Myth Busters: What’s Your Score?


Maybe you?ve seen that TV show where a couple of guys try to debunk urban legends, rumors and superstitions. LIVESTRONG does a version of that all around the world with our Anti-Stigma Campaign, but the stakes are much, much higher in real life.

It?s hard to believe how much misinformation there is surrounding cancer globally. And it?s not just an issue in developing countries. Even in the United States, far too many people think that there?s nothing you can do if you?re diagnosed with cancer.

Saturday was World Cancer Day ? a day for people across the globe to unite in the fight against cancer and dispel misconceptions that prevent people from getting the care they need.

Help bust a few myths about cancer by taking our quiz and sharing it with your family and friends. Any of the answers surprise you? Share your score and challenge others. Here’s a hint for question one…

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