Cáncer en Espanol


Do you have a loved one with cancer that lives in Austin? Do they speak Spanish and need cancer support services? LIVESTRONG offers educational classes in English and in Spanish at our LIVESTRONG Navigation Center in Austin. We have five classes in Spanish this year and are looking for people in the Austin area that are interested in attending. Check out the schedule below and RSVP to attend in person by calling LIVESTRONG at 512-220-7777 or via email cancer.navigation@livestrong.org.

The first class is tomorrow! Call or email us today if you or a loved one are interested in attending.

3/8/2012 Apoyo Emocional

4/12/2012 Retos Financieros y de Acceso a la Atención Médica

5/10/2012 Cáncer 101

6/14/2012 Cómo Criar Hijos Cuando uno Tiene Cáncer

9/13/2012 Pautas y Recomendaciones Sobre el Ejercicio para las Personas Afectadas por el Cáncer

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