Big Tobacco Spending Big Money in California


Think about how much $12 million could do in the fight against cancer. It could fund research grants, educate people about reducing cancer risks and even be used in early detection to help save even more lives. Read more from Californians for a Cure about how big tobacco is using all this money to spread lies in California.

From yesterday’s Californians for a Cure Press Release:

“According to state campaign contribution reports, out-of-state Big Tobacco companies, led by Philip Morris, have donated at least $12 million to oppose Prop 29 in just the last two weeks. Prop 29 would increase California?s cigarette tax by $1 and fund research and tobacco prevention programs.

In response to the ad buy, Yes on Prop 29 supporters hit the streets today with a simple message for voters: Don?t believe Big Tobacco?s big lies.

?Big Tobacco will say and do anything to protect their profits ? and apparently they have the deepest of pockets to pay for it,? said Dr. Richard Gray, President, American Heart Association, Western States Affiliate. ?In just two weeks, they?ve given more than $12 million to the fight against research for cancer and heart disease and tobacco prevention. Yes on Prop 29 will save lives, keep kids from smoking and just may help us find a cure. Shame on them, but we aren?t surprised ? they will always put their profits before the health of millions of Californians.?

Read more information about yesterday’s press release and how you can get involved with the Vote Yes on Prop 29 efforts at

Paid for by Yes on 29 – Californians for a Cure, Sponsored by the American Cancer Society California Division, Inc., American Lung Association in California, American Heart Association and Cancer Research Doctors. Major funding by Lance Armstrong Foundation and American Cancer Society California Division, Inc.


  1. Sarahaquino says:

    I’m getting really tired of all these campaigns that tax a small segment of society to pay for things that benefit all of society. If cancer research is important, then everyone should help fund it. The same can be said for education, public safety, etc. Enough with the taxes on smokers, millionaires, etc.

  2. LIVESTRONG says:

    Tobacco is the leading cause of cancer. Cancer drives up health care costs and takes a huge chunk out of our economy and productivity. A $1 tobacco tax increase in a state that?s currently on the low end of the tobacco tax scale, with proceeds going to cancer research, makes sense fiscally. It?s sound economic policy.

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