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Last weekend we celebrated World Cancer Day, banding together in support of the 28 million people across the globe living with cancer. LIVESTRONG supporters and partners celebrated the day with personal moments and public calls for action. Our friends at Nike marked World Cancer Day by launching Nike Team LIVESTRONG, a group of dedicated, world-class athletes uniting to bring hope, courage and inspiration to the 28 million cancer survivors worldwide.
Nike Team LIVESTRONG athletes have each been personally affected by cancer and they stand together with Lance to raise awareness for the disease.

Meet the Team:

Lance Armstrong ? Seven-Time Tour de France Champion – @lancearmstrong
Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer on Oct. 2, 1996. Today Lance?s foundation is known as LIVESTRONG, which stands as a symbol of inspiration, help and community. Nike is proud to be a long-time supporter of Lance Armstrong and LIVESTRONG.

Tessa Bonhomme ? Canadian National Hockey Team Gold Medalist – @Tessab25
Tessa?s grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. She continually makes public appearances to help advocate for early detection.

Larry Fitzgerald ? Pro Football Player, Four-Time All Pro – @LarryFitzgerald
Larry?s mother passed away from breast cancer in 2003 and his sister and aunt have had bouts with the disease. Fitzgerald comments, ?When you have a platform that allows you to have some positive influence, it?s your responsibility to do what?s right for society.?

John Lester ? Pro Baseball Pitcher – @JLester31
John Lester was diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma in 2006 and then pronounced cancer free a few months later. He is an advocate of the LIVESTRONG philosophy and uses his platform to spread awareness.

Lamar Odom ? Pro Basketball Player, Two-Time Champion – @RealLamarOdom
Lamar lost his mother to colon cancer and has been committed to help causes that are focused on finding a cure and helping people who suffer from the disease ever since.

Sanya Richards-Ross ? Pro Sprinter, Five-Time World Champion – @SanyaRichiRoss
Richards-Ross embodies what it means to be an inspired LIVESTRONG team member. She comments, ?For so long Lance has really been the flag bearer in cancer awareness and I think it?s time for the rest of us to share that load with him and to help spread the word.?

P.K. Subban ? Pro Hockey Defenseman – @PKSubban1
P.K.?s grandmother passed away from cancer when he was a young child. ?Having experienced cancer first-hand in my family, I realize how important it is to give individuals and organizations the resources and support they need to fight cancer effectively,? said Subban. ?The Nike LIVESTRONG collection is an innovative way to raise awareness and provide encouragement.?

Julian Wilson
? Australian Pro Surfer, ASP World Tour 2011 – @julian_wilson
Julian?s mother is a breast cancer survivor and he is very strong advocate for early detection and awareness. Catch him surfing big waves from Australia to Hawaii in a LIVESTRONG yellow wetsuit.

You can also get involved with Nike LIVESTRONG by participating in LIVESTRONG Missions ? Nike?s effort to empower athletes in all levels of competition by showing their support and providing a place where you can better support each other. Follow them on Twitter @NikeLIVESTRONG or visit to learn more and get involved.


  1. awesome video, Subban and other Canadiens get on the bandwagon.

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