Insurance and Cancer


You may not be too surprised to hear that one of the top concerns we receive at the LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center is with insurance. In 2010 the US Census reported that 50 million Americans (1 in six) were not insured. Now with the Affordable Health Care Act, many cancer survivors can be covered by insurance and may not know they are eligible. LIVESTRONG offers help to those facing a cancer diagnosis concerned about insurance coverage. Below is a story from a real LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center client Gabriel. He is a young adult survivor of childhood leukemia and was in need of insurance to get his yearly check ups. This is how LIVESTRONG helped Gabriel get access to the care he needs.

Do you have insurance concerns and are in need of a check up or have been diagnosed and don’t know where to turn? LIVESTRONG can help you. Call 1-855-220-7777, go online to fill out our online contact form or visit us at the LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center in East Austin.


  1. This is the second time for me, in 12 years, where my insurance (Blue Shield) and my treatment center (UCLA) have fallen out their contract. While there’s supposed to be a “Continuity of Care” provision, it requires payment in full, as services are rendered, then applying to the carrier for reimbursement. It’s forcing me to hold-off, as my “Al-A-Carte” costs will be much higher than the Contract Cost. I’m overdue for a check-up, a scan should be on the horizon, and I’m detecting “new activity.” Not a great position to be in while these two entities are still not really negotiating.

    1. Sorry to hear that Steve. We are here for you. Contact us 1-855-220-7777 when you get a chance.

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