Impact Your Community: LIVESTRONG at the Y


We are right in the middle of our yearly LIVESTRONG Community Impact Project – the time when we ask you to vote to bring programs that support people affected by cancer to a city near you. So far we have over 182,000 votes cast just in that past few days! Have you voted yet?

The programs that we are funding will be replicated in cities all over the country. The sites are chosen by voting for a simple reason. We know that a program that has community support ahead of time are more likely to be utilized by those that need it. The programs are more sustainable for years to come. These are programs that have proven effective and we know are valuable to survivors, health care providers and their families. As a reminder, these programs are:

The best thing about these programs are the testimonials we receive from participants. Below is from LIVESTRONG at the Y participant and program director in Austin talking about how the program helps people in their community to return to life after cancer. Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway? LIVING?

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