LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Class Schedule


Last year we opened the doors of the LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center in Austin, Texas. The LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center, located in East Austin, provides a range of free services for anyone affected by cancer. This includes people diagnosed with cancer, their families, friends, loved ones and the health care professionals who work with them. We help people with any cancer type and at any stage of treatment. Assistance is available in both English and Spanish and services range from one-on-one support to a variety of classes on dealing with life during and after cancer.

The 2012 LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation class schedule has been announced and we are looking forward to having people show up at the Center in Austin and now online via Livestreaming video. Viewers can watch online along with the Austin participants and ask questions via chat feature. Take a look at the schedule and class description below and RSVP in person by emailing, by phone 512-220-7777 or RSVP to attend online by visiting LIVESTRONGHQ’s Livestream page. Hope to see you at the center or online in 2012.

LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation English Class Listing:
Please note that Livestream shows class times as EST. In-person classes are 6:30-8pm CST.
3/22/2012 Cancer Survivorship 101
4/26/2012 Financial and Access to Care Challenges for the Cancer Survivor
5/24/2012 Emotional Support 101
6/28/2012 Parenting with Cancer
7/26/2012 Cancer and Relationships
8/23/2012 Cancer and Nutrition
10/25/2012 Adolescent and Young Adult Issues

LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Spanish Class Listing:
The Spanish classes will not be Livestreamed. RSVP by email or by phone.
3/8/2012: Apoyo Emocional
4/12/2012: Obstáculos para el Acceso a la Atención Médica y Asuntos Financieros
5/10/2012: Cáncer 101
6/14/2012: Ejercicios y Cáncer
9/13/2012: Criando Hijos Cuando Uno Tiene Cáncer


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