We Believe in Access to Free Cancer Screenings


At LIVESTRONG, we believe access for everyone ? regardless of zip code, income, age or gender – to cancer screenings and diagnostic services is essential. As Lance likes to say, cancer doesn?t care if you?re Republican or Democrat, old or young, male or female. Our foundation is devoted to expanding access to health care for all through innovative service to patients and their families as well as supporting patient-friendly policies and funding.

If you or a loved one are in need of free screening or diagnostic services, call LIVESTRONG at 1-855-220-7777 or fill out our online intake form. Within two business days, we will provide you information about the nearest free screening and diagnostic services in your region.

All of us should have access to basic diagnostic and medical care, especially the most vulnerable and under-served among us.


  1. Jezmccole says:

    Best care for all regardless of background, gender, age race or creed is essential. But please remember what screening really means. Screening is to surveil a population of otherwise apparently healthy people with a test that is good enough to identify all those actually sick and not accidentally pick out those who well. These people will then need to be subjected to what may be harmful investigations for no benefit if the screening was badly conducted. 1 in 100 breast cancers are in men! Breast cancer is more common as we age or are unlucky enough to have bad genes. It would hurt to screen a population of young men with no family history of breast cancer with harmful X-rays and biopsies. Screening must account for age, sex and background.

  2. Jezmccole says:

    Good luck to all and keep up the good work! Health is an equality we all share.

  3. Kate Bartholomew says:

    Free screenings make ALL the difference in the world to the uninsured like me. Glad I had my yearly exam last week.

  4. Rica Mendes says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Those free exams and screenings are so important. No organization should feel justified in hindering them.

  5. Guest says:

    What a unique and critical opportunity for the Lance Armstrong Foundation to provide some funding to support Planned Parenthood in its free mammogram program, rather than just posting blog entries and having its followers re-tweet about them.

    Online intake forms and phone numbers? How about some real $$$ donations to a program that just saw another major cancer foundation ‘walk away’?

  6. Michael Birdsong says:

    It’d be even better if the Lance Armstrong Foundation believed in ACTUALLY FUNDING FREE CANCER SCREENINGS.

    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      We are. Read today’s blog for more information: bit.ly/w9tUq3.

    2. Rushyj says:

      Birdsong, get over the black and white issues and be grateful for ANY monies donated to research for curing cancer and assisting those who have this horrible disease. I am a cancer survivor. My father was not. Nor was my uncle or grandmother. See past your own insecurities. Get on CNN by doing SOMETHING good, at least as much as Lance did for cancer research. I challenge you to raise as much awareness and monies for cancer research that Lance did, despite his doping (which has been the norm for winning professional cyclists in the last 10-15 years.) Try some deep breathing and introspection, then tell me what you find in your soul.

    3. Rushyj says:

      Looks like to me you had something against Lance and/or Livestrong at least 8 months ago.

  7. Radcb says:

    This is such a farce! I am appalled that Livestrong is funding Planned Parenthood to push a politcal machine and force Komen to continue it’s funding to Planned Parenthood! How can organizations, Komen and Livestrong, that are promoting life give money to take life? At one point I was ok with Komen giving money to Planned Parenthood for breast health, but doing manual screenings is not promoting breast health at all. And to top all of this off is that no one in the media or Livestrong is talking about the fact that having an abortion increases a woman’s risk of having breast cancer. Go figure!!!

  8. LIVESTRONG says:

    Cancer doesn’t care what about political affiliation. LIVESTRONG is providing funds to pay for Planned Parenthood?s breast cancer screenings. None of the funds will be used for any other purpose. Many of Planned Parenthood?s clients are not able to afford medical care and they turn to the organization for free or low-cost breast cancer screenings. This past week, those screenings appeared to be in jeopardy. Our deep belief that all people deserve access to cancer care moved us to act.

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