A St. Anthony’s Triathlon Story: Stephen Grieger


The following is from Team LIVESTRONG participant Stephen Grieger. Stephen is a veteran of Team LIVESTRONG having participated with the Team in the 2011 St. Anthony’s and is signed up for St. A’s this April 29th and the Ironman Florida event on May 20th. Get Inspired! Join Stephen and Team LIVESTRONG this year and run, walk, ride or tri for the fight against cancer. Visit www.teamlivestrong.org today!

My Cancer Story:
Thankfully I don?t have it, my immediate family doesn?t have it, we don?t want it, and we don?t want others to have it! I?ve seen what it does to others and wouldn?t wish that upon anyone. I think it?s easy for those who are not immediately affected by Cancer to get caught up in the ?won?t happen to me? scenario and ignore the fact that they can still help those around them. Which segways into why I became part of Team LIVESTRONG.

I have been doing triathlons for the past 8 years and it was always for my own personal goals. As I went from race to race I became more and more inspired by those racing for a ?greater purpose?. Why were they doing it? What was their story or reason? I started asking why and was moved by the many different reasons. I now had a greater purpose or reason to race. Having seen many others on the course racing for LIVESTRONG and listening to their stories, I decided to jump on board.

My Inspiration: Family!
My wife and two young daughters. Knowing that we?re only on this planet for a short period of time and not to take anything for granted. I want a world for them where there are less worries about life threatening illnesses. I want a world where there is support for them should they become ill. LIVESTRONG embodies that and that in itself is inspiring!

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