A LIVESTRONG Leader Story: Jennifer


Through the LIVESTRONG Leader program, we engage individuals across the globe who are passionate about and committed to making cancer a priority in their own community. LIVESTRONG Leaders are vital to the success of LIVESTRONG by helping raise awareness, recruit and engage others in the LIVESTRONG movement, fundraise and advocate to their elected officials at the local, national and global level. Below is an interview from LIVESTRONG Leader Jennifer Mills of Bristol, UK.

What does LIVESTRONG mean to you?
LIVESTRONG reminds me to always focus on what I can achieve and to be as resilient as possible whatever comes my way. LIVESTRONG, for me, is also about embracing change. From the day of my diagnosis to right now there have been so many different parts of this journey through treatment and survival. I will never forget the day my wristband arrived in the post, sent to me by a thoughtful family member. I felt so moved to receive this bright symbol of hope. It is a reminder of what I was going through the day I put it on and how far I have come since then. I feel it connects me to many other people who have been through a similar situation. I am inspired through the stories I have read on the website and the YouTube videos to strive to be fitter and stronger.

Why are you a Leader?
I would like to give the energy and enthusiasm I have in my new and very beautiful life to such a worthwhile cause. I feel fortunate to have responded so well to treatment and I would like to communicate that message of hope and support to others.

What are you doing in your community?

I am making contact with organisations in the Bristol area that played a significant part in my treatment and recovery. I have been talking to them about LIVESTRONG. Those conversations have been very meaningful and each one reminds me of how much we are all connected. I am also focusing on my love of walking. I organised a walk last year for LIVESTRONG Day and this February for World Cancer Day. I was also asked by the manager of my local JJB Sports to be involved in the promotion of LIVESTRONG and the fitness equipment in my local shopping centre. All of these events have been very rewarding indeed and I am so moved by the connections made.

Jennifer Mills
Bristol, UK


  1. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story, Jennifer! You embody the LiveSTRONG spirit and continue to encourage your fellow leaders!

    1. Jennifer says:

      Thank you, Heather. It’s an honour to be involved and to be connected with such a inspiring group of people. I’m so appreciative of good health and am getting fitter by the day!

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