory of my father, Bill Telep. In June 2008, Bill lost his year-long battle with cancer after a sarcoma on his spine grew beyond the limits of surgery and treatment. I truly believe that my father represented LIVESTRONG in how he chose to live his life everyday while battling cancer – walking daily, driving his beloved corvette, and continuing to work around the house. When he learned that surgery would no longer be an option to treat his cancer, he went against doctors orders and flew from Arizona to Pennsylvania to walk me down the aisle at my wedding, a moment that I will always treasure. He was lovingly known as “Wild Bill” because he lived life on his own terms, for better or for worse.

Team “Wild Bill” started with my husband, son, and I walking the 5K. It has since expanded to 11 members (and growing!) participating in the 5K run/walk, biking, and – for the first time this year – my brother will be taking on the 100 mile ride. My father was a very active person, so we use the LIVESTRONG weekend as a chance to celebrate his memory, instead of dwelling on the anniversary of his passing. My advice to someone affected by cancer is to be honest with your true feelings. I’d like to say that I’ve made peace with his passing, but many days I’m angry that my children will never know how wonderful their grandfather was and that I can’t just call him and chat. It’s OK to be mad. Cancer is a horrible beast, so we need to get fired up and beat this. LIVESTRONG.

Anna and her Brother


  1. Sara Fox says:

    I’m looking forward to joining Team Wild Bill again in the 5K run this year!

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